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Put it on the line: it has become easier for business to go to "non-cash"

Business cards help entrepreneurs and companies to do business easier and cut costs

Now almost everyone has a bank card - from schoolchildren to pensioners. And recently, business cards have become more and more popular, allowing entrepreneurs to give up cash and make financial business transactions faster. About what a business card is and why it is needed, EastRussia was told by Sergey Moskalenko, director of the transaction products department of the Far Eastern Sberbank.

Put it on the line: it has become easier for business to go to "non-cash"

- Nowadays many banks offer their clients business cards, and different ones - credit, premium, bonus. Can you explain what this product is and how it can be really useful for entrepreneurs and organizations?

- A business card is a card linked to the current account of a legal entity or entrepreneur. It allows you to pay for online purchases, settle accounts with counterparties, withdraw cash from ATMs, and perform other operations. At the same time, she may have bonuses, for example, in the form of a free service period, discounts, cashback, offers and promotions from the bank and its partners.

All this makes it easier to do business and reduce costs. During the pandemic, this has become especially important - more and more enterprises and entrepreneurs are making transactions, purchases and other transactions online and are trying to save money.

- Can only the head of the organization or any employee use such a card?

- A business card is a universal tool that can be used by company employees. For example, you can issue several cards to one current account, set a limit for each and give it to employees. This will significantly speed up many financial and business processes - pay off suppliers, purchase supplies to the office or send an employee on a business trip. The card will also allow you to buy tickets for business trips, pay for a hotel room. Such a convenient card is also on foreign trips - there is no need to waste time on currency exchange, since the amount is automatically converted into the one accepted in the country. Any number of business cards can be issued for one current account, there are no restrictions.

- How can you track employees' expenses using such a card?

- You can connect to the "Internet Bank" service, which is available in almost all banks. This tool allows you to control spending on the card. All expenses will be displayed in your personal account, indicating the date, place of the financial transaction, the name of the company to which money was transferred for certain services. If it seems that employees are spending too much, or, conversely, that the established limit is not enough, then you can change the amount of restrictions at any time. And you can also connect an SMS notification to know about each operation on a business card.

All this reduces the burden on the accounting department, because online transactions are faster and easier to check than transactions with cash - when buying a product, for example, you do not need to prepare an advance report, it is enough to receive an invoice and a waybill upon payment. An individual entrepreneur or a businessman working on the 6% STS, patent or UTII does not need to collect closing documents.

- Sberbank also offers business cards. Tell us about their features.

- On the Russian market, SberBusiness offers the widest range of business cards with support for Visa and Mastercard payment systems. There is a debit business card that gives you round-the-clock access to money in your current account. It allows you to pay for any purchases and services without commission, withdraw cash and reduce operating costs.

There is also a business card with a credit limit of up to one million rubles. Its advantage is that you can pay for goods for business using credit money during the grace period and not pay interest. Promotions and discounts from partners make the use of such a card even more profitable. A business credit card can be issued by a legal entity registered more than a year ago. Moreover, the annual turnover should not exceed 400 million rubles. At the time of filing an application for a card, an entrepreneur or organization should not have any restrictions from the tax authorities.

For large businesses and enterprises focused on international relations, there is a Visa Platinum Business card. It gives access to privileges around the world: special conditions for purchases, free insurance, access to airport business lounges, discounts up to 20% from key partners of the bank. The Mastercard premium class card gives the right to enjoy privileges at every step: discounts on hotels and business taxis, access to airport business lounges, free insurance when traveling abroad, discounts when organizing business lunches and events.

- How long does it take to issue such a card?

- Usually a business card is produced within three to seven days, but there is an instant business card that can be issued in just a few minutes. It provides round-the-clock access to the money in the account and allows you to perform any transactions at any time. All expenses, as with other business cards, can be monitored via the Internet bank.

- Do you have digital business cards?

- Sure. The Digital Business card is opened virtually and allows you to remotely manage the funds in the company's account via the Internet bank. With its help, it is easy to pay for purchases using contactless payments with a mobile phone or in online stores. At the same time, operations can be performed on the card immediately on the day of its issue.

Detailed information about Sberbank business cards is presented Online.

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