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Self-isolation mode as a bitter medicine

Coronavirus fueled interest in the history of Chukotka

Self-isolation forced many to reconsider their attitude to cultural institutions, even Chukotka was not spared this trend. Video clips about the museum’s exhibitions in Anadyr raised site traffic and attracted the attention of people around the world.

Self-isolation mode as a bitter medicine

Tatyana Papunova

Head of the Tourist Information Center in Anadyr

Most of us living in Chukotka have relatives and friends "on the mainland." Due to the inability to meet with them now, we are becoming, it seems, only closer. By all standards, our city is small, but everyone finds himself: a volunteer service has already been organized to help the elderly, and all other people strongly support each other. My classmates live in different cities and even on other continents. And in the current situation, we began to communicate more: we exchange books, films ... Probably, moral support now is the most important thing. And humor helps us to survive!

The regime of self-isolation, of course, also affected museums. But even before that, our team began the action "Museum is nearby." Everyone - researchers, guides, exhibition department - took the idea with enthusiasm. I must say that the Internet in Chukotka is unstable, and often even weak, so we can’t broadcast, for example, 40-minute shows of exhibitions. (I would like to believe that at the end of quarantine the right conclusions will be made on this subject. Information should always be available, because its absence is a reason for panic). But very small, one and a half or two minutes, videos about the exhibitions that are currently taking place, we can show even with such Internet.

We downloaded only four stories and immediately saw the response. A visit to our site has grown not only due to quarantine, but also thanks to a new form of submitting information. And now we decided that we will not abandon this venture in the future. There will be stories, for example, about unique museum objects, about new exhibitions, and so on. Now, not only residents of Anadyr, who for some reason could not go to the museum, but also those who live thousands of kilometers from Chukotka, will become our guests.

The videos that we shot have already spread across social networks, they are watched all over the world. And people who visited the museum’s website even by accident, due to the current situation, can now become regular visitors. At the same time, our videos are completely amateurish, we are not professionals, but perhaps this form of presentation attracts viewers. And how the museum staff themselves rejoice. Being in quarantine, they do not count buckwheat stocks, but think about the exhibition of Yuri Rytkheu.

I don’t know if the relations of people in a megalopolis and in a small city are different - does it matter that we live so far from the center of the country, but I am completely confident in my surroundings. The new conditions have clearly shown that people whom I know in an emergency will save not only their children, but all. And the protection of their wallet is not the most important thing for them: businessmen who have very difficult times now do not fall into despair, but even try to instill optimism in those around them.

And the "Immortal Regiment" this year will necessarily march. If the situation normalizes by May 9, we don’t have to step in gas masks, but we were ready for this. The point is not the anniversary of this year, but the fact that we do not change our traditions due to external circumstances. The difficulties that fell to us are, of course, a “bitter medicine”, but it should help. I think that the period of revaluation of values ​​will end with the victory of the main ones.

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