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"Primorye-2" rests on the Trinity

The correspondent of EastRussia was supposed to visit the Sea Port in the Trinity Bay - the final point of the planned International Transport Corridor "Primorye-2". But not grown together - prevented typhoon

"Primorye-2" rests on the Trinity
On the eve of the opening of the II East Economic Forum in Vladivostok, the managers of the Sea Port in the Troitsa Bay invited the journalists to visit the only port operating in Zarubino, which is the southernmost port of the Russian Far East, as well as the starting point for the creation of the international transport corridor Primorye- 2 ", whose potential, according to experts, in the coming years may amount to more than 38 million tons of goods annually.

The port in Zarubino cannot be said to be "forgotten by God." This modest port, even in terms of local indicators of cargo operations, is heard not only in Primorye: it is known and has been talked about for a long time, argued and discussed its growth opportunities not only by Russian, but also by foreign experts in China, Korea, Japan ... both investors and shippers are showing signs to the port: the business community of the Asia-Pacific region is ready to work through this southernmost port of Russia in the East. It is ready not theoretically, but also in practice, expecting, however, a clearly structured development plan not only for the port itself, but also for all those powerful legislative initiatives being implemented today in the Russian Far East.

Unfortunately, typhoon Linrok, which swept over Primorye, made some adjustments to the trip to the port of Trinity, the leadership of which invited us on a sightseeing tour, but nevertheless, the meeting with its representatives, which took place in Vladivostok, was no less exciting. Well, we will see the port itself.

Vyacheslav Burin, General Director of IPBT, spoke about the port’s operation, the port infrastructure available today, and shared its plans for further development, modernization of production terminals, prospects for expanding the range of cargoes and the concept of integrated development as one of the main components of the Primorye-2 project.

The seaport in Trinity Bay is located in the very south of Primorsky Krai, 210 km from Vladivostok, at the junction of the borders of three states: Russia, China and North Korea. By the way, there is a border regime here, so you can't come to Zarubino as an ordinary "tourist". By water, the port is literally several tens of nautical miles from the state border. By land - only 70 kilometers to the road (Kraskino) and railway (Makhalino) crossings to China. An even shorter distance is to the Hasan-Rajin railway border crossing with the DPRK.

The combination of coastal topography, bottom relief, soil and convenient geographical location of Trinity Bay serves as a good anchorage for vessels of different tonnage and a place of refuge for ships in stormy weather, available for vessels with large rainfall at any time of year. The port provides the safe parking of vessels at moorings and natural protection of a considerable coastal strip against sea waves and winds without construction of expensive hydraulic engineering constructions.

Navigation in the seaport is carried out year-round without icebreaker support. The seaport accepts vessels up to 172 meters long and up to 8 meters draft.

The berth line of the sea terminal consists of 4 berths with a length of 650 meters and depths from 7,5 to 8 meters, with a design cargo turnover of 1,2 million tons. Maximum dimensions of vessels handled at the sea terminal: 172,10 x 23,04 x 8,00 meters. The terminal is used for transshipment of cargo, including hazardous cargo (except for oil and oil products).

The port is connected to the port railway station Sukhanovka with its own railway branch and independently, with its locomotive, carries out maintenance and supply and cleaning of the train on the stretch from the port to the station.

On 22 hectares of the port area, there are areas for storage and processing of general cargo, a container platform for processing 20 and 40 foot containers, platforms for processing scrap metal, timber cargo, a transshipment complex, platforms for transshipment of heavy equipment with its subsequent shipment to railway platforms and shipped to regions of Russia and the CIS. Closed cargo warehouses with a total area of ​​1,7 Ha.

In 2012, LLC Sea Port in Trinity Bay completed the reconstruction of the refrigeration complex with a temperature regime of -25ºС, allowing to take 12 thousand tons of fish products for a one-time storage. Today it is the only refrigerating complex in Primorye, operating on freon.
For many years, LLC "MPBT" has been the sole operator of port facilities in the Trinity Bay and provides a universal transshipment complex, the scope of which includes the transshipment of a wide range of goods, including hazardous ones. At present, the port is actively engaged in transshipment of lumber, aluminum (packaged cargo), as well as fish products (in the overall structure of the port's cargo turnover, it is about 30% of the total volume). Part of the frozen products goes by road through the Kraskinskiy international road crossing to China, most of them are sent by rail to the western regions of the country. By the end of the year, according to the plans of the MPBT, about 60 thousand tons of fish products will be overloaded, more than half of which will go to the domestic market.

Prospects for the port and they are, according to the port authorities, very, very real. Already today, a whole series of agreements of intent have been signed with suppliers from the PRC, Korea, Japan, and some Russian companies. In particular, agreements were reached with Agropromtrans on the transshipment of grain (in terms of building a specialized grain terminal), and Sintezgroup on the transportation of tank containers (transshipment of hydrocarbon liquefied gas). Opportunities for building convenient logistic routes through the port, including international ones, as well as the availability of territorial opportunities for additional expansion, opens up broad prospects for the further development of OOO MPBT as a large stevedoring company that can offer competitive cargo handling conditions in comparison with other operators in the Far East .

In September of this year, the port authorities will be ready to provide a “declaration of intent” - a document reflecting investment plans for port development, the signing of which, under the current law “On the Free Port of Vladivostok”, can significantly shorten the implementation of this complex task and speed up the adoption of complex administrative tasks. and interdepartmental decisions related to the implementation of such a project.

A large amount of work on the study of the port's potential, carried out at one time by specialists, including foreign ones, allows us to make a confident conclusion: the development of the port in Trinity Bay and the improvement of its logistics infrastructure can be an extremely effective project. It can ensure the development of transport and international cooperation in the region. And in the future development within the framework of the Primorye-2 ITC, a large port-hub with a developed logistics infrastructure, capable of servicing a significant amount of international transit cargo, can be formed here.

According to the data specified in the assessment of the project MTC "Primorye-2", in 14 years, by 2030, the possible cargo turnover may reach 15 million tons of containerized cargo and up to 23 million tons of grain. The key operators of the project - the seaports of the south of Primorye and, in particular, the port of Trinity - can connect such countries as China, Mongolia, Japan, the Republic of Korea and other countries of the Asia-Pacific region and NEA in a through system of goods circulation. Experts are confident that this is quite realistic, especially now, when preferences have been created for investors, aimed at solving many technical, economic, and organizational problems.

The purpose of creating ITC "Primorye-2" is the development of sea, road and rail infrastructure for the implementation of regional and transcontinental transit international freight and passenger traffic.
ITC Primorje-2 relies on the development of the port of Trinity in Zarubino (in the future - the creation of a megaport, a major transportation hub with the functions of the port-hub), the resumption of the railway service to the border with the PRC (the Mahalino railway border crossing) and further to Hunchun PRC, Yanbin Korean Autonomous Region)
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