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Firefighters who ignite

An unusual photo shoot took place in the fire-rescue part of Birobidzhan.

Firefighters who ignite
Photo: Maxim Mikolyuk

Maxim Mikolyuk is not the first professional photographer to cross the threshold of the fire and rescue unit No. XXUMX of the capital of the Jewish Autonomous Region. But there were no such photo shoots here before. At the time, leave the models and wedding bows Maxim decided on his own initiative. By firefighters did not expose.      

- Yes, I just caught fire, you know. Heroic profession. I went to one fire department, they looked at me strangely, they say, we do not decide such questions, in another ... I went to the press center (the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation for the EAO - editorial comment), explained for a long time why this was necessary, wrote a letter , and a week later they answered that there will be a photo session, - told East Russia photographer Maxim Mikolyuk. "The men burned like that, they were warned, sort of. But it seems to me, in fact, no one warned, because it was like snow on the head, not everyone was ready to be photographed and show some kind of emotion. I asked them to relax and just be themselves. One of the firemen posed naked to the waist. In the shooting, the fireman's daughter also took part, we depicted a scene of rescue.  



While the fire fighters rolled out the equipment and inventory, Maxim placed his "weapon" - a tripod, flashbulb, umbrellas ... The photoshoot was at the height of the shift and could be interrupted at any moment. After three hours of shooting, the lens was already smoking, and the alarm signal did not sound - the day was surprisingly calm.   

- Enoughly liberated people were all, as it was on the territory of our fire department. Nobody was shy, was not constrained, it was interesting. The photographer said how to get up, what to take. With the props, we ourselves offered ideas. Everyone pursued their goals, someone wanted to update the photo in social networks, someone for personal use - shared a senior firefighter of the first firefighting and rescue unit in Birobidzhan Ivan Menchukov.



A couple of years ago, the Internet circled the calendar, which can be burned: the brave French firefighters threw off the fights and posed for the photographer Fred Houdon in fairly frank poses. The hot 2016 calendar was perhaps the most talked about; it was reported that the money from its sale went to charity. Later, for the calendar, undressed the Australian firefighters, showing an unglamorous example of strength and energy.  



In the first fire department of Birobidzhan they admitted: they also have someone to pose with "a twinkle", but they are not sure of the expediency of such an action. Meanwhile, the boldest photo of this project has become the most rated in the profile. Instagram of EMERCOM of Russia for EAO.


- If photographers come to us, we do not mind. We have firefighters who seriously go in for sports and they have something to show and with a naked torso. About frank pictures I'm not sure - told the head of the guard of the first fire and rescue part of Birobidzhan, Alexander Putilov. In my opinion, people who are far from the fire case, it is interesting to look at our part from within, on massive combat equipment, on tools. But the photos taken right on the fire, when people are rescued, when the alarm, when everything on the face is written and real emotions are seen - such pictures representоgreater value. 


Personnel of rescuers "in the case" can be seen, for example, at the All-Russian Festival "Constellation of Courage" EMERCOM of Russia. In the nomination "Look Into the Person of the Hero", professional photographers and amateurs take part in the chronicles of life and work of rescuers, and ordinary people who showed heroism in an extreme situation. One of the pictures by Maxim Mikolyuk participates in this competition. The results have not yet been summed up. The Birobidzhan photographer plans to continue his series about workers of extreme and blue-collar occupations - to ask with a camera to a mining and processing plant, a stoker and a police station.  

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