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Pulse of Charcoal - July 17

Coal industry - actual figures and facts. Partner project of the Modern Analytical Agency (CAA) and the EastRussia portal

Mining, logistics, prices, export - all that the coal industry in Russia and in the world lives on is concise and to the point - in a new partner project of the Modern Analytical Agency (CAA) and the EastRussia portal

Pulse of Charcoal - July 17
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Special project Coal of the East of Russia

A brief overview of the global coal market

Last week, steam coal quotations in Europe reached
10-year highs, exceeding $ 135 / t. Limited material supply and heat waves in several European countries support coal prices. Gas indices on the European TTF trading floor rise to 34.4 EUR / MWh
(+2.0 EUR / MWh by 07.07.2021), which favorably affects the demand for coal. Low volumes of wind generation in the EU at the level of 870 GWh (+200 GWh by 07.07.2021) contribute to the strengthening of quotations. Coal reserves at ARA terminals are at the level of 4.7 million tons (-0.05 million tons by 07.07.2021). The situation in South Africa is indirectly providing additional support to global coal prices (see below).

On July 14.07.2021, 55, the European Commission presented a large-scale program "Fit for 2030" to combat climate change. Its goal is to reduce CO2 emissions in the EU by at least 55% by 1990 compared to 2023s. The proposed measures are intended to reduce emissions across all segments of the European economy, including power generation, the automotive and residential sectors. One of the key points of the reform is the introduction of a cross-border carbon regulation (TUR) mechanism, which provides for the collection of taxes on goods imported by the EU, depending on their carbon footprint. As part of the first three-year stage of the TOUR, which starts in XNUMX, taxes will be levied on imports of steel, cement, fertilizers and aluminum. The program is awaiting approval from the European Parliament and the EU Council.

South African coal quotes continue to rise above $ 120 / t. against the backdrop of limited supplies of material to the international market. On July 13.07.2021, XNUMX, civil protests in South Africa over the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma led to a complete suspension of the port of Richards Bay and forced the railway operator Transnet to declare force majeure.
On July 14.07.2021, 20, the dispatch of vessels from the port of Richards Bay resumed, but in a limited mode amid increased security measures. According to experts, restrictions on the transportation of coal by rail and export from the port will persist for most of the month due to unrest in the country, as well as the recent accident on the railway line connecting the coal provinces of South Africa and the port of Richards Bay and scheduled maintenance of the railway. postponed to July 26.07.2021-3.3, 0.1. Coal reserves at Richards Bay terminals decreased to 07.07.2021 million tons (-XNUMX million tons to XNUMX).

Coal prices of 5500 kcal / kg NAR of domestic production in the port of Qinhuangdao are in the range of $ 150-152 / t. The limited supply of coal in the PRC's domestic market and the growing demand for electricity have had a beneficial effect on prices. On July 11.07.2021, XNUMX, Henan Province suspended coal shipments due to flooding of railways. The authorities expect an increase in electricity consumption due to the fact that in many regions of China the average daily temperature has exceeded
37 degrees.

Speculation on the paper market negatively affected the price of Australian thermal coal, which dropped below $ 145 / t. According to experts, the price of material from Australia, which is at the level of multi-year highs, may continue to grow due to the shortage of high-calorific thermal coal on the APR market.

The closure of a number of mines due to the worsening epidemiological situation in southern Indonesia reduces the volume of coal production and exports, supporting the indices above $ 102 / t.

Seasonal demand for Australian coking coal from metallurgical plants in the APR against the background of a shortage of imported coking material in the region had a positive effect on the dynamics of coal prices from Australia above 210 USD / t.

Coal imports of Ukraine grew by 17% in January-June 2021.

In January-June 2021, coal imports to Ukraine increased to 10.1 million tons (+1.5 million tons, or + 17% compared to the same period last year). Russia supplied 7.1 million tons, or 70% of all Ukrainian imports of coal, 1.9 million tons, or 18%, were imports from Kazakhstan, and 1.1 million tons, or 12%, came from coal from the United States.

In June-July 2021, an abnormal heat in Ukraine contributed to an increase in coal generation. Over the past 30 days, coal reserves at local power plants decreased to 1,3 million tons as of June 15.06.2021, 0.1 (-15.06.2021 million tons to June XNUMX, XNUMX).

In 2020, Ukraine imported 17 million tons of coal (-20% by 2019).

Glavgosexpertiza approved the construction project of the Sibanthracite coal mine in Kuzbass

Glavgosexpertiza approved the design documentation for the construction of the first stage of the Verkhnetishsky coal mine in Kuzbass. The Verkhnetishsky mine, owned by OOO Sibanthracite Kuzbass (part of the Sibanthracite group), will be able to produce 1 million tons of coal with a potential increase to 5 million tons per year. The reserves of the Verkhnetishsky open pit are 107.9 ml. tons of coal of T grade. The enterprise is located next to the Kiyzassky open-pit mine, another asset of the Sibanthracite group in the Kemerovo region, which will allow using the already created transport infrastructure for sending coal.

Sibanthracite Group is a leading global producer and exporter of high quality anthracite, with an annual production of more than 20 million tonnes of anthracite and T-grade coal. In January-June 2021, the Group's production amounted to
10.3 million tons (+1.9 million tons by January-June 2020). In February 2021 the company
Alberta Avdolyan's A-Property signed an agreement with the Alltek Group, owned by Dmitry Bosov's heirs, on the main terms of the acquisition of Sibanthracite for $ 1 billion. Under the terms of the deal, Sibanthracite retains its independence as a company. The agreement implies the signing of long-term contracts with top managers of Sibanthracite, as well as their participation in the authorized capital of the company.

A-Property will spend $ 3 billion on a new railway line to export coal from Yakutia

On July 13, 2021, A-Property, owned by Albert Avdolyan, offered at its own expense to build a new railway line that would connect the Elga coking coal deposit and the Chumikan settlement located on the shores of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The cost of the project may amount to $ 2.5-3.0 billion. According to Albert Avdolyan, the length of the line with an expected throughput capacity of 30 million tons will be about 500 km.

Earlier in July, the head of the Russian Railways (RZD) Oleg Belozerov informed Vladimir Putin about the initiative of the Elgaugol company, owned by A-Property and the state corporation Rostec, to build a railway that will connect coal producers in Yakutia directly with the Far Eastern ports, bypassing Baikal-Amurskaya (BAM) and the Trans-Siberian Railway (Transsib).

In 2020, coal miners in Yakutia produced 20 million tons. The largest producers in
in the region, Kolmar and Elgaugol, intend to increase production volumes, as well as existing port capacities. The throughput capacity of the new coal terminal VaninoTransUgol (VTU), built by a subsidiary of Kolmar, is 12 million tons per year. Transshipment volumes will increase to 24 million tons by 2022. Albert Avdolyan's A-Property also plans to build a coal terminal in the port of Vanino with a capacity of 2024 million tons of coal per year by 30 and an enrichment plant on Elga with a capacity of 32 million tons. stage (end of 2021) and 45 million tons in the second stage (2023)

According to experts, A-Property's proposal may become a viable alternative to the implementation of the third stage of the BAM and Transsib expansion at a cost of $ 9.5 billion, since the planned deliveries of A-Property and the Kolmar company will exceed the carrying capacity of the eastern section of BAM and Transsib even after the creation of the Yakut cluster (third stage expansion project).



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