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Wishes on the eve of the New Year

Leonid Blyakher wishes a good New Year to readers of EastRussia

Wishes on the eve of the New Year

Leonid Blyakher

Professor, Head of the Department of Philosophy and Culturology of the Pacific State University, Doctor of Philosophy
Quite soon the tsifir on the calendar will change, and 2017-th year will be the past and, fortunately, not the military past. At this time, I really want to talk with each of our readers, residents of a huge region - the Far East of Russia. To tell everyone that my main goal was and still is to speak, to scream about his troubles, his pain, his joy, his life. I really want to convey my admiration to people who, despite the growing struggle for our happiness, still live here and will live. They live not because it is a "rapidly developing region". So, as it is developed, it would be better to "curl" or not touch at all. Not because they hope for the blessings that will be poured upon us by the heavenly heaven. Experience suggests that they are poured, as a rule, past the Far East. They remain simply because they love this land. And the simple phrases "My Priamurie", "My Primorye", "My Kamchatka", "My Sakhalin" and so on - are not just phrases.

On the eve of the new year, it is customary to wish for something very good. It's hard to find something that would be welcome for all those people who read my little Wishlist, who supported them with comments or arguments in social networks. Maybe just one thing ... I would like to wish all of us that the riches of this land suddenly suddenly turn into the riches of its inhabitants. I would like to wish that, by magic, they would flow into not some abstract "bins", "funds", "accounts" and "transfers", but in new comfortable homes for the inhabitants of the region, you and I would be filled with our refrigerators and wallets.

I wish that the Far East would not have to demonstrate the uniqueness of the region, simply by scanning the bills for communal. I’m not the only one who would like to get into a car in Blagoveshchensk, you can safely get along a convenient route to Magadan and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Yakutsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. I want the sea not to separate, but to link the region and the world. After all, how great it would be if a ship went from Vladivostok to Petropavlovsk at least once a week, calling at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and small vessels would have connected Okhotsk and Vanino, Okha and Sovetskaya Gavan, other cities and towns of the coast.

I would like to see the long-lasting incantations about hub ports, world nodes of international trade in the Far East finally come true, and the number of foreign ships that would be serviced in the Far Eastern ports equaled, if not with Busan, at least with Shanghai. 

Oh, how I would like to wish my fellow countrymen that Far Eastern fish and seafood would fill the stores of the region, and the bread, beans, corn and vegetables grown here would finally find elevators and transport routes, storage and processing centers. So that the harvest does not turn out to be the same disaster as its absence. I would like to wish all of us that the riches of our bowels would enrich all of us, not the chosen ones, living not close to the Far Eastern territories.

But is this really real? Maybe it's all the empty dreams of an aging romantic? I think no. For the prosperity of the Far East, there is little need - to give people of this land themselves to build their lives, stop improving it from the beautiful or not "far". Imagine: Did you decide to start a business? And they opened it. Like this. Tomorrow. Without collecting 10 thousand pieces of paper, licenses, permits. Can you make furniture? Do people need it? Do it. Can you heal? Do people go to see you? Treat. Can you teach? And here there are no problems. You're an engineer. Do you have a great idea? Look for an investor, and ... there are no obstacles to patriots. Do you feel every grass, do you have the talent of a farmer? Work, and you will be rewarded.

In such a system there will be no unemployed, except for those who chose this fate. Yes, there are things that are better for outsourcing: for example, road construction, expansion of port facilities, support for the weak, sick and lonely, law and order protection. Maybe something else. Here, let the state do it. The rest - themselves with a mustache.

How can such a system be managed? The astute reader will ask. They say that it is not a decent thing to answer the question with a question, but I really want to ask: Why do you need to manage adults and reasonable people? They will agree. Precisely because they are reasonable. Maybe not in a moment, but will agree. And those who do not know how to negotiate will simply move to the category of ponouhayavshih.
And who will finance education, health care, art? And here everything is simple: people from their salary or profit. When the salary or income is sufficient (and if you do not choose the most part, here salaries become more than enough), then a person is quite able to buy himself that education, which he considers correct. If you think this education is not correct, then buy it from another teacher. But then, will the schools be different? And the doctors will treat as they want, and the artists will play, what will come into their heads! Exactly. Well, almost like that. If the teacher is poorly taught, then they will not go to him and his school will close. The same will happen with the doctor. Can not an artist create something attractive? Let re-qualify to the management council.

And then, when each of us feels that he is in charge here, not because someone appointed him, but because he lives here, works for this land, for himself and the people, all my Wishlist will become a reality. Then there will be no need to pay someone for coming here, because people travel to a rich region and convenient roads, developed business and social infrastructure.

Once, the ancient Greek sage remarked that there is only one thing that all people want - happiness! I wish you happiness, dear countrymen, happiness in my land. Happy New Year, peaceful, calm, confident!
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