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For the sake of such moments it is worth living and working

Vasiliy Alisov, representative of the Chief of the Main Directorate No.4 of the Spetsstroy of Russia for the objects of the Eastern Military District

For the sake of such moments it is worth living and working

Vasily Georgievich started work at the Vostochny Spaceport in the spring of 2015, when it became possible to deploy a wide front of works at the objects of the space and supporting infrastructure. The peak of production of construction and installation works at the cosmodrome fell precisely for this period - the spring - autumn of last year - the builders were provided with documentation and financing. Yes, and the work has increased - it was necessary to close the volumes for subcontractors, which could not fulfill their obligations at the facilities.

East can not help but surprise a person who only gets to the construction site - work here did not stop for a minute: on the objects of continuous construction production, constant movement of equipment - fuel is needed somewhere, the drilling rig is sent somewhere urgently, and the IT specialists are working. windows of offices do not gass light.

"Honestly, when I was sent to build the objects of the cosmodrome, Vostochny was at first even taken aback by surprise. But when I came to the site and joined the work, it became interesting - new tasks, new people ... I was often asked by phone by acquaintances and relatives, how life is adjusted here, what it's like to work on one of the most significant construction projects in modern Russia. Answered so - everything from me and the team is good. And he himself thought: when time remains only for sleep, - life has a secondary meaning. Of course, we felt the support of our colleagues, the leadership - the head of our head Mikhail Tashlyk did everything to ensure that we were provided with the necessary building materials, mechanisms, overalls. "

On the East worked the best specialists of Spetsstroy of Russia from all over the country. The forces of seven main departments were mobilized to the most important objects of the cosmodrome. They have experience in erecting the Plesetsk cosmodrome, production departments of the Almaz-Antei Concern OJSC, Roscosmos, Rosatom facilities, chemical weapons destruction plants, unique hydraulic structures and other complex special facilities. The best came here - only specialists who could solve the most difficult production task competently, in the shortest possible time and with high quality to carry out the work - were required for this construction.

“The experience of working shoulder to shoulder with my colleagues - builders of special-purpose objects from all over the country is unique. We overlapped more than once, we knew who had what potential, who was capable of what. But for the first time in the East, I felt that Spetsstroy was, first of all, a mobile group of builders of the widest profile, with modern equipment, accumulated experience and technology. We clearly understand the word “NADO”, many of us - in the past wore shoulder straps, and to fulfill the task set by the leadership is a matter of honor ”.

Vasily Alisov was guided by this principle during his work at the cosmodrome. Vasily Georgievich's labor activity was closely related to the construction of special-purpose facilities for the Navy. Working in various engineering, technical and managerial positions, he gained considerable experience in organizing the production of work, fulfilling capital construction plans, and was directly involved in the construction and reconstruction of objects for various purposes. Vyacheslav Alisov always strives to innovate in his work, he is the author of 4 scientific and technological inventions in the construction industry.

“We worked in the assembly and test buildings of the technical complex. Performed work that was not completed by a subcontractor. For our objects we can say for sure that they are made with high quality, conscientiously. The track was laid on the territory of the block warehouse and the assembly and test part of the assembly and test body of the launch vehicle. Practically one and a half kilometer of railways was handed over to the customer, it was along this roadbed that the launch vehicle was delivered to the launch facility from the technical complex ”.

Highly qualified high-rise installers of the Main Directorate No. 4 also worked on the installation of wall panels. In total, about 4000 square meters of wall panels were installed in the assembly and test building of the launch vehicle. The work was carried out at a height of up to 40 meters.

Vasily Alisov will remember for a long time the history of creating a unique system of lightning protection and grounding at the launch complex. This system is unique - it is developed according to climatic conditions, including the number of thundery days per year and lightning strikes per square kilometer. When designing, the greatest attention was paid to the launch complex and, above all, to the launch facility, around which 13 lightning conductors were installed

“We carried out works on installation of metal structures of two 150-meter lightning arresters - diverters. Today, two gigantic towers, exceeding one of the famous "Stalin's skyscrapers" in Moscow - the Leningradskaya Hotel - form the image of a cosmodrome, towering even above a mobile service tower. But few people know the conditions under which these divertors were built. Believe the word, it is not an easy task to assemble at altitude, and even with a strong wind, the metal parts of the divertor ”.

To accomplish this task, the builders used a crawling crane, since ordinary technical means and even more so people were not able to lift such structures to such a height. The crane was securely fixed on one of the sides of the finished part of the lightning rod and lifted the next metal sections of the tower for installation, each time "crawling" along the erected structures to a new height. Reliable interconnection of the enlarged elements of the lightning rod was carried out by installers and welders of the highest qualifications - rare specialists.

Today the task is completed, and the objects erected by the specialists of the Main Directorate No.4 at Spetsstroy of Russia perform tasks for their intended purpose. And this is due to the well-coordinated work of a large team of special construction workers. And not the last role in the entire process of Vasily Alisov - who managed to organize the work of the builders of the command post, create comfortable conditions for the interaction of all services.

"We lived and worked as a single mechanism - the Spetsstroi operational headquarters for the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome, headed by Alexander Mordovets, the first deputy director of the Russian special construction company, Dalspetstroy, the general contractor, and other Spetsstroy enterprises that carried out their work sites and customer services. Without this coordinated work, without daily, and sometimes even hourly interaction, we would not have achieved today's result. "

Vasily Alisov personally took part in the construction of facilities, promptly coordinated the work of branches and departments of the Main Department No. XXUMX under Spetsstroy of Russia, engaged in the construction of Vostochny. At the special control, he kept the provision of builders with technical documentation, equipment, tools, materials and transport. With personal time was not considered - at the forefront is always the task.

Vasily Georgievich says about his personal attitude to the fact that there is such a historical construction in his life - like the Vostochny cosmodrome, as follows:

“A new cosmodrome has appeared in Russia, soon manned launches will be made from here, and the city of Tsiolkovsky will become the center of Russian cosmonautics, the science city that determines the development of the industry. And I, my colleagues, we will watch the future starts on TV and feel the “skin” - WE HAVE BUILT A COSMODROM! ”.

The first launch of a launch vehicle from a new cosmodrome is a historic event for the country. A story written by the fate of thousands of special construction workers. Gagarin said "go" before the start, and the builders, observing the first launch of the launch vehicle thought: "We did it!", And it is for these moments that it is worth living and working.

Vasiliy Georgievich Alisov holds the title of "Honored Builder of the Russian Federation", he was awarded the Order of Honor, the Certificate of Honor of the Special Building of Russia and a special commemorative sign for his work on the construction of the Vostochny Spaceport - "For Providing Space Launches." Total work experience in construction - 43 year.

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