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Director of the “Saved”: “We spent only on the Spider Man”

How to shoot short artistic meters in the Far East

Director of the “Saved”: “We spent only on the Spider Man”
Photo: shot from the film "Saved"
Today, cinema in the Far East is shot not only by visiting directors, wedding operators or chroniclers. Not only those who have at least some budget for it. Electromechanics, architects, IT specialists, restaurateurs, designers, teachers from all over the Far East try themselves in the cinema in their free time. They write scripts themselves, play, shoot and assemble. Their films, albeit short films, come out on the big screen, receive prizes and the love of the audience, - as was the case this weekend in Khabarovsk Sovkino. How is that even possible?

“In 2014, we filmed reports about people who left Khabarovsk, but then for various reasons decided to return,” says the editor-in-chief of the Far Eastern festival of amateur cinema «Return Point» Roman Ovseychuk. The idea came that you can shoot a feature film and make festivals. In 2015-2016, the event was held for the first time in city status. Then we received a presidential grant (this year - 2,2 million rubles + 500 thousand rubles from the government of the Khabarovsk Territory - East Russia) and went to the Far East. For convenience, we have divided our region into three belts: the Amur Belt is the Khabarovsk Territory, the Jewish Autonomous Region and the Amur Oblast, the Pacific - Kamchatka, Sakhalin and Primorye, in the Polar Belt - the Magadan Oblast, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Chukotka . This year 42 came to the festival as an amateur film, and for some reason they sent works from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Crimea - but we didn’t take them. 10 reached the final. Conventionally, three works from each belt. ”

20181013_201649.jpgShot from the movie "Sver 731" (Ussuriysk)

Their cinema kungfu “belts” were shown first to the jury, which chose the top three, then to the audience. The first place went to the thriller “The Phantom Khomus” by Pyotr Struchkov (Yakutsk), “a gloomy northern history in the genre of children's horror stories, a characteristic work for polar film consciousness”. The second place was taken by Daniil Ageev (Ussuriysk) in the picture “The Storm of 731” about the feat of the pupils of the Suvorov Military School, who prevented a bacteriological threat in 1958. The story is based on reliable facts. Third place for an adventurous philosophical parable with elements of the absurd "Fool the neighbor" director Pavel Polyakov. In the story, two characters get acquainted with a carefree guy in a park in Vladivostok, but he turns out to be not at all what he pretends to be.

Frame from the film "Deceive the neighbor" (Vladivostok)

The Audience Award was won by the “Cheeks” of Valeria Sozinov and Stepan Trofimts (Khabarovsk) - about seeing an ordinary couple, each of which has its own skeleton in the closet, more precisely, in the refrigerator. Separately, the jury noted the camera work of Peter Ivanov and actress Venus Fedotov in the film “Iceberg” by Maxim Edukina (Yakutia). This is “a story about the reverse side of success on the example of one evening in the life of a ballerina”. Ballerina is real.

Frame from the film "Iceberg" (Yakutsk)

In the top ten short shorts - Nikita Samoilenko’s “Skin” (Khabarovsk), "My fight" Yuri Chernyuk (Komsomolsk-on-Amur), "Communication not found" Ivan Semikletov (Anadyr) and “Not One” by Ilya Kundenok and Mikhail Korolev (Khabarovsk).

On the stage behind the main award - the grand prix of the festival “Point of Return” - 31-year-old director from Khabarovsk came out in a warm jacket.


"We made a movie on the knee, in the cold dog, in November at the railway station," the director of the film "Saved" shared with East Russia Sergey Yakovlev. - This is the same jacket that was on the main character of the film, do you recognize? I tell everyone that the budget of our film is $ 300. Nobody got a penny. The most expensive is a spiderman toy, it cost 6 thousand rubles.

I wanted to say that time has changed, and now nothing is clear at all. Today, the moral cliché and the moral that did not work previously, today salvation must be sought in another. In choosing yourself and your path. Many shots turned out to be zaporoto because of the trains, which were located in different locations, interfered, rearranged, and it was a dangerous shooting, we could really knock. Semi-legal movie. The script was reworked constantly, initially there was a repentance of the hero, hysteria and tears that we removed. After all, the meaning was in the salvation of the soul of the protagonist, and not in the salvation of man. Here, if the viewer believed in repentance, it means that the hero escaped, no - no. I am proud that it is an amateur cinema, and it moves with the enthusiasm of the creators, who will not block anything. Because if someone got into the head to make a film, then he will stop at nothing. ”

This is not a home video, they say about "The Rescued". Some of the works of the Vkratse film camp are not similar to the amateur ones. This is a parallel program, during which the film crews were taken out of town, randomly formed into teams, handed out scripts and - a motor! The finished movie was created in two days from scratch. Anyone could pass the casting and try themselves in directing, screenwriting, acting, cinematography or video engineering. 

film crew_Orwell_already_business__ director_Albina_Chernykh.jpg

Alla Jan-Sha, director of the festival of the amateur cinema film “Point of Return”, explains: “We do not make any demands on films made at the film camp; for us, this is, first of all, a tusovka, because any festival is people. 50 man, we have already rallied with each other, they were shooting a movie in extreme conditions. The task of the film camp so that they try the process and then take it off normally. Far Eastern cinema has its own characteristics. The same Vladivostok and Yakutsk have different temperaments, themes, humor. If we compare not with Moscow and St. Petersburg, but with central Russia, then we are more inclined to experiment, bolder, we have our own mentality. I really believe that the descendants of the exiles and immigrants show their sense of the present. Yakutia is an explosive mixture of sincerity and pathos, that is, that which does not happen! Naivety and scale. There are plots, there are trends in the regions, yesterday the same story was reflected in two films: a girl comes out of a coma and wanders around the worlds. Why, we do not know, all the pictures were from the "polar belt". This year is also a story with a coma, two worlds, back and forth. Talk is a definite, recognizable locations, open space, nature, sky. There are bridges in almost every seaside film. In many films of Khabarovsk - the embankment. With these films we initially promote the image of the Far East. ”

The festival of amateur cinema "Point of Return 2018" even craft posters. Augmented Reality Plywood Made by Urban Artist Pavel Shugurov from Vladivostok, now stand on the street in front of the cinema in Khabarovsk. A city inhabited by strange creatures appears through transparent screens. This is also a small movie, in which any passer-by can take part.



The winners of the festival received certificates for training in directing, screenwriting skills and producing from the best Russian filmmakers. The films will be shown in the cinemas of the Far East, maybe not only if there is a request. The 2019 festival wants to reach the full meter. “We, like crazy, naive people, hope that one day this film-show will grow into a film industry. But if you don’t dream of something big, why bother with all this? ”, Says Roman Ovseychuk.

Photo: Elena Vertyankina, Eduard Litovchenko. 
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