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Growth: how to get additional financing for business development?

A whole line of tools from Sberbank will help businesses of any size grow faster

Business owners always strive for more: new challenges, partners, new markets. But it often happens that there are not enough own resources to achieve the goal. Of course, you can find partners who agree to invest in your project, but the risks from such operations are difficult to predict. But with the increase in the availability of banking services, you no longer need to resort to such schemes: you just need to contact Sberbank, where they have developed their own products for each case and for each specific purpose of the entrepreneur. Let's figure out what types of financial support the bank can offer.

Growth: how to get additional financing for business development?

Loans for business development

A bank loan is a tool for obtaining additional financing for business development or the current expenses of an enterprise. Moreover, the loan can be both targeted and non-targeted. After receiving a loan, you can send money to purchase raw materials for production, settlements with counterparties, launch a new project or buy real estate. However, if the loan is declared as target, then the tasks stated when receiving the loan must be strictly observed.

Its further servicing will depend on the purpose of the loan. For example, for a targeted loan, the borrower must confirm the expenses with documents: contracts, acts and invoices. And the misuse of funds will not require any documents. True, the rates for such products are usually higher.

Getting money online is easy

The bank recently announced that individual entrepreneurs who are Sberbank's clients can get a smart loan in the SberBusiness mobile application. The whole process - from submitting an application to crediting money to the account - takes only a few minutes, is completely online, does not require paperwork and a visit to the bank office.

Today Sberbank is the only Russian bank that offers such a solution. This service will soon become available to limited liability companies.

What is Smart Loan? This is a pre-approved offer of the bank for small and micro businesses, which the bank makes based on an intelligent model of customer data analysis. Loan parameters are calculated individually, the maximum loan amount is up to 10 million rubles, the maximum loan term is 4 years. Loan funds can be used to purchase goods or pay for services, purchase vehicles, equipment, real estate and other business purposes.

By the way, loans in the web version and mobile application of SberBusiness can also be obtained on weekends and holidays. It used to take more than four hours to approve and issue a loan, and if the application was submitted on Saturday or Sunday, the money was credited to the account only on Monday. Now the procedure for issuing after approval takes from two minutes both on weekdays and on weekends.

Business credit card

For convenience in solving current operational tasks, you can issue business credit card... It actually works like a credit card for individuals. But business cards can be issued an unlimited number so that they can be used by company employees. You can set your own limit for each employee. You can manage funds in the SberBusiness application: all operations will be available in real time.

And now there is a nice promotion for issuing business credit cards: until September 30, 2021, Sberbank has doubled the grace period and offered the service free of charge. So, within the framework of the promotion, the standard grace period - the time from the date of the purchase, during which no interest rate is charged - will be increased from 50 to 100 days. 50 days is also added to the partner grace period. The standard grace period also applies to card withdrawals. At the same time, service of the card, which usually costs 2500 rubles per year, will be free of charge for the entire duration of the agreement. In addition, cashback for purchases is credited to the card.

Loans with state support

For some entrepreneurs, loans with state support are available at Sberbank.

For example, for small and medium-sized businesses, the Ministry of Economic Development provides a loan on preferential terms, which can be obtained by those who work in priority or developing sectors of the economy. The funds received can be used to replenish working capital, investments, refinancing loans.

In March, the government launched a new program to lend to organizations from the least recovered sectors from the pandemic. According to the conditions "State support 3% " the interest rate on the loan is 3%; during the term of the loan agreement, the borrower must keep the number of employees at 90%. During the first 6 months after the loan is issued, the borrower does not need to pay the principal debt and interest, and during the next 6 months this can be done in equal monthly installments. Enterprises of any size from among the least recovered industries can get a soft loan, while they must be participants in the "Government Support 2%" program from the most affected industries the list in Appendix No. 3 to Resolution No. 279 dated 27.02.2021 Mr.

Experts in Sberbank's offices will help you choose the right loan product for you. Detailed lending conditions are also posted on the Sberbank website.


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