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Pulse of Charcoal - April 3

Coal industry - actual figures and facts. Partner project of the Modern Analytical Agency (CAA) and the EastRussia portal

Mining, logistics, prices, export - all that the coal industry in Russia and in the world lives on is concise and to the point - in a new partner project of the Modern Analytical Agency (CAA) and the EastRussia portal

Pulse of Charcoal - April 3
Special project Coal of the East of Russia

A brief overview of the global coal market

Last week, steam coal quotations in Europe fell to $ 69-70 per ton. due to a decrease in demand for electricity in a number of EU countries due to an increase in average daily temperatures. An additional factor contributing to the negative dynamics of the coal indices is the growing cost of CO2 emission credits.
On March 31.03.2021, 42.5, the price of quotas in the European Greenhouse Gas Trading System reached 0.7 euros / t. (+24.03.2021 EUR / t. To 19.1). Nevertheless, the strengthening of natural gas indices on the TTF trading floor to € 0.5 / MWh (+24.03.2021 € / MWh by March XNUMX, XNUMX) due to the continuing deficit in European underground gas storage facilities (UGS) is holding back the further decline in coal prices. 

Decrease in the indices of high-calorific coal from South Africa to $ 98-99 / t. due to high material prices and, as a consequence, the wait-and-see attitude of Indian enterprises that are counting on price reductions. Nonetheless, several large spot deals with Pakistani cement producers have supported prices for the South African mid-calorie material. 

Material stocks at Richards Bay terminals increased to 3.1 million tons (+0.2 million tons by 24.03.2021). 

The resumption of operations at the Newcastle port in Australia after technical problems caused by heavy rains last week weakened the Australian coal indices to $ 98-99 / t. In addition, the decline in demand from Japanese energy companies amid the restrictions on CO2 emissions imposed by the Japanese government until the end of May 2021 also negatively affected the dynamics of quotations of the Australian energy material. In April 2021, the Japanese government plans to announce an end to the export of coal-fired thermal power plant technology and equipment to help reduce emissions globally.

The demand of Chinese energy companies for Indonesian material led to the strengthening of quotations for coal from Indonesia to $ 74-75 / t. Against the background of low volumes of hydroelectric generation and limited work of coal mines due to safety checks in the PRC, participants in the Chinese market are increasing their purchases of imported material. 

Seasonal demand from Chinese steelmakers for imported coking coal from the Asia-Pacific region bolstered metallurgical coal quotes, supporting coking material indices from Australia to
USD 112-113 / t

Dmitry Bosov's widow lost 43% rights to Alltek

On March 29, 2021, by a court decision, Katerina Bosov, the widow of Dmitry Bosov, the co-founder of the Alltek Group, who died in May 2020, is to return her 43.3% stake in Alltek to the inherited estate. The court satisfied the claim of Dmitry Bosov's heirs, who challenged the legal grounds for transferring the share to Katerina Bosov (see CAA Russian Coal Weekly, November 27, 2020). In October 2020, due to a conflict with other heirs, Katerina was forced to leave the post of chairman of the board of directors of Sibanthracite, a member of Alltek. Since January 2020, Katerina Bosov has completely left the board of directors. According to the law, the entire share of Dmitry Bosov in the Alltek Group must be equally distributed among his heirs. Katerina will be able to claim only 10.8% of the company.

Now Alltek Group belongs to Dmitry Bosov (86.57%), Alltek CEO Dmitry Aga (7.90%), Igor Makarov (3.16%) and Oleg Shemshuk (2.37%). On February 12, 2021, A-Property, owned by Albert Avdolyan, signed an agreement with Alltek on the basic conditions for the acquisition of Sibanthracite for $ 1 billion. Under the terms of the deal, Sibanthracite retains its independence as a company. 

Sibanthracite is the world leader in the production and export of high-quality anthracite, the total production of which in 2020 amounted to 17.3 million tons (-5.7 million tons or -25% by 2019).

Kolmar plans to launch a new mine in Yakutia

In April 2021, the Kolmar company plans to launch the Vostochnaya Denisovskaya mine in Yakutia with a capacity of 4 million tons of coal per year. It is planned to bring the facility to the planned production volumes by 2023. Vostochnaya Denisovskaya will operate in the structure of the Denisovsky mining and processing plant and daily produce 8-10 thousand tons of coal.

Kolmar is a Russian coal mining company engaged in the extraction, processing and transportation of coal in the Far East. The assets include the Inaglinsky and Denisovsky mining and processing plants, as well as the VaninoTransUgol coal terminal. The total balance reserves of Kolmar coal exceed 1.1 billion tons. 70% of Kolmar's shares belong to Anna Tsivileva, another 30% is owned by Gennady Timchenko's Volga Group. Coal production in 2020 amounted to
6.3 million tons (-1.7 million tons or -21.5% over the same period in 2019).

A new coal terminal will be built on Sakhalin

The co-owner of the St. Petersburg oil terminal, Mikhail Skigin, plans to build a terminal for transshipment of coal, oil and gas at the port of Poronaysk on Sakhalin Island. It is assumed that the new enterprise will accept ships with a deadweight of up to 80 thousand tons. The total investment may exceed 35.9 billion rubles, including 3.96 billion rubles allocated from public funds. The capacity of the coal terminal envisaged by the project will amount to 5 million tons per year with the possibility of increasing to 30 million tons. According to the concession agreement signed between the government of the Russian Federation and Mikhail Skigin's Multifunctional Cargo District, the new terminal is expected to be put into operation no later than September 2027.

Currently, the key exporter of coal on Sakhalin Island is the Eastern Mining Company (VGK), owned by Oleg Misevra. The company manages the Solntsevsky coal mine and the coal seaport of Shakhtersk. The coal reserves of VGK are more than 300 million tons, the volume of coal production by the company in 2020 amounted to 11 million tons (+1.8 million tons or + 20.3% by 2019). 

The St. Petersburg Oil Terminal is one of the largest Russian terminals for transshipment of oil products in the Baltic region. The total throughput of the terminal is 12.5 million tons per year.

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