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Believe me: everything is real!

Believe me: everything is real!

Anatoly Semyonov

Director of the State Technological Park "Technopark" Yakutia "

Anatoly Semenov, Director of the State Autonomous Institution Technopark Yakutia:

- Imagine this situation: the conditional citizen N decided to open production. To do this, he needs to open a room - buy or rent. Most likely, certain technical conditions will need to be met to gain access to electricity. Next, you need to purchase equipment - it still needs to be somehow delivered to the city. Then - to hire employees, to pay them a salary. That is, the production line has not yet been launched, and our N already owes everyone around.

Now imagine a different situation: another citizen writes a project, draws it up as expected, specialists agree on in one place - and not independently, but with the help of specially trained personnel. And then it just comes, connects the equipment to the outlet and immediately starts production. Needless to say that the second option is significantly more convenient.

To create a site that can unite labor resources, provide them with an environment that is comfortable for creating innovative start-ups, Yakutia has been going on for a long time. We spent a lot of time developing normative documents. The publication of an important Government Decision on the technopark - the first in the entire Far East - was the result of painstaking work. In this document, the notion of "resident" was prescribed, the privileges assigned to this category were defined. Today Yakutia is in the role of catch-up. The same Kazan IT-technopark was formed back in 2004: one can imagine how far our colleagues from Tatarstan left in ten years. Hence our desire to catch up quickly.

The Yakut industrial park is state-owned and supports innovative ideas in four areas: biotechnology, energy efficiency, construction and transport. A separate category of start-ups is in the field of IT-technologies. In their work, the residents of the technopark constantly rely on the achievements of science. They are assisted in development by specialists from nine scientific institutes of the SB RAS and the Northeastern Federal University.

In 2015, the first release of residents of the Yakutia Technopark will take place. By this time, the ideas supported by us will become full-fledged, self-sustaining industries with their teams — a market is being created, jobs are being created, and new infrastructure is being created.

From the idea to the implementation of a business project, one must go through three natural stages: pre-seeding, sowing and development. What does it mean? The first stage - the idea is detailed and clearly written on paper. At the next stage, a business plan, a marketing plan, inventors are looking for investors, they protect the patent with the cooperation of the Academy of Sciences - we understand perfectly well: any development needs money. At this stage, employees of the Yakutia technopark are actively involved in the preparation of projects and provide every assistance to residents. At the final stage, they are provided with premises and all the benefits that are prescribed in the resolution begin to operate.

It should be understood that to date, innovative products and services are needed in the world that the republic needs and can make life easier for the population of its distant regions. I mean, first of all, such developments as e-government and other social Internet services. At the same time, half of the republic is not covered by the Internet, and it is not necessary to expect that fiber will come there. It is good that we have the company "Yakstar", which installs satellite dishes throughout the country and literally in two years covered with its satellite connection a third of Yakutia. Our technopark supports just such start-ups.

To become a resident, you need to issue an application, which is then examined by members of the commission - among them representatives of science, business, experts of specialized committees. Each of them evaluates the idea for prospects and puts an assessment on a five-point scale. Among potential residents there are those who come to us with a description of the project, while others have already launched a production line, so they ask to support them by providing a production facility.

Sincerely I am glad that there are more and more residents - after all, at the very beginning of the journey no one could have predicted that in a couple of years the number of applications from innovative companies will increase several fold. Today we already have a clear idea of ​​how to create all the conditions, so that every idea that we believe in, developed and prospered for the benefit of the republic. We teach our residents to be attractive to investors. On the one hand, we keep in touch with Yakut businessmen, on the other - organize match-sessions, closely cooperate with investors - in particular, with the venture company Yakutia, which has already allocated financial resources for four start-ups - at 10 million rubles each.

I will tell you the story of our resident - the company "Bige", which produces heat-insulating and antifungal Yakut paints. We had just opened a technopark, even the workplaces were not properly staffed - and now brother and sister, Andrey and Aitalina Neustroev, came to meet us. They started the conversation like this: “Why don't we produce our own paint in Yakutsk? We would have a production facility - we would start working. " Indeed, why? We have drawn up a business plan with them, provided them with premises, sent them to study in Germany, defended a patent for heat-insulating paint, organized cooperation with a scientific institute ... Recently, Bige received funding from the Yakutia venture capital company. Everything is just beginning for this enterprise, despite the fact that the guys are already successfully marketing their product in Yakutia. "Bige" will certainly occupy its niche and enter the Far East market - that is the goal.

And everyone can succeed. It is important to overcome the psychological barrier, to believe that everything is real - and we will certainly support the innovative ideas of the Yakut people, no one should doubt that. 

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