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PPK rested on the ground

The attempt to enter the market of beef and milk in Primorye through the TOP explored EastRussia

PPK rested on the ground
Earth in the TOP search for yourself
In the Primorye Territory, six large closed-cycle farms may appear, where a total of 7,2 thousand head of dairy cows and 131 thousand pigs will be kept. This was announced last year by the initiator of the investment project - Primorskaya Food Company LLC (PPK), which is part of the Delta-Invest holding company. According to the investor's plans, the enterprises will be able to produce almost 3 thousand tons of cattle meat and about 17 thousand tons of pork in live weight per year.

According to open sources, the estimated amount of investment in the project is about 8 billion rubles. Denis Tikhonov, General Director of the Far East Development Corporation, JSC, reported that the management company in 2016 had made a positive decision on the PPK application for obtaining the status of a resident of the Mikhailovsky Primary Territory in Primorye Territory. However, such a legal entity has not yet appeared in the register of TOR residents.

According to the register for 20 March 2017 year, in the Torah "Mikhailovsky" registered as a resident of seven LLC. These are Mercy Trade, Primorye Bacon (certificates from 30.11.2015), RusAgro-Primorye (25.12.2015), KharolAgroHolding (16.03.2016), Far Eastern Agricultural Company (19.04.2016), Chernigov Agro-Holding (30.05.2016), " Architect (25.11.2016).

The deputy general director of the parent company PPK, the Krasnoyarsk-based Delta-Invest Holding LLC, Andrei Krakovtsev, explains to EastRussia that the investor has not yet received the land plots suitable for the implementation of the project in the Mikhailovsky TOR. "There was a decree - to allocate land for the construction of the complex. However, land is needed not only for the construction of livestock complexes and processing enterprises, but also for the fodder base - at least 20 thousand hectares. We were offered an off-site site where only four farms can be located, "says Andrei Krakovtsev.

As a result, the representatives of the investor, at the suggestion of the Ministry of the East Development, decided themselves to look for a suitable land plot, “which can later be included in the TOP.” “At the moment we are doing just that: we personally consider the lands, we go through the territories, study the maps, get acquainted with the current state of affairs. For agriculture, the immediate state of the land is important. We assume that we will receive land that has not been cultivated for a long time. In order to reach competitive products, such as milk, you need a high-quality food supply. And, accordingly, a long time to create it, "- he said.

The timing of the project will depend on when the land is received, and on its condition, says the head of the PPK. Based on these data, it will be possible to develop design estimates and understand the cost of the final products.

The project is for billions - millions of assets

Andrei Krakovtsev told EastRussia that in the implementation of the project “the holding intends to rely not only on the preferences of PDA and its own assets, but also on co-financing by banks”.

LLC "Holding Delta-invest", according to, was established in January 2015 with an authorized capital of 12,5 million rubles. Of these, shares in 4 million rubles. originally owned by the general director of the company Andrei Krakovtsev, 2 million rubles. - Olga Elizarieva. Ms. Elizarieva then increased her share to 4 million rubles, becoming in October 2015 the general director of LLC. Another 2,5 million rubles. Of the capital of the LLC belongs to Yuri Artemenkov. Ownership for another 6 million rubles. capital is not disclosed. The chairman of the holding company's board of directors in 2015 was Tatyana Kopytina - she also headed several of its subsidiaries, then lost control of them to Andrei Krakovtsev.

At the moment, Delta Invest Holding is the founder of seven legal entities in Siberia and the Far East. Their total authorized capital is slightly more than 70 million rubles.

The company owns 100% (5 million rubles) in capital of OOO Siberian Management Company (Krasnoyarsk) and Eastern Management Company (Mikhailovka village, Primorsky Krai). The first since September 2016 year is the management company for LLC "Agroindustrial complex" Yenisei "" (charter capital 10,3 million rubles) and "Yenisei-Angus" (50 thousand rubles.). The second from the same time - CC for Global Logistic LLC (700 thousand rubles), Far Eastern meat and dairy company (100 thousand rubles) and Primorskaya Food Company (50 million rubles).

The above-listed legal entities at 100% belong to Delta-Invest Holding, except for the Yenisei APK, where the company is the main co-owner with a share of 87,38%, and the remaining 12,62% belongs to Evgeny Karachentsev. The latter - the owner of the Krasnoyarsk construction LLC "Grad".

All the Far Eastern assets of the holding for 2015 year reported under RAS in fact about zero assets (in addition to the authorized capital, there are no significant fixed assets on the balance sheet of the companies) and zero revenue. "AIC" Yenisei "" for 2015 year showed 1,58 million rubles. Net revenue and zero net profit.

The site of the holding affirms that "Delta-invest" has started implementing unique projects - livestock complexes "Yenisei" and "Yenisei-Angus". " The first one will contain 131,45 thousand heads of pigs, in the second - 5 thousand heads of cows of Aberdeen-Angus breeds. The company wants to create a cluster of rural commodity producers in the Birilyussk district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory on the basis of deep specialization in the cultivation of beef cattle of meat direction.

Under the project "Yenisei" wishing on the site of the holding company is invited to participate in the tender for the construction of a pig farm and the supply of equipment for it. According to the Yenisei-Angus project, a tender for the supply of a feed mill with the capacity of 20 tons per hour with silos for storage of components was launched and a script for the phased increase in breeding stock by a breeding loudspeaker for 5 thousand heads, with the construction of cooperative contractual relations with farmers, information on the site.

The Delta-Invest holding has already begun “a major work on the construction of infrastructure for a similar project in Krasnoyarsk,” says Andrey Krakovtsev. So, everything should turn out in Primorye, he is sure.

The market is empty, but not easy

PPK plans to sell high-quality milk and meat at an affordable price. The Primorsky Krai market needs to produce both.

According to the Department of Agriculture of the Primorsky Territory Administration, beef in the structure of meat consumption in the region always prevailed - 43%, in second place pork - 35%, on the third poultry - 18%. For today, residents of the subject eat meat almost as much as before the collapse of the USSR: about 63 kg per capita (85,1% of the rational rate). Own production of cattle and poultry for slaughter in slaughter weight - 32,6 thousand tons, including pigs - 6 thousand tons, cattle - 5,9 thousand tons. But the needs of Primorsky Krai in meat products due to their own production are currently provided only by 41,1-50%, and the region continues to be an importer of meat products.

Over the 2016 year in Primorye increased on average by 1,6%, to 164,6 kg per person per year, milk consumption. Norm - 325 kg per person per year. The demand for milk from local producers is about 45%. The production of milk and dairy products in Primorye carries out about 30 enterprises.

“Not enough quality milk and meat is produced in Primorye, especially beef. Our task is to invest not in growth hormones, but in genetics and feed, in order to obtain an environmentally friendly and safe product, ”says Andrey Krakovets. There are decent producers of dairy products in the region, he admits, for example, the company “GreenAgro”. But practically no one produces beef, and local peasant farms “sometimes don’t even know what breed of cow they have”. So high-quality beef, in his opinion, is needed by the maritime market.

"Yes, we need a market for pork," admits Andrei Krakovtsev. - In Primorye, there are many plans for the production of pork, and it may even seem that the market is oversaturated. However, the first-second quality categories of this meat for export to the same China, for example, as practice shows, is not enough. In this country very strict quality control of imported products. But we are still oriented to export, we are negotiating with foreign processors, we will involve the technologies of foreign partners. "

"In addition to land, it is necessary to solve the problem with the shortage of personnel: the workforce in the province is not enough in general, and in agriculture in this regard, and it is completely deplorable. However, we have already begun to develop the training part in order to train qualified personnel. We also plan to cooperate with local farmers, many of whom want to work, but are limited in resources and technology, which is why their activities have low efficiency, "he lists.

Competencies and resources are needed

Simplified EastRussia experts agree that the project "Delta-invest" can take place. With an important amendment: if a financially sustainable company starts its implementation with experience in conducting large-scale agricultural projects.

"It is quite possible to implement such a project. Of course, the timing of growing beef at times exceed the time limit for pork. But earlier we thought that the creation of pig complexes in such quantity in the territory of Primorye is impossible. What do we have now? The surplus of pork in the Primorye market, "says the president of the regional Association of meat processors Pavel Kitaev. According to him, the producers of meat products now work mainly with imported beef. "China is also open for beef. For milk - there are no analogues other than "GreenAgro", "he notes.

However, in the dairy segment, "it's worth worrying about the cost of the final product," he stresses. "The fact is that in Primorye, a large number of manufacturers of counterfeit milk with palm oil, which can constitute an unpleasant price competition. With pork is easier in terms of growing, but with the market is more difficult. Our closest customer, China, requires high-quality meat. Problems in the implementation of the project can arise very different, from construction to implementation, "he said.

The niche for beef and milk in Primorsky Krai is "really free," and there is not enough quality products, says Nikolay Beshapkin, director of Arsenievsky Pig Farm. According to his estimate, for the content of the claimed PPK 7,2 thousand head of cattle need about 8-10 thousand hectares. "I do not know the real financial capabilities of the company, but I can say that a management company is needed for such a project, which is firmly on its feet financially. To implement it, you need billions, "he says. "I agree with the fact that the market here is rather wild in this respect, so it may seem to many that it is impossible to breed cows: the climatic conditions are not supposed to allow. However, they allow. Only such a thing takes a very long time. To have the first payback results for beef, it takes about three years, "- warns the expert.
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