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Putin goes to the Chukchi, however

Rumors of the Far East. Issue 7. What is audible in the Far East corridors, the lobby, whatsapp-ah and telegram-ah - collects EastRussia

Putin goes to the Chukchi, however
Photo: Dmitry Shcherbakov

On Monday, the next working visit to the Far East, presidential envoy Yuri Trutnev, and this has already produced a number of rumors. Mr. Trutnev started with Yakutia, where 4 August there was the largest incident in the diamond mining industry this year: an accident at the mine "World", because of which 8 miners are still listed as missing. Although the investigation of the tragedy continues, Yuri Trutnev as a representative of the head of state went to Mirny, perhaps with some preliminary conclusions. And one of them, it seems, is already obvious.

In Yakutia, they are wondering why now the vice-president of the ALROSA company Igor Kulichik has made a decision to leave, and how much it is connected with a major accident at the Mir mine. According to rumors, the financial director of the company will continue his career outside the PJSC "ALROSA" in connection with the investigation of the criminal case initiated under part 1 art. 216 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (violation of safety rules when conducting mining operations). At the same time, Rostekhnadzor promised to conduct a large-scale inspection of ALROSA mines.


Meanwhile, Yakutia Yury Trutnev will not stop, and this week, as they say, he will come to Chukotka. The trip of the plenipotentiary will be special - he will check the region on the eve of the visit to Chukotka by Vladimir Putin. The arrival of the head of state in the district is planned in early September, immediately after the WEF, and told about his desire to visit the district in early April this year.

It is assumed that Yuri Trutnev will visit Egvekinot and Pevek, next to which they plan to place the world's first floating nuclear power plant. Also in the list of objects appear enterprises for the extraction of gold, coal and gas. As a result of the visit, the President's program of stay will be adjusted.

For all the time, only one Russian leader was able to visit Chukotka - in 2008, President Dmitry Medvedev made a short visit to the district. The head of state visited the Chukotka Heritage Museum Center, the cathedral and the multinational village of Kanchalan, where he was invited to work as a reindeer herder. Medvedev refused, citing lack of necessary skills.

Who provokes the discontent of the head of PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY?

In social networks last week, the statement of the head of the urban district "Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky" Vitaly Ivanenko, which he did on his Facebook page. The occasion was also the publication in social networks, where the administration was suspected of involvement in the opening of a gay club in the city.

Mr. Ivanenko was forced to answer the following verbatim: "I want to state the following: First, the PC administration does not issue a permit for opening public catering facilities." In principle, it does not belong to the municipality's authority, so all the talk about the municipality's involvement in the discovery of this "object" provocative nature and is designed for "people shavaet." I am sure that the residents of our city are not the same. "Secondly, I personally: as the Head of the city, and as a resident of Petropavlovsk I do not consider such institutions necessary for the city. I do not resort to abnormal vocabulary, but on "rear-wheel" transport in our city it's difficult to move around. I think that clubs of this format can cause waves of indignation and public censure. get accustomed ".

Vitaly Ivanenko works in leading positions in the administration of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky from 2014 year, acting. the head of the city became in October 2016-th, and the authority of a full-fledged chapter was received from the city Duma at the very end of last year. It is noteworthy that rumors about the upcoming opening of the gay club in Kamchatka are being discussed since the spring of this year: a project aimed at wealthy foreign guests was taken up by one of the entrepreneurs of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, and the institution should open this fall. As they say, the topic was once again raised by the detractors of the current mayor, who are thus checking the level of support of the mayor by the townspeople and his reaction to acute situations.


Another topic discussed in the sphere of development of Kamchatka tourism was 12-13 August, the traditional "Day of the Volcano" for the region, one of the elements of which is the mass ascent of all comers to the top of the Avachinsky volcano. Ascents are advised to stock up with waterproof clothes and water, and be extremely careful when climbing the path, but do not put any obstacles: on a volcano you can start climbing in any clothing, that is, without any equipment, and without instruction - the entrance to the path is free in all day long. Meanwhile, this time one of the participants of the ascent to the upper, most difficult part of the volcano, lost balance and fell off already during the descent from the cone, having received serious injuries - the girl took away from the helicopter helicopter rescuers. There are no official data on the state of emergency. But from the incident, according to rumors, conclusions will be drawn.
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