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Overcoming lifting weaknesses

EastRussia has studied the prospects of upgrading GLK "Kholdomi"

The owner of the "Kholdomi" ski resort near Komsomolsk-on-Amur intends to invest more than 840 million rubles in modernization and construction of new facilities in the next three years, which will, as expected, increase the number of visitors four times. From the state, the investor needs primarily electricity, and then - water, gas and a new road. The mathematics of climbing uphill was studied on the EastRussia site.

Overcoming lifting weaknesses
Photo: Dmitry Shcherbakov


On Monday, Khabarovsk Governor Vyacheslav Shport arrived at the Holdomi ski resort (GLK) at once with two goals. First, the head of the region decided Take part in the protection of the projects of the participants of the youth forum from the change of "Forsythe-on-Amur", which was closed on the same day. Secondly, 12 May, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a government decree, according to which the GLK objects fell within the boundaries of the territory of the advanced development of Komsomolsk - the state will invest at least 205,6 million rubles here in the construction of infrastructure, according to preliminary estimates. 

Vyacheslav Shport took representatives of the government of the region, development institutions and resource-supply companies with them, to climb the mountain with them and discuss all construction issues on site. The group of companies "Flagman", owned by the local entrepreneur Vitaliy Burlakov, intends to invest almost 842 million rubles in the modernization of Kholdomi. 

Investments will be conducted immediately by three companies that are members of the Flagman Group of Companies. "Flagman" LLC modernizes the complex itself, increasing the length of the trails at 32 km, updating the lifts and putting the system of artificial snow making. LLC "Extreme Service" - will build a water-recreation complex near the already active lake at 70 visits per hour, a cafe and a wedding town. OOO GLK Kholdomi - will build a five-star hotel on 20 numbers at the top of the mountain. The last two companies have already received certificates from residents of the Komsomolsk TOR 8 June of this year, the application of "Flagman" - under consideration, follows from the materials of the regional government. 

Now "Kholdomi" is one of the largest ski resorts in the Far East. From Komsomolsk-on-Amur to the complex less than an hour away from the nearest village of Sunny - just 5,5 km. From the mountain you can go down seven routes with a total length of 10 km, the maximum length of descent is 2,4 km, the maximum elevation difference is 410 m. During the season, the complex can accept up to 60 thousand visitors who are accommodated in cottages and a hotel. At the top are two lifts: a chairlift for 700 people per hour and towing for another 1000 person per hour. After modernization GLK will be able to receive visitors on 22 new routes with the length of 41 km, the maximum elevation difference will increase to 520 m, the length of descent will be up to 3,5 km, the capacity of lifts will be up to 3,7 thousand people per hour. 

The complex is already quite popular not only among the residents of nearby Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Khabarovsk citizens who go here for weekends and holidays, but also among the Far-Easterners in general: the flight from Vladivostok was launched specially for the tourist flow on Holdomi. But the infrastructure, of course, is where to improve and expand - nice wooden houses are often filled to capacity, and the lift only takes two people to the gondola and does not go to the top. 

From the state, "Haldomi" asked to finance the construction of primarily networks. According to preliminary estimates, the pipeline from the well in the lower zone of the complex to the upper zone will cost 111,96 million rubles, 2,5-kilometer gas pipeline from the village of Gorny and a new boiler-house - in 40,3 million rubles, a new transmission line for 3 MW - in 34 million rubles. The first object is to finance the regional budget, the gas pipeline and the energy infrastructure - the federal one, explains the head of the Flagman Group Vitaly Burlakov. 

"At the moment," road maps "for the construction of infrastructure have been developed. The water supply and power lines must be commissioned before 31 December 2017 year, the gas pipeline - made next year. We accordingly, guided by these terms, planned to introduce the end of December gondola lift and snowmaking system ", - explains the entrepreneur. 


The contract for the supply of equipment for the construction of the gondola lift of the Austrian firm Doppelmayr and the snowmaking system from the Italian DemacLenko "Flagman" has already been signed, and the contractor to perform the installation work by the end of the year is ready, Mr. Burlakov continues. "Doppelmayr is the industry leader. And I believe that this lift will be the best in the Far East - this is at least, and the only one of the 150 lifts in the CIS, which have heated seats. And this is the trend, which in Europe only comes into fashion, "- he clarifies. 

The main problem of "Holds", according to Vitaly Burlakov, is the insufficient capacity of the lifts: "In peak periods, the standing time in the queue can reach 40 minutes, and this is a rather doubtful prospect - after coming here, 40 minutes to stand in line, for 15 minutes to rise and for two Minutes to go down. " At the moment, "Hold" can raise up to 1780 people per hour, and only one new lift - will be able to deliver to the top up to 2000 people per hour. "With sufficient equipment with trails, we are weak in terms of lifts," he admits. "The complex has already significantly exceeded its working capacity, and, paradoxically, the further growth of the flow reduces our profits." 

The investor's calculations show that increasing the capacity of lifts a little more than double will give a much more significant increase in the flow of customers. "Calling on a new lift to an altitude of 2,5 km, our client will receive a length of trails more than 3,5 km. Today, the working routes we have - it's about 1,8 km, our "green boulevard." The maximum length is 2,4 km. Those 2000 people per hour, which will rise to a longer route, will take longer to descend. In fact, the construction of a new lift will lead to an increase in the GLK's productivity threefold, and for the next three-year perspective we plan to increase the total number of visitors from "HOLDOMI" from 60 thousand to 240 thousand people per year, "Vitaly Burlakov calculates. 

To achieve such an increase in the number of visitors, he said, "Haldomi" plans not only by improving the ski slopes. "Firstly, it is planned to build a water and health complex near the lake, and secondly, a wedding complex - for a bath complex. The design is completed and the construction of the medical center is underway, I think, within two months we will introduce this object, - the chapter of "Flagman" enumerates. - At the top with the height of 652 m we have planned and are already finishing the construction of a cafe with the working title "Height 652", within two or three weeks, I think we will put it into operation. In addition, at the very top of Kholdomi, at the highest point 853 m, the construction of a five-star hotel on 20 rooms is planned. From there a beautiful view, this is the dominant peak. " 

The main part of the facilities, said Vitaly Burlakov, should be commissioned in 2018, but “it all depends on how quickly the networks will be commissioned”. “Without a gas pipeline, for example, we cannot start the construction of a water-health complex, since it requires a large amount of heat. The existing boiler house cannot cope with this volume, ”he says. 


According to EastRussia, while DRSK JSC has issued an offer to the investor for technical connection to its networks with the term of 10 May 2019, the offer from JSC Gazprom gas distribution Far East is under development. The land plot is planned to be allocated not later than 18 August 2017 year, the draft of the corresponding changes to the order of the Federal Forestry Agency "On the assignment of forests in the Khabarovsk Territory to valuable forests, operational forests, stand forests and the establishment of their boundaries" - on clarification. 

The first deputy chairman of the regional government, Yuri Chaika, explains that in the near future the most critical issues that need to be resolved for the development of Holdmi are the transfer of land from one category to another and the supply of energy infrastructure. “The land needs to be transferred before the end of the summer - from the forest fund and recreation. We started working with lands earlier, - the official says. - The second task is to ensure the availability of sufficient power for electricity, so that the investor, having built the lift by the end of the year, could put it into operation and use it already in the current ski season. It is difficult to build the entire infrastructure by the beginning of 2018 of the year, this is a very large and long-lasting project, and indeed Holdi became TOR less than a month ago. ”

 According to the official, a representative of JSC "DRSK" took part in the meeting at the top of the mountain. “We have considered several options, the key is to ensure synchronism with the investor of the electricity supply. On the first lift you need 0,5 MW, just the investor requested 3 MW, but so much to do right away is unrealistic. Technically, it is possible to increase the capabilities of the current line and propel a line along the current elevator. The land there will all be withdrawn from the category that prohibits such construction, and everything will be faster, it remains only to legally pack such a decision, ”explained the first deputy chairman of the regional government. 

According to Yury Chaika, next year the budget of the region also compensates the investor's expenses for the construction of a conduit, which is also “urgently needed” by Holdmi, and therefore the project initiator has already begun to build it at his own expense. This is a new order that we have already adopted and developed, but have not yet applied, ”he specifies. “The investor does a great job himself. We now saw what he was really building. And I think that he managed to do the impossible: to make a year-round summer life in this place. In fact, various summer shifts and events, such as the Amur forum, are taking place here for the third year, and first of all it is thanks to the decisions of the plenipotentiary Ambassador Yury Trutnev, ”says Yuri Chaika. 

He recalls that Kholdomi will receive budgetary investments not only as a resident of the TOP, but also as one of the platforms for the implementation of a long-term plan for the comprehensive socio-economic development of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The plan includes the construction of a road with the organization of a parking zone for 106,9 million rubles. The regional targeted investment program for these purposes for 2017 has already included 34 million rubles, including 28,8 million rubles from the regional budget, and another 5,2 million rubles from the municipal budget. 

The intention of the investor to bring attendance "Hold" from 60 thousand to 240 thousand people a year is "a lot of work and big investments", said after inspecting the complex, Governor Vyacheslav Shport. "It is visually evident that much of what was planned last year has already been done, and it pleases," he said. "Our task is to help to quickly solve infrastructure problems. This is electrification and make another road, because in the "rush hour" there is already congestion. We know these issues. The timetable was too long in the road map. Today I gave instructions to review, I think, we will cut them down two and a half times. It is necessary that the implementation of the project is not stalled because of the creation of infrastructure, as we often do. We will connect federal structures, we will provide assistance, "the governor assured. 

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