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A financial model of housing construction for employees of IC "Zvezda"

In the course of resolving the block of issues related to the acceleration in the pace of building the shipbuilding complex Zvezda in Primorsky Krai, it became evident that the situation with the attraction of labor resources for the long-term Far Eastern production, and, consequently, providing them with housing

According to the management of the Zvezda plant, the problem of inviting specialists from other regions is now the most acute, for which it is necessary to build two or three residential microdistricts in which approximately 7,5 of thousands of families will be located.

A financial model of housing construction for employees of IC "Zvezda"
On this situation separately noticed Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a joint meeting of government commissions on import substitution and on the socio-economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region, which was held last week in Vladivostok.

"It's just that if we do not build a house, then there will not be people. There will be no people - all this beauty will not take place, "Dmitry Medvedev said, clarifying the leadership of the region and the Far Eastern plant" Zvezda ", whether they understand the mechanisms for solving these issues.

A month earlier, in November, the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District, Yuri Trutnev already noted, that Minvostokrazvitiya and the authorities of Primorye for a certain period must submit proposals on the sources of funding for housing for the future workers of the shipbuilding complex Zvezda, and stressed that it is time to start designing houses.

As it is a question of attracting enough professional personnel from other regions of the country to work at the "Zvezda" IC, the question of housing provision really matters. According to the Minister of the Russian Federation for Far East Development Alexander Galushka, the current situation is due to the fact that, in view of high-tech production, it will be necessary to attract specialists not only from other regions of Russia - but also consider the issue of attracting labor from Ukraine.

According to Alexander Galushka, at the moment a model for solving the housing issue regarding the IC Zvezda is already ready. “It is financially and economically rational, adapted to the current real situation, and the main question that is now being solved is a guarantee from Rosneft’s company to redeem built housing, if it is not bought by the company’s employees,” the head of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade said.

To date, this is the main issue, according to the Minister of the Russian Federation. If such a guarantee is given, then the financial model can be considered finalized.

In addition to the Fund for the Development of the Far East, the budget of the Primorsky Territory Administration will contribute to the financing of construction. We are talking about regional money, which has already been allocated, reserved for these purposes, and the governor of the Primorsky Territory, Vladimir Miklushevsky, has publicly promised to deal with this issue. In general, the direct interest of the region, it is clear why he intends to take an active part in this construction.

In addition, tomorrow, at a meeting of the government subcommittee, the issue of forming the Torah “Zvezda” will be considered - to enhance the construction of this shipbuilding industry. “In the development program of the Far East, more than three billion rubles have been reserved for this TOP. It is the infrastructure that will be created within the framework of the Torah “Star” that will later be used for housing construction, said Alexander Galushka.

It is assumed that housing will be transferred on an economically rational basis. This means that if a person can buy it back, and he wants to do it, such an opportunity for an employee of the “Star” will be. The opportunity to get a mortgage loan using AHML mechanisms will also be provided to him. If we talk about the fact that this will be rental housing, then at a reasonable rate this housing can be rented. As Minister Alexander Galushka noted: “This accommodation will not be interesting to anyone except the employees of the“ Star ”.”

The Minister recalled that 2 September this year, the Government of the country established the Agency for Human Capital Development in the Far East, an autonomous non-profit organization. This structure, subordinated to the Ministry of Economic Development, is now in a very focused manner engaged in solving housing problems and labor issues, including for the shipbuilding complex Zvezda. But not only. Similar issues exist for Gazprom and Sibur projects related to the gas chemistry and gas pipeline in the Amur Region, these are very large and significant projects, with investments of more than a trillion rubles. The same is the project of VNKhK in Nakhodka, the project will start, people will also be needed there, housing will be required, and these issues will have to be solved.

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To date, the need for housing for SK "Star" is 306,8 thousand square meters. The following companies voted for the share: Rosneft - 164,8 thousand square meters; Foundation for the Development of the Far East - 108 thousand square meters; the regional budget of Primorsky Krai will finance the construction - 34 thousand square meters. On the estimated cost of housing information is not available.
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