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Launch of the 2.1 Union launched from the spaceport "Vostochny"

UPD: missile with 19 satellites collapsed into the ocean

Launch of 2.1 Alliance Launched from the Cosmodrome

Spectacular event: today in 08: 41 Moscow time, the Soyuz-2.1b launch vehicle was launched from the Soyuz-2b launch vehicle, the Meteor-M space agency, 1-18 and XNUMX small spacecraft for scientific and technological purposes. Employees of the first civilian cosmodrome and hundreds of Amur residents made a special trip to the launch site in order not to miss the launch. They escorted the rocket to the main space hit.

The initial stages of the carrier rocket flight passed without excesses, reports After 9 minutes 23 seconds, the head unit separated from the third stage of the launch vehicle, and the Fregat upper stage launched a spacecraft launch program. Seven inclusions of the propulsion system of the Fregat upper stage will result in the formation of orbits for the separation of the Meteor-M satellites No. 2-1, IDEA, Baumanets-2, SEAM, AISSat and LEO Vantage at altitudes from 600 to 1000 km . In the final, the upper stage will be transferred to the trajectory of the entrance to the atmosphere for flooding in the water area of ​​the Pacific Ocean.

Launch of small space vehicles is carried out in the interests of scientific, educational, research and commercial institutions in Russia, Norway, Sweden, the United States of America, Japan, Canada and the Federal Republic of Germany.

"It has a guaranteed flight resource for five years, that is, it is designed for five years, but the first Meteor has been operating for more than seven years in orbit, if the spacecraft continues to provide valuable information, then it continues to work and it functions." That is, the guarantee flight resource - this is how much it is obliged to work in. This does not mean that in five years it is closed by all means, " - commented deputy. Chief Designer of the Corporation VNIIEM Pavel Sachkov.

UPD 12: 08 (Moscow time). SOMETHING WENT WRONG:

During the first scheduled ground communication session, it was not possible to establish contact with the spacecraft. The launch vehicle, including the three-ton Meteor-M hydrometeorological apparatus, could fall into the Atlantic Ocean in the Antarctic region.

- "Soyuz-2.1b" head unit as part of the upper stage "Frigate" and the spacecraft "Meteor-M" was launched into a given intermediate orbit. However, during the first scheduled communication session with the spacecraft, it was not possible to establish communication due to its absence in the target orbit. Information is currently being analyzed - said in an official message Roscosmos.


The "Meteor-M" spacecraft 2-1 was intended for obtaining global and local images of cloudiness, the surface of the Earth, ice and snow cover in the visible, IR and microwave bands; data for determining the temperature of the sea surface and the radiation temperature; data on the distribution and content of ozone in the atmosphere; data on the spectral density of the energy brightness of the outgoing radiation for determining the vertical temperature and humidity profile in the atmosphere, as well as for estimating the components of the radiation balance of the Earth-atmosphere system.


Elena Vertyankina, based on materials

Photo Shoot: Roskosmos

Video: News Agency "Amurlenta", newspaper "Amur truth".

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