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Hot Caviar

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Hot Caviar

Alexander Saveliev

Head of the Fisheries Information Agency
The director of the "Fish Union" announced the rise in price of red caviar from the East of Russia in mid-October and named the reasons: unsuccessful Putin and the rush demand of the Japanese. However, the unsuccessful Putin was only on Sakhalin - in Kamchatka the result is one of the best in a century, 241,3 thousand tons, and only 65 tons were exported to Japan, according to the Federal Customs Service.

In general, in the Far East of Russia, more than 2017 thousand tons of red fish were caught in 350. This is very much! This means that the red caviar was extracted about 18 thousand tons. Add to this unsold last year's balances of about 5 thousand tons and more 3 thousand tonnes of caviar delivered through Kazakhstan and Belarus from Alaska, and it will become absolutely clear that absolutely no prerequisites for the growth of the price of red caviar were. The Japanese prefer to buy red caviar in Alaska for $ 7-20 per kilogram. Nevertheless, by November, the retail price of a kilogram of red caviar in Russia crossed the 100-dollar line, exceeded 6000 rubles and came close to the subsistence minimum.

The total consumption of red caviar in Russia is estimated at 12-14 thousand tons per year. That is, commodity stocks this year almost twice exceeded the traditional demand.

Why did it rise in price?

The FAS case, of course, give assessments and draw conclusions about price collusion, but you can not disagree with the head of Rosrybolovstva Ilya Shestakov, who said that the increase in the price of red caviar is due to the speculative mood of the market and does not depend on the results of the trial.

In general, it is common in the world to reduce prices by Christmas, which happens every year. Only not in Russia. Now the FAS is flooded with citizens' appeals for inflating prices by the New Year. To them, I would add references to the Rosselkhoznadzor about the penetration of the red caviar from the United States and Rospotrebnadzor into the red caviar market last year.

By the way, in the intention to sell last year's caviar against the backdrop of heated prices and the motive of speculators lies. Now the price tag of three, four and even five thousand rubles is not so frightening. And the implementation period does not want to be investigated at such a "waste" price. Is not it?

One simple tip: buy red caviar in a tin can, packed from July to October in the East of Russia - in Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Kuriles, Khabarovsk or Primorye. All the rest is a bluff! Shelf life is no more than a year. The most abundant red caviar of pink salmon and chum salmon is much less - chinook salmon, coho salmon and sockeye salmon. Bon Appetit!
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