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Pribaikalskaya logic

The port zone near Ulan-Ude is created without the TOR

While the Far East is ruled by federal legislation for the convenience of investors, by creating territories of advanced development (TOP), the authorities of Buryatia have found their alternative way at the regional level - the zones of economic favor. Than measures to support investors in Buryatia better or worse than the general for the Far East, dealt EastRussia.

Pribaikalskaya logic
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ZEB instead of TOP

In the Republic of Buryatia (the Republic of Buryatia), a regional alternative to the Far Eastern territories of advanced development is created (TOR) - a port zone, or a zone of economic favor of the transport-logistic type (ZEB TLT) Baikal. It should appear near the eponymous airport of the capital of the republic - the city of Ulan-Ude. Like the TOP, the zone is designed to stimulate the social and economic development of the remote from the federal center of the region. Creation of ZEB "will facilitate the accelerated entry of Russian companies into the markets of the Asia-Pacific region and will meet the needs of the commodity distribution system of Siberia and the Far East," said the head of the republican Ministry of Economics Sandra Sangadiev. The official emphasizes that as a result of the functioning of the port zone, "a modern transport and logistics center will be created that will ensure the interests of rail, road, air carriers and will allow to optimize cargo flows from China and Mongolia, reduce the time of delivery of goods and freight and passenger transportation costs."

ZEB "Baikal", says Zandra Sangadiev, is created within the framework of the regional law "On zones of economic favor in the Republic of Buryatia", adopted back in the 2007 year. Initially, the law was focused on the establishment of zones of tourist-recreational type. The government of the republic has made a draft amendment to the national Khural, which is expected to be considered in the coming months. The bill describes the term "zones of economic favor of the transport-logistic type": transport and logistic activity means processing, including storage, sorting, packaging and assembly of transit cargoes of rail, inland water, road and air transport.

EastRussia help. According to the preliminary calculations of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Buryatia, ZEB TLT Baikal should provide 2500 new workplaces and 9,3 billion rubles of investments. The turnover of the enterprises of the zone can make 570 thousand tons per year, the volume of revenue - 304,1 billion rubles. The budgets of all levels are expected to receive 48,5 billion rubles. Investments from the federal budget will not be required, from the regional budget it is necessary 152,58 million rubles, budgets of the municipal level - 78,06 million rubles.

Residents of ZEB are granted exemption for five years from the start of business from payment of property tax (within the limits of amounts credited to the republican budget), a reduced rate of income tax, the possibility of exemption from land tax. To obtain the status of a resident it is sufficient to be an IP or a commercial organization registered in the territory of a municipal formation within the boundaries of the ZEB. The minimum financial threshold for entry into the zone is 100 million rubles for a business oriented on logistics and transportation, and 5 million rubles for a business specializing in tourism.

According to Zandra Sangadiev, while the process of creating ZEB TLT "Baikal" passes the stage of financial and economic justification. This did not prevent the Belarusian government from concluding agreements of intent with some potential residents of the future transport and logistics zone. So far these are three companies with Chinese participation. This is Sino-Baikal LLC (the founder of Nikolay Land Port Construction Co. Ltd., the volume of planned investments is 7 billion rubles), Baikal Invest LLC (founder of Adding Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., the volume of investments is 2 billion rubles) And Zhonggunxin Heilongjiang Capital Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (investment amount - 2 billion rubles).

ZEB instead of SEZ

Interestingly, the leadership of the Republic of Belarus initially considered the "Baikal" zone on the site in 200 hectares near the international airport of Ulan-Ude as a federal project and planned its implementation as part of the Federal Law "On Special Economic Zone (SEZ)". In December, 2015, the relevant application was filed with the government of the Russian Federation. But in April, 2016 of the year came from Moscow: the center suspended the creation of new SEZs by its decision, since the already created ones did not justify the expectations placed on them and did not bring any economic benefits to the country.

Then the leadership of Buryatia decided to act within the framework of the republican legislation. At the same time, the amount of expenses for the construction of the external infrastructure of the future port zone, which the regional budget is ready to assume - is only about 200 million rubles. The rest should be financed by future residents - this is 1,1 billion rubles for the development of the internal infrastructure of the zone.

Meanwhile, Buryatia already has experience in attracting investors to zones with a special economic regime, albeit ambiguous. The tourist-recreational type “Baikal Harbor” SEZ was established on the shores of Lake Baikal by the decision of the RF Government from 2007. The main goal is to attract Russian and foreign tourists to the region. The zone is so full and not earned. At the federal level, there was even talk of closing it. But in the end, the SEZ list did not make the list for liquidation, approved by the Russian government in September 2016. According to the Minister of Economy of Buryatia Zandra Sangadiyev, a special procedure was developed for transferring the infrastructure facilities of the special economic zone "Baikal Harbor" to republican ownership, and land plots to the municipal, but the results of the events will become obvious not earlier than the end of the current half year. At the same time, it is possible that the “Baikal Harbor” from the SEZ will turn into a ZEB and will, like the “Baikal”, develop in the framework prescribed by the norms of republican legislation.
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