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Developed in Severobaykalsk

As a team of programmers from the BAM city in the north of Buryatia, creates IT-solutions that are in demand in the world

Developed in Severobaykalsk
Photo: Maxim Fomich, "Internet technology"
In the north of the Republic of Buryatia, there is a small town with a population of just a thousand people in 23. City Severobaykalsk. It is here that the inconspicuous company Internet Technologies is located, whose activities extend far beyond the borders of the republic. The company develops software (software) that is used by thousands of people around the world.

It all started back in the distant 2007 year, when the CEO and founder of the company, Maxim Fomich, graduated from the famous Baumanka (Moscow State Technical University named after NE Bauman). Mr. Fomich has a specialty, though he was far from programming - he graduated as a rocket engineer.

“At that time, in this area, they paid very little, therefore, after working for a couple of years in a specialty at the state space center, I decided to change the direction of my work and began studying programming,” says Maxim Fomich. - I decided to return to my native Severobaikalsk.

Returning, Maxim organized a business. The main product of the company today is the monitoring system of accessibility of sites and Monitorus servers. This software is in demand not only from businesses (online stores, banks, etc.), but also from government agencies (for example, the Russian Foreign Ministry, various ministries and departments, administrations of cities and entire regions).

- In total, Monitorus has about 30 thousand clients not only in Russia, but also in other countries, - says Maxim Fomich. - It was the work with the government that prompted us to create a new product, the City Alert mobile application for urgent and quick notification of citizens.

Its essence is simple - people install a special mobile application on their smartphone, and the administration of the municipality has access to a special interface for sending messages. And when the administration needs to quickly inform the public of something, they send a message, which in a matter of seconds appears on all the phones of the residents. It can be not only emergency alerts, but also invitations to public hearings, information about blocked roads, power outages, any other announcements. This application is currently undergoing pilot tests in a number of localities in Buryatia and has already shown excellent results.

“Work in the field of IT, especially programming, is a kind of work that can be done anywhere where there is electricity and the Internet,” concludes Maxim Fomich. - In fact, there are a lot of examples of IT companies that are known all over the world, and they are located in small towns. Therefore, the fact that we are in a small Severobaikalsk does not limit our possibilities in any way; rather, on the contrary, it gives even more advantages. In small towns, it is easier for business to work (with the same tax, for example).

According to Maxim, in Buryatia there are small business support funds that are willing to give loans at low interest rates.

- However, as for the targeted support of the IT sector, I have not heard of this. But we have an excellent Head of the region, Alexey Tsydenov. He has a lot of ideas. I hope that it will reach IT-directions. In addition, Buryatia has now become part of the FEFD, which means that we will be able to participate in programs that are being implemented in the Far East, - Maxim Fomich notes.
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