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With a full parade

Editorial board of EastRussia found out how the Khabarovsk Territory meets the Victory Day

With a full parade

Khabarovsk region together with the whole country celebrates 70 anniversary of the Victory. This year's celebrations differ not only in scope, but also in organizational and technical innovations. Over the city 9 May for the first time will fly military fighters, which produce at the aircraft plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The governor Vyacheslav Shport promised to hold the air show.

About 2 thousand volunteers were attracted to coordinate the actions; more than 12 museum exhibits of the equipment were repaired by the military to the main parade. This event will not end: the Far East will celebrate the anniversary of the end of the Second World War 2 September. Volunteer organizations, in turn, promise not to leave veterans alone and after the holidays.

Body irreplaceable

To the anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, 10 regional actions, which have become traditional, are timed. These are "St. George Ribbon", "Letter of Victory", "Immortal Regiment" and "Thank you for the Victory", "Call a fellow soldier", "Veteran Lives Nearby", "No to Forgotten Graves", "Watch of Memory". The Khabarovsk Territory has also joined the all-Russian project "Victory Forest", within the framework of which it is planned to plant trees with the participation of war veterans, government officials, the public and youth. Also, the region will host several all-Russian flash mob actions. Their preparation began long before the official celebration, and here a huge burden of responsibility fell on the shoulders of the volunteers. To coordinate the work of volunteers on the eve of the memorable date, the All-Russian Volunteer Corps for the 70th Victory Anniversary was created, which includes 85 regional corps, including in the Khabarovsk Territory.

“This year for the first time such a format - everyone throughout Russia can register on the site volunteers70.rf and take part in the preparation of the Victory anniversary celebration. Both guys with experience, who had already taken part in the actions, and newcomers were registered, - said Tatyana Bezgodova, acting deputy head of the youth policy department - head of the department for interaction with youth organizations of the Ministry of Sports and Youth Policy of the Khabarovsk Territory. - To be honest, we thought that about a thousand would register, and now we have more than 2 thousand volunteers. Then a sample was made by municipal districts, and the contacts of volunteers posted on the federal website were handed over to the guys who supervise youth work throughout the region. In Khabarovsk, for example, we got about 500 people, but even in the northern remote areas there were several people ready to help. "

For example, this year the region will have to distribute 200 thousand St. George ribbons, twice as much as in the past. People are needed to conduct other flash mobs and actions, and finally, just to accompany veterans at special events. Volunteers traditionally take part in the improvement of military graves, make repairs in the homes of veterans, and provide household assistance. However, this work is carried out year-round by social services. Therefore, the task of the volunteers was, firstly, not to duplicate their work, but, secondly, to find the most needy veterans. The region is home to about 1,3 thousand combatants, 900 of which are directly in Khabarovsk. And in order to visit the veterans, it was required to establish contact with social services. “At first these addresses were given very reluctantly. But when the social workers saw that our children were prepared and that they were approaching their work responsibly, they trusted us, ”Bezgodova said.

One of the volunteer actions that took place on the eve of the anniversary was the “Thank you grandfather for the Victory” motor rally, which took place on May 3. Its initiator is the public organization of motorists of the Khabarovsk Territory "KHV.AVTO", which is engaged in volunteer projects of social and patriotic orientation. Cars with stickers in the form of a red star with the words "Thank you grandfather for the Victory!" started from the South, North and Central districts of the city, and then met at the lower parking lot of the Cathedral. Other patriotic symbols were also welcomed - after all, the competition for the most originally decorated car became the final part of the race. Veterans became judges.

The head of "KHV.AVTO" Alexander Horoshev said that the idea of ​​the action was born last year. “Then 54 people took part in it, this year there are already 104. That's not counting our asset - six people last year, this year 20. And by September 2, when the end of World War II is celebrated, we have conceived a new action. It will be a "trophy" car rally - after all, frankly, people in the Far East drive mainly the products of the Japanese and German car industries, "he said. Routes are designed so as not to interfere with public transport. In addition, the protesters are taught the rules of conduct in the convoy. In the future, the initiators have an idea to bring the motor rally "Thank you grandfather for the Victory" to the federal level. “But we are still a regional organization, and we focus on quality, not quantity, and adequately assess our resources. Therefore, gradual scaling of the project will be correct, ”explained Khoroshev.

Parade View

Volunteers, as full-fledged participants in the celebrations, took part in the "Victory Fire" relay race, which took place on May 7 in the regional capital. A particle of the Eternal Flame was delivered to Khabarovsk by plane in a special flask. The fire was solemnly met at the airport, then the delegation arrived at Glory Square in open cars. The festive opening ceremony of the restored memorial took place here, during which Governor Vyacheslav Shport lit the Eternal Flame. Then, near the stele of Heroes, the particles of flame were handed over to volunteers from 19 municipalities of the Khabarovsk Territory.

On the same day, the landing of the "Victory Forest" took place. As part of this project, tree alleys will be planted throughout the country in memory of those killed in the Great Patriotic War. In total, 62 Memory Alleys with a total area of ​​over 13 hectares were laid out in the region, more than 9 thousand young trees were planted. In the regional capital, 70 pines were planted in the reconstructed park of the fleet's repair and operational base (EW fleet), not far from the city center. Meanwhile, in the regional park. Muravyov-Amursky in the area of ​​the famous Amur "Cliff" participants of the national flash mob "70 years of peaceful sky. Thanks!" released 70 colored balls into the sky.

On May 8, on the very eve of Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War, the annual youth action "Thank you for Victory" will take place in the Khabarovsk Territory. One and a half thousand volunteers on Glory Square lined up in gratitude and for the first time in the five-year history of the action, together with the orchestra of the Far Eastern Military District, they sang the song "Victory Day".

“Before that, we had invited veterans to our action for several years in a row,” said Bezgodova. - But unfortunately, it is more and more difficult for veterans to take part in such events. And we understand that the most important event for them will still take place on May 9, first of all they will come there. Therefore, it was decided that the current action will be broadcast live by the Gubernia TV company, and we will invite veterans to the TV screens. "

On the same evening, a regional gala evening was held at the Platinum-Arena sports and entertainment complex, where veterans, representatives of public organizations, and delegations from the regions of the region were invited. During the solemn part of the evening, Governor Vyacheslav Shport presented three participants in the war with the Honorary Badge of the Government of the Khabarovsk Territory "Honored Veteran".

Finally, the most important event is the Victory Day Parade on May 9 and events timed to coincide with it. According to the commander of the Eastern Military District, Colonel-General Sergei Surovikin, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at the Collegium of the Defense Ministry in Moscow on April 24 emphasized the importance of this event and "the highest responsibility that lies with each of the commanders and chiefs." “We must carry out everything at such a level that every person in every garrison feels like a part of this holiday,” the commander said.

Military parades and solemn processions in Russian cities will be the largest in recent years. In Khabarovsk, the parade will traditionally include the historical part - the legendary T-34, Is-3 and Ms-1 tanks, the Isu-152 heavy self-propelled artillery unit, Katyusha combat vehicles, and the BTR-40 armored personnel carrier will march through the main square of the city. As the commander of the Air Defense Forces noted, the repair units of the district, specifically for participation in the parade, restored 12 units of military equipment, which are museum exhibits. After celebrating Victory Day, they will all return to their pedestals.

For the first time, modern technology will be presented by the Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile and cannon system, the Tor-M2 anti-aircraft missile system, the Tornado multiple launch rocket systems and the Tiger armored vehicles, as well as the Iskander-M complexes already familiar to Khabarovsk residents ... For the first time in Khabarovsk, a pair of Su-27, Su-30 and Su-35 combat aircraft will fly over from the third command of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces over the Amur River embankment. The governor came up with such an initiative.

“We will make the best parade we have ever seen. The parade is one of the ways to convey to the youth the truth about that war, a reason to be proud of our country and what we do. I spoke with the general director of Sukhoi (the branch of JSC "Company" Sukhoi "is located in Komsomolsk-on-Amur - approx. author). And he agreed that there should be aircraft at the parade, we have never had this before, ”the governor promised at the beginning of the year. By the way, at the previous celebrations in honor of Victory Day, the question was often asked - why in the region where "drying" is made, they have never participated in the parade on May 9? Now this annoying misunderstanding will be corrected.

More than 1,3 thousand servicemen and 122 pieces of equipment will take part in the parade. In addition, the "Immortal Regiment" will increase by two or three times. Banners with photos of front-line soldiers, home front workers, blockades and other participants in the war will be carried by more than 3 thousand inhabitants of the region. In Khabarovsk, about 400 people registered to participate in it, and in general, solemn processions with portraits of veterans will be held in 108 settlements of the region.

Throughout the festive day in Khabarovsk, concert programs and flash mobs organized by volunteers will be held in squares and parks. For example, "Victory Record", the participants of which perform one push-up for every peaceful day they have lived since the end of the war. In the anniversary year in each city, the record holders will have to do a total of 25 push-ups. Also in the evening, the celebrants will be fed "Soldier's porridge", and the military-historical reconstruction clubs, musical groups will arrange demonstration performances at the sites of Khabarovsk. In the evening, at 568:22, an artillery salute will thunder in the regional capital - 00 howitzers and 18 fireworks installations will bloom the sky over Khabarovsk in festive colors.

After Victory

The celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory on May 9 does not end. Despite the fact that on the eve of the holiday, the authorities of the region, as promised, provided all veterans with housing (on May 6, the keys to the apartments from the hands of the governor were received by three war veterans, who were closing the queue), the question cannot be considered closed. “All veterans who have stood in line since April 1, 2013 received apartments, or - a cash payment. As we promised, this happened before May 9, 2015, - said Governor Vyacheslav Shport. - But, of course, applications continue to come, mainly from the widows of the participants in the war. Now there are 8-9 such applications, by the end of the year, according to our estimates, there will be about 30. Therefore, we will continue to work on providing housing ”.

Add that in the region is actively celebrated and the end of the Second World War 2 September. For the Far East, who after the victory over Germany participated in the hostilities on the territory of Manchuria, this is a landmark event. A number of international events with the participation of the Chinese side are timed to this date.

Volunteer work will not end either. “We have scheduled events until the end of the year. The same help to veterans in everyday life - it is needed constantly, - says Bezgodova. - With newcomers who come to the veteran's house for the first time, we usually have the following conversation: if you came once, then stay for a long time and help throughout the year. Veterans often complain: "You will come to us before May 9, as many do, and then you will forget." Therefore, we set up volunteers for long-term work. "

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