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President on the wire

Correspondent of EastRussia followed the direct line with Vladimir Putin and tells about the most interesting issues concerning the Far East

President on the wire

This year, a straight line with Vladimir Putin lasted 3 hours 57 minutes, the president answered the 74 question. They dealt with the current international situation, the war in Ukraine, the socio-economic situation in the country (a resident of Primorye asked about price increases), small business problems (a question on this subject was asked by an entrepreneur from Khabarovsk) and the agricultural sector. The theme of the Far East again, like a year ago, was raised in a problematic context. They also talked about the situation at the Vostochny cosmodrome: the builders of the cosmodrome asked the president to deal with the non-payment of salaries and take this important object for the country under personal control.

East is not worse than the Crimea

The topic of non-payment of salaries at the spaceport Raised builder Anton Tyrishev from Primorye, who began working at the facilities of the East in 2012 year, and before that he built the Golden Bridge (one of the objects of APEC-2012 - author's note) Vladivostok. Putin recalled that in connection with the violations during the construction of the facility, he initiated inspections, according to the results of which criminal cases have already been opened.

"These crashes and problems with payments - this is absolutely unacceptable, and no one will put up with it. First of all, because all construction is financed from the federal budget, and this year alone, 40 billion rubles were allocated for it, and all of them were paid to the contractor. I do not know why they do not reach subcontractors, performers, why salaries are not paid - this is a big question that requires and is looking for its painstaking researcher not only in the person of the Control Department and the Accounts Chamber, but also in the person of the Investigative Committee (investigative bodies and the Prosecutor's Office are investigating the cases of multibillion theft on the construction of the facility, an audit of the use of funds by Roskosmos and Dalspetsstroy is also being conducted - approx. author)», - said the president and promised that the authorities will achieve debt repayment.

Another builder, Vladimir Ostamchenko from Khabarovsk, said that Vostochny is of no less importance to Russia than the return of Crimea, so those responsible for the construction should know that the site is "under the personal control" of the president.

“It is difficult to disagree that this is one of the most important, if not to say, at the moment the construction of the country. Need it (cosmodrome - author's note) because we, in fact, have no normal cosmodrome. We have Plesetsk launch sites, but this is a military spaceport. And we, in fact, do not have a civil one. We use Baikonur, but it is located on the territory of another state, we will continue to use this cosmodrome. But Russia, a major space power, must have its own platform for launching all types of spacecraft into orbit, and, of course, we will do this, especially since we have big plans, ”Putin said.

At the end of this year, Soyuz-2 should be launched, he recalled. Launch of the heavy "Angara" (The first launch of the Angara A5B modification was originally scheduled for 2021 - author's note) may be shifted "for technological rather than economic reasons", since by 2023 Russia is going to create a national space station in orbit to replace the ISS. These projects are of great economic and economic importance. “Therefore, we, of course, will bring this project to the end, and it will, without a doubt, be under our control,” the president addressed the builders of Vostochny.

The president also said that he would not allow disruptions in the work of the Siberian plant of the Irkut corporation: the enterprise can count on a long-term contract with the state for military equipment.

According to Putin, the plant's portfolio of orders is fully completed for the next 2-3 years. “Next there will be a conversation about new orders. Maybe for new combat vehicles, ”the president said.

As for the civil aircraft MS-21, which is being prepared for production at the plant, then, as the president explained, “today we have about 100-120 so-called“ soft ”contracts, that is, those that are signed before receiving the appropriate certificates. He expressed hope that by 2017 the contracts will flow into the so-called "hard" contracts with certification. " “I proceed from the assumption that this work will be carried out rhythmically, and we will not allow any disruptions in the activities of the enterprise,” Putin said.

Do without parachutes

Entrepreneur Sergey Bakhov from Khabarovsk (his company "Bask-Plastic" is engaged in the production of plastic products and the recycling of plastics - author's note) drew the president's attention to chronic problems of small business.

“The last meeting of the State Council was on the topic of small business. It was said that small business is in an unequal position compared to large: big business has long loans, support from the Reserve Fund and golden parachutes. A hundredth part of this money would be of great help to small businesses, equipment renewal would help in import substitution, would help to kill Chinese products. Will there be an opportunity to redistribute money for small business so that more is spent on the development of production? ”Asked a Khabarovsk resident.

The President noted that a number of tax and financial breaks are in effect for this sector, and as for “long-term money”, “in general, there is not enough of it in the economy.

“Discuss with Titov what can be done for business in the Far East. I spoke about the possibility of switching to the patent system, I spoke about benefits through the Central Bank's funding program. And if there are proposals, I am ready to consider, ”Putin said.

Earlier, in the course of a direct line, business ombudsman Boris Titov had already suggested to the president that private entrepreneurs be exempted from payments, since all small business in Russia gives the budget six times less than Gazprom alone. Vladimir Putin instructed Titov to work out the proposals more carefully, but noted that small business already has tax benefits, and pension and insurance are not so much a mechanism for replenishing the budget as they serve social stability.

Last year, one of the main questions of the Far East, addressed to the president on a direct line, was the appeal of the editor of the newspaper "My Coast" Tatiana Sedykh from the village of Vanino, Khabarovsk Territory. She told Putin about the problems at one of the key timber processing enterprises Territory "Arkaim" - for working months they did not pay wages, the enterprise accumulated huge debts. Putin promised to investigate, an interdepartmental commission arrived in the Khabarovsk Territory shortly after the direct line. The company is now in the stage of bankruptcy, but the regional authorities claim that they have found Chinese investor, Ready to buy out the enterprise together with debts and continue production.

"Does not live, but survives"

A photo of the house of an 86-year-old female veteran from the Trans-Baikal Territory was shown to the President by the presenter of the Direct Line. A photograph of a dwelling in a terrible state was accompanied by explanations that this is how a veteran of the Great Patriotic War (WWII) lives.

As the presenter explained, the neighbors photographed the apartment and sent it as an MMS question to Putin. “We need to react, give it to me,” the president asked to convey information to him.

It turned out that in the region so far only find out where the photo came from and who, in fact, this elderly woman. In the province 4882 veteran, but, as the presenter said, since the implementation of the decree on improving the housing conditions of veterans of the Second World War, only 4377 veterans have improved their living conditions. Currently, the Commission is considering an 21 statement, which will be met during April.

Natalya Vorontsova, a resident of the Primorsky Territory, said that after a sharp rise in prices, the poor part of the region's population "does not live, but survives." According to RIA Novosti, the head of the region, Vladimir Miklushevsky, instructed the director of the department of labor and social development of the region, Lilia Lavrentieva, to meet with the woman and sort out the situation.

“The director of the department will have to find out what exactly the resident of the region spoke about and, if necessary, provide assistance. In addition, if necessary, systematically develop special measures of social support for a specific category of citizens, ”the agency quotes the governor's press secretary Albina Okhrimenko.

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