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“Advance work is a vital necessity”

A resident of the Kamchatka ASEZ launches a new fish processing plant

“Advance work is a vital necessity”
Photo: EastRussia

Kamchattralflot Company, a resident of Kamchatka TOP, on October 4 on October 2019 launched a fish processing plant at Cape Chavychny. This is one of the largest investment projects in the Kamchatka Territory: capital investments in the construction and equipment of the enterprise exceeded 2,3 billion rubles. At the same time, the plant begins work ahead of schedule: its launch will take place almost a year earlier than the scheduled date. The enterprise itself was built in record time - its construction began in the spring of 2018. 

“For us, this is a vital necessity and an opportunity to reach a fundamentally new scale of work. We have no time to rest and swing, ”says Vladimir Kotov, CEO of Kamchattralflot. 

An EastRussia correspondent visited a fish processing plant several days before its official opening as part of a press tour organized by Far East Development Corporation JSC. 

Ready to start

Kamchattralflot was established in 1998. In 2015, the company changed its owners and management, and from that time on a completely new stage of development began for the company. Now Kamchattralflot conducts coastal fishing on three of its own vessels; For several years now, the plant in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky has also been part of the enterprise’s structure. It produces frozen fish and canned food, so the residents of Kamchatka are well-known. A new investment project in the fish processing industry of the Kamchattralflot region began as a resident of the Kamchatka TOP - this status was one of the first after the organization of the territory of priority development.

According to the general director of Kamchattralflot Vladimir Kotov, the construction, equipment and launch of a new production is only the beginning of the implementation of even larger plans. The company participates in a program to provide investment quotas for fishing. Its essence is this: investors, who are secured the right to industrial catch, undertake to build processing plants and ships. Moreover, they can start fishing only after they have fulfilled all the obligations - that is, they will put into operation the facilities provided for by the agreements. 

“We planned to start the construction of a new plant, regardless of whether field investment quotas would be allocated to us. Although, perhaps, in this case, the project would be more modest, ”says Vladimir Kotov. - We received quotas - an agreement with the Federal Agency for Fishery was concluded in May 2018. Therefore, our production plans have grown. In this case, there are several interconnected points. On the one hand, we have the right to begin the development of quotas only after the launch of the plant. On the other hand, it is precisely these volumes of fishing that should create the necessary resources for the operation of a new enterprise. In addition, of the 2,3 billion rubles invested in the project, 1,6 billion is credit. Therefore, we were interested in doing everything in a short time and starting in all directions at the beginning of the 2020 of the year: to pay off the loan as quickly as possible and get on the payback and profit. 

Already in September, the new enterprise passed all the necessary registration procedures. This means that there are no obstacles to launching it, or to starting Kamchattralflot’s work on fishing quotas. It is planned that the fish processing plant at Cape Chavychny will operate all year round with a short break in the summer for maintenance. 

Enough for everyone!

“The products of the new fish processing plant will primarily go to the domestic Russian market, but we will certainly send a significant part of it to export. In particular, partners from Japan and China are already ready to cooperate with us. Moreover, in Kamchatka, our products will be sold at the lowest prices, ”said Vladimir Kotov. 

The company specializes in almost all types of processing of marine biological resources. The new factory will produce 250 tons of frozen fish per day, 100 thousand cans of canned food, about 100 tons of fillet, more than 20 tons of fishmeal, 6 tons of fish oil, 17 tons of minced meat, as well as smoked and dried fish. 

The production will use the freshest raw materials. The fish will be delivered to the plant by Kamchattralflot’s own vessels with RSV tanks, which will keep the catch chilled. Fishing vessels will approach the berths of the enterprise (their total length is 260 meters), and then, through the fish pumps, the catch - fresh and almost undamaged - will go to the factory workshops, which are designed for the simultaneous reception of 450 tons of fish.

“We have assembled the most advanced equipment at our factory. The latest, most “latest” technologies that have just begun to be implemented at the world's leading enterprises, ”explains Vladimir Kotov. “In addition to being extremely effective, they are also environmentally friendly.” No discharges, emissions - the equipment in this regard has already been tested and approved at the international level. " 

Equipment for the new Kamchattralflot plant was supplied by industry leaders such as German companies Baader and GEA Refrigeration, South Korean company Dongha Co Ltd, Icelandic Skaginn, Danish OESTERGAARD, Spanish company JK Somme and French company STERIFLOW, as well as leading Russian manufacturers - NPO Rybtekhtsentr and Koshkin Design Bureau. 

The listed companies provided Kamchattralflot with facilities for cutting, processing, freezing, preserving products - that is, for the main production. At the same time, the company especially notes suppliers of environmental equipment. So, treatment facilities with a productivity of 800 cubic meters of industrial wastewater per day were manufactured and installed by the Dutch company Redox Water Technology BV

Mutual benefit

The new Kamchattralflot plant will create 160 of new jobs directly in production, and taking into account related enterprises and seasonal workers, there will be 350. Now, according to Vladimir Kotov, all vacancies are already closed, and primarily due to the residents of the region. 

The company is ready to provide residents of Kamchatka with products at social prices, and after some time tax payments to the regional budget will begin. 

“At the same time, the status of a Kamchatka ASEZ resident and state support measures helped us launch and develop the project,” says Vladimir Kotov. 

In particular, the Kamchattralflot company, thanks to work within the TOP, only due to benefits on insurance premiums, managed to save about 20% of costs. For residents of priority development territories, a zero rate on land taxes has been established; the rate on income taxes has been reduced from 20 to 5%. According to the Director General, the payback of the project due to such benefits will not exceed five years.

In addition, when the plant was being built, the company was compensated for part of the cost of equipping the road to the facility. It is important that the highway was needed not only by one enterprise: it was built mainly with private funds - that is, with Kamchattralflot’s money, and now residents of the region and enterprises located in the village (microdistrict) of Mokhovaya can use the road - in the same place as the new one plant. 

The status of a TOP resident allowed Kamchattralflot to use the free customs zone procedure and not pay a fee for equipment purchased abroad. And due to this, save another 20 million rubles. 

After the plant starts operation, its support from the state and the region will continue. In particular, under the program "Development of the fishery complex of the Kamchatka Territory" the company will compensate for the interest rate on the loan. 

“For our part, we have fulfilled all obligations. And support from the state and the region allowed us to do this both quickly and efficiently. We will work! ”Concludes Vladimir Kotov.

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