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Priamure will show "Power"

Amur region presents to WEF processing of gas and coal

On the eve of the Eastern Economic Forum (VEF), the acting governor of the Amur Region, Alexander Kozlov, said that he was ready to present the region at the WEF, how the creation of agglomerations to the Amur economy would help, and what the Power of Siberia project would bring to ordinary residents.

Priamure will show "Power"

- Less than a month left before the Eastern Economic Forum. It will feature more than 200 investment projects worth about 500 billion rubles. Alexander Alexandrovich, what is ready to present the Amur region to potential investors?

- The Eastern forum is an opportunity to loudly declare itself. And the Amur region has something to offer investors. I myself will go to Vladivostok, the whole delegation will be ten people, including representatives of the companies Gazprom, Petropavlovsk.

From the Amur region we plan to show four projects. These are projects of gas-chemical and gas-processing complexes, all that is connected with the implementation of the project "The Power of Siberia." Then, the Amur oil refinery and two raw materials projects - the Garinsky iron ore and the Ogodzhinskoye coal deposits. The latter will allow to extract raw materials for more than a hundred years. The explored coal reserve on it is 1,5 billion tons.

Gas cluster projects are more a presentation of the region itself, but we present the Garinskoe and Ogodzhinskoye fields specifically to attract public investment for these projects. This is a very costly infrastructure, in the first place, the construction of railways. It is about tens of billions of rubles, the investor cannot incur such costs.

- The Amur Region is directly involved in the implementation of such a large-scale for the whole country project as the main gas pipeline "The Power of Siberia." What will it bring to the inhabitants of the region?

- The creation of a whole gas cluster is an influx of investments and taxes to the region. In addition, a gas supply and gasification scheme for the Amur Region has been submitted to Gazprom Promgaz for review. Taking into account the specification of the route through which the main gas pipeline will pass, and other adjustments, 372 settlements will be gasified in the Amur Region. Now in the Amur region, blue fuel goes to 190 thousand apartments, gas will come in 315 thousands of households.

Beginning of gasification of the Amur region is possible in 2019 year, when the main pipeline "Power of Siberia" will be put into operation. Of course, provided that populated areas and consumers are ready to receive gas. Gazprom builds inter-settlement gas pipelines and outlets for its own funds. We obtained Gazprom's consent for construction at the expense of the company and gas pipelines to large consumers.

We, the region, put distribution networks in populated areas and in-house networks.

- Is there a plan for training personnel in the Amur Region for the future gas cluster?

- Yes, the active phase of construction has not started yet, but there is an agreement with OOO Gazprom reworking Blagoveshchensk on training. This year on the first of September 25 eighth graders of the school №1 of the Free City will go to a specialized class of Gazprom, in this class will be those who showed excellent knowledge of chemistry. The Amur Technical College will also train specialists for the gas industry in the Free University. A strategic partnership agreement has been concluded between Gazprom Recycling LLC and the Amur State University.

- Have you already determined the list of social facilities that will appear in the Amur Region with the arrival of such a large investor?

- There is a project of residential area in the city of Svobodny for the employees of the future GPP. This is a housing complex for five thousand people from the capital houses in 3-4 floor and townhouses. Plus, the company plans to build a school here for 900 students, two kindergartens for 360 places, plus a clinic, a leisure center, an indoor sports complex, a stadium - there are many.

- Tell us about the prospects for the development of the Sugodino-Ogodzhinskoe coal deposit? Does the project really bring billions of dollars in investment and create tens of thousands of jobs?

- The company "RT-Global Resources" (100% affiliated company of state corporation "Rostekh" - ed.) Will develop. It is ready to invest in geological exploration, creation of energy, engineering, transport infrastructure 240 billion rubles and create 40 thousands of jobs. They have several options for mastering the project: concentrating concentrate and transporting it to consumer countries, generating power in Ogodzhe with subsequent export of electricity to China, the third option is the development of coal-chemical production at the field.

With the final version of development, the company plans to determine itself before the end of 2015, in 2016-2017 years, geological exploration work and development of the GOK project are to be completed. In 2018-2019 years, coal production will begin. At the projected capacity, the enterprise will be released in 2023.

- What other investment projects are there in the Amur Region?

- It's worth mentioning about the Darmakanskoye deposit of quartz sand. It is ten kilometers from Raichikhinsk, and this is especially important, given that Raichihinsk is a monocity, now holding on coal mining, and the new project will give up to a thousand jobs.

The field may be interesting in terms of industrial development. At the time of obtaining the license of OGK Group (seven months ago - ed.), The company’s balance sheet was 2,5 million tons of quartz sand. In the course of exploration in 2015-2018, it is planned to increase reserves to 20 million tons.

Then there is planned to build a mining and processing plant (GOK), and in the future - a glass plant. The project manager, Darmakansky GOK, is already negotiating with Stekloiuz of the Russian Federation on involving the project in a project on import substitution and production organization in the Far East.

- Why do you think that the most suitable development path for the Amur region, including in connection with the arrival of new investors, is the creation of agglomerations?

- Here it is in particular the Amur region, because we have a distance between the settlements reaches 1400 kilometers. And investors do not always understand the specifics of the region. In my opinion, it is necessary to aspire first of all to improve the territories of large settlements and create agglomerations on their basis by joining new shift camps.

I will tell the mechanism on the example of the Ogodzhinsky coal deposit. We have an investor who bought a license to develop this field. Representatives of the company told me: "We will build a kindergarten and a school in Ogodzha, Selemdzhinsky District." But in this village there is only one street, eight courtyards, that is, the population is so small that it would be more logical to build these social facilities in one of the neighboring industrial cities, where whole generations of the same coal miners live.

Let the investor invest money in the social infrastructure, but then in the district center, in February. This scheme can be used in the construction of the Nizhne-Zeiskaya HPP, which has already been announced.

- At the end of July, during the meeting on the creation of territories for outreach development, the head of Minsk region Alexander Galushka suggested that you join the supervisory board of the Human Capital Agency. Why did you agree to participate in the work of the Agency?

- During my working trips around the region, people constantly ask questions about the future of their children, they care where they can find employment? At the same time, there are not enough bricklayers, welders, concrete workers in the region, we need future heads of municipal formations today.

Investors came and we have human resources - people. But in this bundle there is no government. And I had an idea to create a personnel reserve in the Amur region. Alexander Galushka during a working trip to the Amur Region reported that there was such an idea at the federal level. And I suggested that I be included in the composition, in order to make proposals from the subject. If my participation there turns out to be unproductive, then we will create our own regional structure, we have not lost our idea.

- How does the Amur region plan to reduce the amount of public debt, which is 29 billion rubles, with the region's consolidated budget of 38 billion?

Repayment of the national debt will be carried out until 2034 year, I will personally protect budget projects for the next three-year period. Part of the loans, as agreed with the RF Ministry of Finance, was restructured. Credit payments, which were due in 2016 year, were transferred to 2019 year. The loan payment would be about 10% of the budget of the whole region. For comparison, we have 20 billion to pay salaries throughout the region. For these three years, you need to throw this debt suitcase.

Positive trend - we are moving away from commercial loans, the rate at which 23%, 24%, 13%, 14%, to the budget, and this is already the 0,1% rate. We “dragged out” another billion rubles at the expense of interbudgetary redistribution; we redistribute this money at the session of the Legislative Assembly in August. They will go to the procurement of fuel for the winter, for social benefits, 100 million will go to the program of resettlement from dilapidated and emergency housing.

The fact that we were able to agree on the restructuring of loans will allow us to hand over four more houses in Tynda to the new year for the immigrants from the barracks. Behind every cut red ribbon is a huge job. In order to negotiate with the Ministry of Finance, I worked all summer, and on July 21 we agreed. Planning is 50 percent success; the remaining 50 is the execution of this planning.

- When is expected to increase tax revenues in the Amur budget?

- Already in 2017, the revenues of the Amur region with 39 billion rubles should increase to 47,7 billion. In particular, these are taxes from the cosmodrome Vostochny, Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP. Including due to these revenues, we will extinguish the national debt.

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