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Chinese Ambassador: political mutual trust between China and Russia has risen to new heights

On the eve of the upcoming meeting of the heads of government of China and Russia, the Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui spoke about his vision of modern Russian-Chinese relations

On the eve of the upcoming regular meeting of the heads of government of China and Russia, which will be held in Beijing in mid-December, as well as the Council of Heads of State of the SCO, Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui shared his thoughts on these events with Interfax and a group of Chinese journalists.

Chinese Ambassador: political mutual trust between China and Russia has risen to new heights
- In the middle of December this year 20 a regular meeting of the heads of government of the Russian Federation and the PRC and a meeting of the Council of Heads of Government of the SCO member states will be held in China. Please tell us what is on the agenda of these events?

- This year will be held 20-I a regular meeting of the heads of government of China and Russia, which is of great importance for both sides. They will comprehensively consider the situation with the development of business cooperation in various areas, give a new impetus to its practical development. The heads of government of our countries, on a scientific basis, will plan strategic major projects in priority areas of cooperation between the two countries, outline the directions and content of potential business cooperation between the two countries. They will also take real effective ones to develop and expand the spheres of cooperation in innovative fields, discuss serious issues of giving our cooperation new forms and content on the basis of mutual benefit and common benefit.

At the current meeting, the two sides intend to draw attention to the diversification of the structure of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries, to actively lead the enterprises of the two countries to expand cooperation in such areas as finance, investment, agriculture and environmental protection, will seek to sign the relevant documents on cooperation in the above areas. At the same time, the two sides will actively stimulate business cooperation between the two countries so that it encompasses the areas of new and high technologies, including space, aviation, nuclear energy and new energy sources. It is hoped that documents on cooperation will also be signed on these issues. This will transform the results of scientific research into advanced technologies and products for the benefit of the peoples of the two countries.

the meeting of the Council of Heads of Government of the SCO member states is the most important event this year after the Ufa summit. The heads of government of all member states will conduct a deep exchange of views on the comprehensive and consistent implementation of important agreements and the "SCO Development Strategy until 2015" adopted by the heads of the member states at the summit in Ufa this year, as well as on further stimulating multilateral cooperation in various fields in within this Organization, they will also sign and approve a number of relevant intergovernmental multilateral agreements and documents within the framework of this Organization.

The member states of the Organization are important countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB) route. All of them showed an active interest in China's initiative on the joint construction of the SREB, and at the bilateral level they signed relevant cooperation documents with the Chinese side. In addition, the SCO is also an important platform for the strategic conjugation of the SREB and the EAEU, proposed by China and Russia. We must take advantage of the new opportunities provided by the strategic conjunction of the SREB and the EAEU. It is necessary to fully identify the role of the Silk Road Fund, promote further intensification of trade, economic and investment activities within the SCO, vigorously develop cooperation in the field of high technologies, carry out a comprehensive modernization of various industries, stimulate the development of regional integration, and benefit the peoples of countries located along the Silk Road.

- This year is celebrated 66-year-old anniversary of the establishment of Russian-Chinese diplomatic relations. High-level visits and meetings of the leaders of the two countries have become more frequent and productive than ever before. Dear Mr. Ambassador, as a participant and witness of this historical process, how do you assess the current level of Chinese-Russian relations?

- Sino-Russian relations are experiencing the best period in their 66-year-old history and are maintained to the highest standard. China and Russia treat each other as equal partners, fully take into account mutual interests and concerns, and benefit from mutual comprehensive strategic interaction. China and Russia are making joint efforts to maintain international equality and justice, develop a new type of international relations based on mutual benefit and common gain, and thus play a key role in maintaining peace, stability and development throughout the world. We can say that Sino-Russian relations are getting stronger over time, they have become exemplary interstate relations in the modern world, being the most stable, healthiest and most mature.

Under the strategic leadership of President Xi Jinping and President Putin, the Sino-Russian relationship of comprehensive strategic engagement and partnership continues to evolve, with the following features:

First, political mutual trust between China and Russia has risen to new heights. The heads of the two states reached an important consensus on strengthening the comprehensive strategic interaction between China and Russia, signed a Joint Statement of the PRC and the Russian Federation on deepening comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction and promoting mutually beneficial cooperation, systematically outlined the directions of future development and the inner content of these relations between the two countries.

The parties are building up mutual support in the field of protecting each other's key interests in such matters as ensuring sovereignty, territorial integrity, respect for the independent choice of the path of development, and preserving cultural, historical and moral values. This year, the office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the administration of the President of the Russian Federation created a cooperation mechanism, which became a new manifestation of the high mutual trust of the parties.

Secondly, new opportunities appear for the implementation of the development strategies of Russia and China. In May of this year, the heads of our states signed a joint statement on cooperation to link the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Eurasian Economic Union. This is an important sign that Sino-Russian relations have crossed a new historical milestone. This increased the points of contact of the interests of the two countries and expanded the space for practical cooperation between them, giving new impetus and vitality to the development of Sino-Russian relations at a high level. In addition, it will certainly stimulate cooperation, development and prosperity throughout the Eurasian continent. Currently, China and Russia have already established a coordinating working mechanism for cooperation to link the two projects. Within the framework of this mechanism, the two countries will actively negotiate on the main provisions of long-term plans, as well as on specific cooperation projects in areas such as finance, investment, energy and infrastructure.

Third, a breakthrough has been achieved in Sino-Russian practical cooperation. Although this year, under the influence of the general situation, there was a drop in the volume of Sino-Russian trade, however, the parties made active progress on a number of large strategic projects in such areas as energy, construction of high-speed rail lines, aviation and regional cooperation. This stimulated mutual investment and revitalized financial cooperation. The Chinese side is currently negotiating with the Russian side on cooperation in the field of production facilities, the Russian side has invited the Chinese side to participate in cooperation in new developing areas such as finance, insurance and information technology. At present, the potential for cooperation is being rapidly revealed and the implementation of backup projects of the parties begins. This gave a powerful impetus to the restructuring and modernization of the economies of the two countries. I am sure that 20 a regular meeting of the heads of government of China and Russia will contribute to the accelerated development of practical cooperation between the two countries.

Fourth, Chinese-Russian exchanges in the humanitarian field have been crowned with new results. The Year of China was held in Russia and Russia - in China, the years of the Chinese and Russian languages, the years of tourism, the years of friendly youth exchanges, during these years the parties held more than 600 events. This contributed to the further strengthening of mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of the two countries. Years of exchanges between Chinese and Russian media are scheduled for the next two years. All this fully reveals the strategic foresight of the leaders of China and Russia in designing at a high level of development of relations between the two countries. The Chinese-Russian Commission on Humanitarian Cooperation and the sub-commissions on cooperation in specific areas created within its framework are working with high efficiency. Cultural forums, media forums, culture festivals, film festivals and other events have become significant events in the cultural life of the peoples of the two countries.

Fifth, international cooperation between China and Russia has reached a new level. The parties share the conviction that realities are answered not by isolation, but by the harmonization of relations between different states, their collective actions to solve modern problems and resolve crises, based on the principles of equal and indivisible security, mutual consideration of interests strictly within the framework of international law. China and Russia resolutely defend the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, jointly promote the democratization of international relations. This year, the heads of state took part in commemorative events held in Russia and China dedicated to 70-th anniversary of the victory in the world war against fascism, and gave new positive energy to the cause of protecting the results of World War II, the cause of peace and human progress.

- Russian-Chinese energy cooperation is one of the priority areas of practical cooperation between the two countries and is gradually reaching a breakthrough. How do you assess this cooperation? What does the wording of the protocol of the last Russian-Chinese intergovernmental commission mean that it is necessary to "renew the model of cooperation in the new economic conditions." Does this mean the creation of a joint venture in marketing?

- Cooperation in the energy sector is an important component of the practical cooperation of the two countries, as well as an important embodiment of the high level of relations of comprehensive strategic interaction and partnership between China and Russia. The heads of the two states pay great attention to cooperation in the energy sector, an in-depth exchange of views on this issue took place at numerous meetings, and important agreements reached in this area became an integral part of the Chinese-Russian joint statements. At the initiative of the heads of the two states, a mechanism for energy negotiations was established at the level of deputy heads of government - the China-Russia Commission on Energy Cooperation. The Commission, which has successfully held 12 meetings so far, has been consistently guided by market principles and the principles of comprehensive long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win, worked in a businesslike manner and with high efficiency. The Commission was engaged in the comprehensive implementation of the agreements on cooperation in the energy field reached by the heads of the two states, coordinated the solution of various problems arising in the process of cooperation. Numerous agreements and memorandums were signed at the intergovernmental level and between companies on cooperation in many areas, which made it possible to launch a large number of landmark projects in the field of energy cooperation.

In 2015, Sino-Russian energy cooperation continued to actively deepen and develop progressively, which made it possible to achieve a number of important results. In June this year, construction began on the Chinese section of the Sino-Russian gas pipeline along the eastern route, which is continuing successfully. The parties are actively negotiating on laying a gas pipeline along the western route, as well as on a number of other significant cooperation projects. Taking advantage of the favorable chance provided by the conjunction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Eurasian Economic Union, the parties will further align their plans in the field of energy cooperation. Sustainable development of energy cooperation will be ensured through the development of long-term plans.

I believe that the model of innovative cooperation in the new economic environment is an inevitable choice and an important guarantee of strengthening and deepening the comprehensive partnership between China and Russia in the energy sector. The main content of the cooperation is to actively promote cooperation in areas such as electric power, coal industry, nuclear energy and renewable energy sources on the basis of traditional oil and gas cooperation. Cooperation in new areas should be expanded, including energy technologies, settlements in national currencies and the provision of engineering services. It is necessary to accelerate the advancement of technological exchanges and industrial cooperation in the development and production of power equipment. The parties are currently discussing plans to create joint ventures and the possibility of joint development and construction of energy facilities. The issue of specific forms, dates, place and content of cooperation is under discussion, including the possibility of building power plants.

I am confident that thanks to the joint efforts of the parties, the Chinese-Russian energy cooperation will certainly achieve new results that will further demonstrate the mutual benefit and overall benefit from cooperation, effectively ensure the energy security of the PRC and the Russian Federation, stimulate the deepened socio-economic development of the two countries, and also have a positive impact. on the general situation in the field of international energy cooperation.

- At the end of this year, the cross Years of friendly youth exchanges will end in Beijing. What important results did they bring? What activities are planned within the framework of the Years of Exchange between Russian and Chinese media in the next two years?

- Holding the Years of friendly youth exchanges between Russia and China is an important strategic decision of the leaders of the two countries, which was made with an eye to the future. Years of friendly youth exchanges, a central event in humanitarian cooperation between the two countries in 2014-2015, attracted the attention and interest of hundreds of millions of people in China and Russia, which contributed to a general upsurge in the field of Sino-Russian humanitarian cooperation.

On the one hand, this has greatly strengthened the mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of the two countries, and strengthened the social basis for the development of Chinese-Russian relations. During the years of friendly youth exchanges, the parties in total held more than 600 different events that geographically covered most of the regions of the PRC and the Russian Federation. They touched upon such spheres as education, culture, science and technology, health care, sports, archives, journalism, publishing, TV and radio broadcasting. In terms of form, these were various competitions, youth exchanges, forums, exhibitions, symposia, trainings, student delegations exchanges, art festivals, film weeks, etc. The number of direct and indirect participants in the events of the years of friendly youth exchanges amounted to several hundred million person-times. The number of people in the two countries who have a positive attitude towards each other continues to grow steadily.

On the other hand, the holding of the years provided all-round assistance to deepening cooperation between the two countries in various fields, gave a long-term impetus to the development of Sino-Russian relations. During the years of friendly youth exchanges, young people have become more active and become a more viable force in Sino-Russian cooperation in various fields. The parties created the Association of Medical Universities and the Club of Young Entrepreneurs, organized the exchange of delegations of young parliamentarians, diplomats and journalists, held art festivals and film festivals. All this allowed the two countries to mutually nourish themselves by force, comprehensively strengthen human ties, fill bilateral cooperation in various fields with energy.

By a common decision of the heads of state, in the next two years the parties will hold Years of exchanges between Russian and Chinese media, which will expand and deepen exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in the humanitarian field. At present, the relevant departments of the two countries are actively preparing for the opening ceremony of the Years of Exchanges between Russian and Chinese Mass Media, as well as coordinating specific plans for their implementation. As far as I know, rich content and an innovative format of events await us; representatives of the media of the two countries will certainly be able to show all their best qualities against the background of this powerful upsurge.

- The terrorist organization "Islamic State" has carried out a number of terrorist attacks in Syria, Paris and Mali, which caused particular concern in the entire world community. What is your opinion on this issue? How does the SCO strengthen antiterrorist cooperation?

- The Chinese side is strongly opposed to any form of terrorism and against the use of double standards in this matter. China expects the international community to follow the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and other generally recognized norms of international law in the joint fight against terrorism. The parties must intensify coordination and contacts, resolve differences, adopt and implement a comprehensive strategy. We call on the international community to put into practice the relevant UN resolutions on the fight against terrorism, jointly strike at international terrorism, and protect peace, security and stability in the region and in the world as a whole.

The Syrian issue was not resolved for a long time, this led to the fact that the violent actions of terrorist and extremist forces in Syria became even more impudent, they also rapidly spread throughout the world, which created an atmosphere of a constantly deepening international humanitarian crisis. China supports the efforts of other countries, including Russia, to protect its national security. We understand and support international anti-terrorist operations based on the norms of international law and approved by the respective state. We express our deep condolences in connection with the recent incident when a Russian combat aircraft was shot down during an anti-terrorist mission and the pilot was killed. We call on the international community to strengthen coordination in the fight against terrorism in order to avoid the repetition of such incidents. Russian President V.V. Putin, in his message to the Federal Assembly, also called for the creation of a united anti-terrorist front under the auspices of the United Nations.

Security and stability are the primary conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation and joint development of any regions and any organizations. Law enforcement and security cooperation based on interaction in the fight against terrorism has always been one of the main aspects of the SCO's work. For many years, the countries have been actively implementing the SCO Convention against Terrorism, the Shanghai Convention on Combating Terrorism, Separatism and Extremism, and have achieved obvious success in countering and combating the "three forces of evil", maintaining security and stability in the SCO member states and the region as a whole , which is well received by the international community. We intend with the Russian side to strengthen cooperation in bilateral and this Organization, to unite efforts in the anti-terrorist sphere, to show "zero tolerance" in the fight against terrorist forces, to fight against terrorism in a high-intensity mode, and to actively promote cooperation in such areas as the fight with transnational organized crime, cyber and drug-related crime, to strengthen the ability to resist threats and security challenges in order to make an appropriate contribution to global and regional stability and security.

This year is celebrated 70 anniversary of the creation of the UN. Chinese President Xi Jinping participated in a series of summits dedicated to this anniversary. At the UN Peacekeeping Summit, he delivered an important speech "China Came for Peace". In this speech, the PRC President called for strictly adhering to the UN Charter and the Hammarskjold principles in peacekeeping operations. No country should act bypassing these documents. Vertically, peacekeeping operations should be associated with preventive diplomatic measures, peace-building, and horizontally - coordinated with the processes of political settlement, the establishment of legal order, national reconciliation, improving the lives of the people, etc. Xi Jinping urged the UN to take into account the views of countries to a greater extent on the territory of which the peacekeeping mission is being conducted, and countries sending their peacekeepers. The UN should forge more coordinated partnerships on peacekeeping issues with relevant regional organizations. China also welcomed the establishment of a new UN peacekeeping force readiness system. At the UN Development Summit, Xi Jinping delivered an important speech "Strive for common and sustainable development, create a partnership based on cooperation and common gain." He stressed that only development will eliminate the sources of conflicts, will be able to ensure the fundamental rights of peoples, will be able to satisfy the ardent desire of peoples for a better life. We must strive for equitable development so that all countries have equal opportunities to do so. We must adhere to openness to development, which will ensure the fruits of development for all. We must strive for all-round development, while its foundation must be stronger. We must promote innovative development in order to fully unleash the development potential.

The leading trends in the modern world are peace, development and cooperation, however, serious challenges still remain in the areas of traditional and non-traditional security. Only building international relations of a new type, based on cooperation and mutual benefit, as well as following the principle of "sailing in the same boat", will be able to ensure common security, common development and common prosperity for all countries of the world.

The material is published on the website of Interfax 11 December 2015.

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