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Projects of Yakutia at the Eastern Economic Forum

How Yakutia from FAR became NEAR

From the very beginning of its international and foreign economic relations, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) has developed relations primarily with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Investment positioning strategy of the republic “Yakutia - North-EasternAsianRegion. Yakutia - NEAR ”shows that the Far East of Russia in general and Yakutia in particular are much closer, both geographically and mentally, to Asia.

Projects of Yakutia at the Eastern Economic Forum
At the Eastern Economic Forum, designed to become the main international platform for strengthening business ties between Russia and the Asia-Pacific countries, Yakutia will be happy to present its investment opportunities and business potential.

Participation in pitch sessions is an opportunity to tell about many projects at once

Yakutia will present 18 projects at pitch sessions in various directions. According to the organizers of the forum, this demonstrates investment activity in the republic, because in total 90 investment projects will be presented at the pitch sessions.


Traditionally, in Yakutia, projects are being developed in the field of production and development of subsoil. It is not surprising that 8 investment projects will be presented at the Nedra session:
- construction of the first stage of the Taezhnoye mining and processing plant based on the Taezhnoye deposit;
- construction of the Inaglinsky mining and processing complex (coal mining and processing);
- development of the Tirekhtyakh placer tin deposit;
- Seligdar mining and chemical complex on the basis of the Seligdar apatite deposit;
- creation on the territory of the Tomponsky ulus of a mining and processing plant (GOK) at the silver-lead-zinc deposit of Verkhne-Menkeche;
- geological exploration and industrial development of the West Anabarsky licensed subsoil area;
- expansion of the Yakutsk gas processing plant, 2-I turn;
- a production complex for the processing of hydrocarbons in the city of Aldan.

Each individual project from this list will have a significant impact not only on the development of Yakutia, but also on the entire Far Eastern Federal District. The development of industrial production entails the creation of new jobs, an increase in tax revenues to the budget, the development of road and energy infrastructure, an increase in transport accessibility and reliability of transport links.

In turn, investors will undoubtedly appreciate the investment proposals. Each investor is provided with an individual approach and support from the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Transport structure and logistics

The development of the transport system of the Far East and Siberia is one of the priority tasks of the Russian Federation and regions. It is transport and logistics that ensure the expansion of any type of business. In this topical direction, Yakutia will present two investment projects:

- renewal of the aircraft fleet of the Yakutia airline;
- optimization of road transport infrastructure in large cities of the Far Eastern Federal District.

Yakutia Airlines serves over 100 routes in 45 cities of Russia and 23 countries of the world. Compliance with IOSA international security standards and membership in IATA makes it possible to actively develop the international route network. Now is the right time to develop a transport network linking Russia with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

The purpose of the second project is to develop road and transport infrastructure by building a network of multi-level automated parking complexes in large cities. The project has been successfully implemented and expanded on the territory of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Potential investors in the project will have an excellent opportunity to replicate the project throughout the entire Far East.

Agriculture and food industry

The importance of agriculture can hardly be overestimated. At the federal, regional and municipal levels of government, the development of the country's agro-industrial complex is being stimulated.

At the pitch session "Agriculture and Food Industry", two projects of Yakutia will be presented:
- a program for the development of pig breeding in the Far East;
- a greenhouse complex "Pokrovsky".

Modern production

Despite the abundance of natural resources, Yakutia sets itself the task of diversifying its economy and developing production. Three projects are outlined in this area:
- expansion and reconstruction of the cement production of JSC PO Yakutcement to a capacity of 500 thousand tons of clinker per year through construction and commissioning 3-th technological line with a capacity of 180 thousand tons of clinker per year;
- development of fur and leather production;
- expansion and scaling of a high-tech complex for the production of basalt composite materials, structures and products (building piles, beams and slabs).

The project for the development of basalt composite production is worth mentioning separately. The plant was launched in Yakutia several years ago, the project is developing and attracting the attention of foreign investors. In this case, the question is: to sell a unique technology or develop on its basis multi-assortment production and continue along the path of creating new ones, including nano-materials.

Now technologies can be used in a wide variety of areas: petrochemical industry, metallurgy, building structures, energy, automotive and others.

Urban environment

Yakutsk, the capital of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), is the largest city in the world built on permafrost. This does not prevent the city from developing, on the contrary, the climate has become a kind of "trick" of Yakutsk's branding. Three projects will be presented in the "Urban Environment" direction:

- complex development of 84 quarters of Yakutsk;
- creation of a high-tech park in Yakutsk (IT-park);
- implementation of tourist investment projects in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

In recent years, the construction industry has been rapidly developing in Yakutsk, since demand prevails over supply in the market. The cost per square meter in the primary housing market in Yakutsk varies from 55 to 87 thousand rubles. The average price in the city is 70 thousand rubles.

It is worth noting a project to create a high-tech park. Today Yakutia has accumulated sufficient experience in the IT industry. There are many examples when Yakut developers entered the international market with their product, while bypassing the Russian market. There is a need to create an IT park for the targeted export of intellectual products.

TOP "Industrial park" Kangalassy "

The territory of advanced socio-economic development (TOP) is intended to become a new tool for the development of the attractiveness of the regions of the Russian Far East: both for business and life.

Within the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum, ASEZ "Industrial Park" Kangalassy "will be presented at a session on the territories of advanced socio-economic development.

In mid-July, the first pile was installed in Yakutsk on the territory of the Kangalassy industrial park, which in the future will become the first priority development area in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The project is in a high degree of readiness. TOR will occupy an area of ​​64,9 hectares. The necessary decisions have already been made at the municipal level, land plots have been reserved, and public hearings have been held.

Unlike the other above-mentioned investment projects, the Kangalassy Industrial Park TOR already has a number of investors. In total, about 30 organizations expressed their desire to become residents of the TOP. At the first stage, 13 key investors expressed their readiness with whom the corresponding agreements have already been concluded. These are mainly small innovative enterprises in production. All enterprises have successful experience in doing business in their industry, but are in need of expanding production capacities. Most of the companies come from Yakutia Technopark.

The project is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and became a landmark event in the year of entrepreneurship announced in the republic. A cluster for the production of construction, insulation, composite, polyethylene and paint and varnish materials will appear on the territory near the former village of miners, and mainly based on local raw materials.

According to Alexey Zagorenko, Director General of the Yakutia Investment Development Agency, the project can be called a benchmark in terms of the development of public-private partnership, when the municipality initiated the creation of the project itself and promptly resolved all land and other infrastructure issues, and the regional and federal authorities provided partial financing and legislatively provided preferences for doing business.

In addition to traditional resource-extracting areas, the republic today also offers new forms of profitable business.

Yakutia, rich in natural resources, traditionally attracts great interest of investors, especially in the field of subsoil development. Largely due to this, the republic occupies one of the leading places in the Russian Federation in terms of investments in fixed assets. In 2014, this indicator amounted to 211,3 thousand rubles per capita. The investment strategy, adopted by the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), one of the first among the Russian regions, sets ambitious goals, for the implementation of which the Investment Development Agency has been created. His immediate plans are to increase the volume of investments in fixed assets from all sources of financing in 2016 to 390 billion, and in 2030 to 500 billion rubles. In terms of one resident of the republic, this will amount to 403 and 508 thousand rubles, respectively. This is expected to be achieved by concentrating efforts on several priority areas.

Building on tradition

As before, the lion's share of investments in Yakutia is attracted by its innumerable natural resources. The republic ranks first in the Russian Federation in terms of natural resources. The share of mineral reserves of Yakutia in the mineral resource potential of Russia is: for diamonds - 77,3%, for gold - 12,3%, for uranium - 51,6%, for antimony - 81,5%, for iron ores - 5,8%, for coal - 5,3%, for tin - 34,4%. Significant deposits of rare earth metals, silver, lead, zinc, tungsten have been explored here. In addition, due to the importance that the Arctic is acquiring in the eyes of the world community, the head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Yegor BORISOV considers the growth of the competitiveness of the economy of the Arctic and northern regions of the region a key task not only for Yakutia, but for the entire country. According to experts, by 2050 the Russian Arctic zone will be able to provide 20-30% the entire oil production of the country. And Yakutia is considered one of the most convenient launch sites for the development of the Arctic.

The next most important place for investors is occupied by the diamond complex of the republic. More than 90% of the Russian and one third of the world's diamonds are mined here. Over the past 20 years, a serious diamond cutting cluster has been created in Yakutia, which ensures the production of 25% of domestic diamonds. And the products of Yakut jewelers are successfully conquering the domestic and foreign, primarily Asian, markets.

Yakutia also occupies a serious position in the fuel and energy sector of the country. There are large deposits of high-calorie and coking coals in the republic, which are in demand in the markets of the Asia-Pacific region. Oil production is growing: by 2020 it is planned to increase it to 14,7 million tons. In addition, a number of large investment projects in the fuel and energy complex are being implemented in the republic, including the construction of the Power of Siberia gas transmission pipeline, development of the Chayandinskoye, Talakanskoye and Taas-Yuryakhskoye oil and gas condensate fields.

Despite the slowdown in economic growth, mainly due to a decrease in global demand for resources, the average annual growth rate of the gross regional product of Yakutia in 2014 2017 years are expected at 3-5%, which is higher than the average Russian indicators. The main growth drivers, in addition to the fuel and energy complex, will be the development of the Botuobinskoye diamond deposit, the development of rare earth metal deposits in the Arctic zone, and the construction of energy, transport and social facilities.

Yakutia is close

Today, the authorities of Yakutia are trying to expand the list of objects attractive to investors through the development of the processing industry. For this, first of all, it intends to use its favorable economic and geographical position. Indeed, only from the point of view of Eurocentric thinking, Yakutia is far away. If we take the dynamically developing East Asian countries as a starting point, then for them Yakutia with its unique mineral deposits and infrastructure ready for development is located close.

Since 2014, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) has started to implement the strategy of its own investment positioning “Yakutia - North-East Asian region. Yakutia is close "(Yakutia - North-Eastern Asian Region. Yakutia - NEAR). According to the Minister of Economy of Yakutia Valery MAKSIMOV, this will allow to overcome the information vacuum in relation to the Asia-Pacific region and will increase the republic's attractiveness in the eyes of potential partners and investors. It is important to explain to potential partners and investors that the Russian Far East is, in many ways, much closer than it seemed. This strategy reflects the orientation of Yakutia towards Asian countries, which is fully consistent with the foreign policy of the Russian Federation. In addition, the abbreviation NEAR corresponds to the meaning of the English word “close, near”, which carries both a direct geographical component and an indirect psychological one. In addition, the chosen positioning strategy is enhanced by the objective interest of the economies of the Asia-Pacific region in the products of the fuel and energy and metal-raw materials complexes of the republic.

Ahead of the curve

The advantageous aspects of the Yakut situation make it possible to develop territories of advanced socio-economic development (TOP) in it.

The project of the first of them - "Industrial Park" Kangalassy "- is planned for approval by the Government of the Russian Federation in the near future. According to Alexey ZAGORENKO, Director General of the Investment Development Agency of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the peculiarity of the Kangalassy Industrial Park ASEZ is not only the use of local raw materials for the production of products with a fairly high added value, but also a significant socio-economic effect. The factories located in the Kangalassy ASEZ will really contribute to import substitution in the regional market, as well as the creation of new jobs and the improvement of the socio-economic situation.

Priority investment projects in Yakutia require special attention. The construction of the first stage of the Taezhnoye mining and processing plant is being prepared on the basis of the large iron ore deposit "Taezhnoye", the Elginsky coal deposit is being developed and the Inaglinsky coal complex is being developed. According to the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Valery Maksimov, the creation of industrial ASEZ and the implementation of priority investment projects will make Yakutia the most attractive region for the integrated industrial development of the Far East and Russia as a whole.

Climate favored

Attracting investments in the regional economy is one of the most important tasks for Yakutia. That is why the republic became one of the first constituent entities of the Russian Federation to implement the Standard for the activities of executive authorities to ensure a favorable investment climate in the region, developed by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. Yakutia is one of the first regions to independently announce its participation in the pilot testing of the National Investment Climate Rating in 2014. There are three of them in the Far East - Primorsky, Khabarovsk Territories and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). And the very first results made Yakutia a leader in the area of ​​"Support for Small Business", which were included in the list of best practices.

In many ways, the region owes this development of events to the work of the Investment Development Agency of the republic, one of the main tasks of which is information and organizational support of investment activities in the region. Its multilingual portal contains information on all municipal and republican projects in the field of investments and public-private partnerships. And work with investors on the principle of "one window", according to the head of the agency Alexei Zagorenko, greatly simplifies the centralized registration of initial permits and reduces administrative barriers in the implementation of investment projects. The introduction of this principle was included in Yakutia in the collection "The best administrative decisions of regional authorities for the development of the investment environment" published by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.
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