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Missing floors

Why the Chinese delegation can not be accommodated on the fourth floor of the hotel

Missing floors
Photo: Evgeny Goncharov
Accepting the Chinese in Russia and visiting the PRC, one must know the rules of Chinese numerology.

After all, you do not want to spoil relations with Chinese partners because of such a trifle as the unsuccessfully chosen date and time of negotiations. Or the floor and the apartment number in which you placed them in the hotel. Or the number of the car you gave them for travel.

You yourself have come to China. And with perplexity look at the buttons in the elevator of a multi-storey building. Where did several floors go missing ?! And Chinese friends give you an ordinary sim card, which is ... more expensive than the heaped iPhone.

In Russia and in China - the figure is not the same.

The Chinese fanatically believe in the magic of numbers.

The four are considered unhappy by the Chinese. The reason is that the words "four" and "die" are consonant.  

In administrative buildings, there are few people wishing to rent offices on the fourth and fourteenth floors - who wants to go bankrupt? In some Chinese high-rise buildings there are no floors 4 and 14, and at the same time 13 (1 + 3 = 4). This is achieved simply: the corresponding buttons are removed from the control panels of the elevators. And the third floor immediately follows ... the fifth!

The Chinese really do not want the four to be in his address. Therefore, apartment № 4 is certainly cheaper in exactly the same, but under a different number. And if still this bad apartment is located in the house №4, in the entrance №4 and on the floor №4 ... Carcasses light! Such an apartment in China is difficult to sell even at a discount. But, if No. 4 is replaced by No. 3, everything will be fine.

In Beijing, there was a city hospital No. 4. Patients flatly refused to be treated in this hospital - everyone wants to live! And the authorities retreated - they deprived this hospital rooms. Naturally, in the room number 4 patient with a bamboo stick can not be pounded.

And what good is waiting on the life path of a man whose birth date is full of fours? Therefore, future parents try so to choose the night of conception, so that this figure in the metric of the newborn was not at all. If you can not so finely delineate, it does not matter - the office will always meet and add or add a newborn one day.

Quite a different matter - good numbers 8 and 9. Eight brings wealth, and nine - well-being.

A Chinese with the birth date of 08.08.1988 will get rich sooner or later, without even making the slightest effort. And if the date of your birth is 09.09.1999, go to China, and there you will surely be happy.

The more in the car's number of eights and nines, the more successful will be the business of its owner and the less likely to get into an accident. And, of course, such a driver will never be fined by a policeman. In China, you can often see a car whose number costs as much as it does.

Why, then, Chinese extreme drivers buy car plates with three fours? After all, if you believe Chinese numerology, a car with this number will not go beyond the first pillar. It turns out, by analogy with the European expression, it means: "Death is corrected by death".

The more good numbers in the phone number, the better.

The SIM card with the number 135 85 85 85 85 was sold in China at an auction for $ 1,1 million. This sequence of numbers in Chinese is pronounced in pronunciation: "Let me be rich, rich, rich, rich."

The phone number of the Chinese person replaces his business card. If your phone displays a number with three eights at the end, know for sure that you are calling a medium-sized businessman, with four or more eights - a big businessman. If your phone number is eight eights in a row, you can safely call the chairman of the PRC himself. Connect.

Do you know why the Chinese do not like to fly Tu-154? In the Chinese, the sequence of numbers in the name "carcass" means, no less: "I will surely die." So you, if you were Chinese, would agree to fly on such an airplane? Personally, I do not care for any.

And it is no coincidence that the Chinese authorities have appointed the opening of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing for 8 hours 8 minutes of the 8 August 2008 evening - in numerical terms, it looks like

And the Olympic team of the CPR confidently won in the world games, although it was expected to be a third place.

How can I not believe in the magic of numbers!
The expression "Ar bai u shi" in China is considered the most insulting insult. Although this is just a figure 250. The history of this Chinese swearing is as follows.

In ancient times there lived and ruled one emperor, who had a wise and faithful adviser. The emperor loved and appreciated this dignitary, which caused black envy among the other courtiers. And the evil envious persons hired a murderer so that he stabbed their more successful colleague with a dagger. What the killer did. But not qualitatively - the beloved counselor of the emperor did not die at once.

In the last seconds of his life he asked the emperor to find and execute the murderer. "How can I catch a villain, because he slaughtered you from behind, and you did not even see him?" Asked the emperor. "My murderer will come to you himself," said the wise counselor. - Declare that it became known about the conspiracy against you, the main instigator of which was me. Thus, my murderer, who involuntarily saved you, deserves a great reward - thousands of gold bars, and he will come for money. " And the counselor emitted a spirit.

The emperor did this. Imagine his surprise, when the promised reward was immediately four! They nearly fought in the Emperor's waiting room. The first one shouted: "I stabbed him with a dagger under the shoulder blade!" The second remarked to him: "At that moment I distracted his attention!" The third objected to them: "But I hired you!" The fourth stressed his main role: "All of you acted according to my plan! "

The emperor thought and took a wise decision. Without realizing which of the four is a real killer, he divided the award equally to all - according to 250 ingots. And then he ordered the guard to arrest everyone and send him to the executioner. The executioner first tried them in a sophisticated way, and then cut off all four of their stupid heads. As they say, the reward has found the heroes.

True, I think so, the doubt in the Emperor's soul nevertheless crept in that the reward was just plain and deceitful people, and a real killer, do not be a fool, did not bite on this bait. But all the same, the demonstrative revenge took place - this is the main thing. Premium gold returned to the state treasury.

And about the mean and deceitful person in China since then and say: "Ar bai shi."

A market trader will never tell you the price of 250, he will definitely throw the yuan on top. But that was before the era of supermarkets. Now the saleswoman at the checkout, if you pick up exactly 250 yuan worth of products, will silently point you to the illuminated number of the electronic board. But he won't say the price out loud either. And you add to your purchases some small change at the price of 1 yuan, and everything will fall into place.

And do not speak loudly with the Chinese: "250". Just in case.
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