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“It's time to answer for the words”

The head of the Magadan region in an interview with EastRussia spoke about attracting investment in the region and new directions for its development

Many people are accustomed to consider the Magadan region to be the Golden Forge of the Far East, but the region is ready to show other facets - attract investors, develop tourism, launch large projects, improve living conditions. Governor of the region Sergey Nosov spoke about the plans and achievements of Kolyma in an interview with EastRussia.

“It's time to answer for the words”

- Sergey Konstantinovich, Magadan Oblast has become one of the seven regions of the Far Eastern Federal District that will receive grants from the Russian government. Already know for what purpose to direct this promotion?

- We repay debts. You know, there was a joke in the 90s: “What will you do if you get a billion?” - “I will repay debts”. - “And the rest?” - “And the rest will wait.”

But seriously, today the debt of the region to the Federation is about 13,3 billion rubles, and the grant from the Government will amount to only 311 million rubles.

- Well, then to another topic. One of the junior companies in the Magadan Region received three search licenses for sites with resource potential. Will she get support from federal and regional authorities?

- Support will be required. Will there be help from the federal authorities - I don’t know, we are working on it. And from the regional will definitely be. We are working on a scheme for this assistance, taking into account the end of the year, when problems appear somehow, and there is not enough time. Already in January, the scheme will be established, the documents are ready. Now this issue is in the first place with the Magadan Region Development Corporation, which, first of all, will deal with this issue, search for resources to provide assistance.

The help of regional authorities is to use modern forms and tools that exist today. One of such widespread, by the way, is Development Corporation. We plan to keep our packages in it. And this is a powerful tool for working with a potential investor - they can be a collateral tool.

- You have repeatedly asked the federal authorities to allow the "free supply" of gold. How is this issue moving forward?

- Discussed this issue with Yuri Petrovich Trutnev (Vice Prime Minister - Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District - прим. ред.) There is a very important topic - taxation of free miners. There are risks of losing a certain amount of tax deductions. Now you need to understand how to correctly take into account the actual work of a private entrepreneur using modern technologies of the same Big Data. Major gold producers pay mineral extraction tax, and how will a free prospector pay it, how to charge it, how to take it into account? There was no mechanism. And this is a very delicate and serious thing in terms of volume. Taking into account the fact that we can be a pilot of this project, the fate of all free work in the territory of the Russian Federation depends on how it will be implemented in the Magadan region.

- And how was the implementation of national projects this year in the Magadan region?

- We have, as they say, a “green zone”. And what's more, I know the numbers that cut off, the control numbers were for nine months, even ten months. Alexey Kudrin (Head of the Accounts Chamber - approx. ed.) all the time talking about the lack of development of money for national projects. We had the best development in the Russian Federation - 77,6%. The second was Chechnya - 77,4%. But today our main task is to reach the volumes that will solve or will allow solving the problems that have accumulated in Kolyma.

- Tell me, is there more foreign investors in the Magadan region?

- The decision to invest is not a decision to go to the store and buy a loaf of bread. Investors think for a long time and look very carefully not only at the legislative base, but also at the practice that is taking shape in the regions. One example of very important and significant for foreign investors is the implementation of a joint project in Chukotka - the Peschanoye deposit, where they plan to build the Baimsky GOK. A serious investor came in, who had already invested in fact more than one billion dollars.

We just started to understand what we have with the generation of electricity. It was always believed that there was an excess of it, and then suddenly, when it was necessary to start working and providing, to move from words to deeds, it turned out that it was not enough. And now, during the course of the project, we are forced to urgently resolve these issues and prepare proposals. Yuri Petrovich Trutnev helps, of course, thanks to his support, the issue is moving forward. But all foreign investors are looking: if for so long and with such a creak they will go towards the foreign investor, and the movement from words to deeds will be long, then, of course, it will be difficult to count on investments in this region. This is the first.

And the second one. We have now prepared, written and sent documents in which we noted that at least several areas of the Magadan region have the right to be considered Arctic for all reasons. We announced this at the Arctic Forum in St. Petersburg. Do you know that preferences for investors, foreign, including for the Arctic regions, are unprecedented today in the Russian Federation. Therefore, we are working to attract foreign investors, including to our districts.

- You cited Chukotka as an example. But, in the Magadan region there are no less ambitious ideas. At least two forums have signed agreements with Kawasaki on the construction of a hydrogen plant. What happened to the project?

- With “Kawasaki” really signed agreements, I figured out with them. But again, we run into electricity, how many enterprises can generate it. We are waiting for an answer, foreign investors are also waiting for an answer.

“They have been waiting for four years now.”

- It's time to answer for the previous words. You know, Kawasaki planned to buy liquefied hydrogen. And the company hoped that we would build a plant, we would determine the technology ourselves, and they would build ships for transporting liquefied hydrogen and provide Japan with clean fuel. Noble and good idea from the point of view of Japan. But leave dirty environmental problems with us? In my opinion, this is not very correct. Therefore, it is not so simple. The project itself is controversial, we wrote that we are ready to create it on an equal footing, under favorable conditions. We invite the investor, give him electricity, create conditions, but in return he must invest money and come with technology. But actually doing venture, I think that this is not the task of the region. Therefore, I hope that everything is still ahead in this matter.

- Now the Russian government is discussing the development program for the Far East, which was presented at the WEF-2019. Which of the proposals from the Magadan region were included in it?

- Mortgaged a lot, but as always, cut a lot. Left a lot of good events - this is a big step forward, this is a plus. Now you need to understand a very important aspect: how much do these events cost? And today we began to prepare design estimates for the measures taken. And we understand that this is a lot of money only in the Magadan region. It all depends on how financial resources will be distributed, first of all, how many of them. But we also understand that those who are ready will be supported first of all.

- Is there something that the Magadan region personally introduced to itself and it was left, not cut out?

- We insisted, and we still have allocated funding for the construction and overhaul of schools and preschool institutions. Those that exist today can conditionally be called relevant to modern standards. And it will just be easy to compare the new kindergarten in accordance with modern requirements. They can be excellently obtained, in my opinion, kindergartens according to our requirements - better in the world, well, in Europe for sure. But against this background, the lack of repair in other institutions is a problem, because it was not in the program, and the region needs to solve it.

- In the framework of the “Days of the Far East in Moscow”, the concept of the development of the tourism industry in the Magadan Region was discussed. Do you think the development of this direction in Kolyma is real?

- Of course. A lot of people want to visit Kolyma. But there is no need to set a goal - the more tourists, the better. Tourism should provide work for small and medium-sized businesses, especially the one that exists, and which, of course, can develop against the background of interest. But it is impossible to embrace the immense. We need a sufficient number of tourists. And we have now made a concept and will continue to refine it. We understand that Kolyma is excellent fishing, but it is seasonal, although the season can start in May and end in October. Someone is interested in watching a series of films to see what is minus 55 degrees, and how "champagne splashes" freeze in such a frost. Someone is interested in the theme of history, the Gulag, and the objects that have been preserved in Kolyma, and you can not only go to museums, but also go to places where you have something to see, feel.

There are many who wish, including among my friends, to come, because they had relatives in Kolyma just to see these places.

In September-October in all hotels of the Magadan region you can hear only one English speech. Come on a trophy hunt. I know that the line is being built to come hunting. And another very interesting direction is medical tourism. We have beautiful waters of the level of Kislovodsk. Now the Talaya sanatorium is going to turn with a private investor into a European-level resort. A very interesting project, and I think that it will be in demand not only by the Kolyma residents, but also by residents of the entire Far East. Because today people need both comfort and quality of services.

- You, as a person who came to the region from outside, and who have already worked for some amount of time, tell me what is needed for the Far East to not leave the Far Eastern Federal District? How to reverse this trend?

- I talked with many people, they really love this land, nature, and really they need high-quality, good living conditions and rehabilitation conditions, moreover, regularly, as medical science talked about back in the Soviet Union.

If we talk about Kolyma in particular, we need a well-thought-out comprehensive policy on this issue. Well, for example, why do gold miners in the region work on a rotational basis? Because today it is economically more profitable for an enterprise to carry two people in two. Today, residents of the Magadan region leave for the center and begin to go to work, to the same position, to the same place, but only from the mainland. Fortunately, the state helps in the person of Aeroflot with flat tariffs.

We could have about 18 thousand inhabitants more if we had a different policy of settledness. But for this it is necessary to create conditions: there must be housing, there should be leisure and good transport links at least between regional centers.

- Should the state help create all this?

- These questions, or the answers to these questions, are in national projects, in the national program. We are doing this now. Then, when we will have serious successes in this matter, and we will ask them the question: “Guys, the quality of life is normal. Let's change the terms of the contracts so that people stay. ” At least a contract for five years, and then it will be seen. There will be where to bring the family, where to work the second half, where to study children and what to do leisure.

- And if, as if by magic, you could build a house and give it to young people, give it for free, it would attract people, the outflow would decrease from your point of view?

- The state should be ready for this, because the cost of building housing in Kolyma, taking into account the delivery of materials, is high, because the entire construction industry, which was in the Soviet Union, was destroyed, it was bent in the 90s and never straightened. The cost of housing construction is one and a half to two times higher than on the mainland than in the central regions. This is worth considering, and you have to go for it.

- And what do you think, a XNUMX% mortgage will help?

- You know, people are very keenly interested in this support mechanism, and the only thing we need (and what we are doing now) is to create a base for the construction of new housing. The national projects that I spoke about allow us to promote housing construction. Next year we plan to commission 10 thousand square meters. meters, which for Kolyma is the same record as the extraction of 40 tons of gold for the first time in 40 years. We have plans, thanks to the government of the Russian Federation, we are supported by all the ministries. It is clear that this is being done on behalf of the president, we also understand and appreciate this, and we feel our responsibility. Therefore, the conditions of national projects make it possible to promote the situation and turn it around for the better. The rest will be up to industry, especially when production is year-round.

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