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Development assistance

Manager of the Primorsky branch of Sberbank PJSC - about projects that improve life in the Primorsky Territory

The outgoing year has become stable for the economy and social sphere of Russia; large national projects have been launched. The government aims to bring the country to higher growth rates and increase citizens' incomes. Whether Primorye is inferior to the all-Russian indicators, Sergei Radyushkin, manager of the Primorsky branch of Sberbank, told EastRussia.

Development assistance
Photo: Sberbank press service

- The main economic event in Vladivostok was the Eastern Economic Forum. Sberbank also took part in it. What projects have you submitted, what important agreements have you signed at the WEF?

- The key topic at the WEF for Sberbank is traditionally education. The president of the bank held one of the largest sessions of the forum related to education in the country's schools. German Gref told what education should be in Russia, so that our children have the opportunity to realize their talents, and the country receives highly qualified specialists who would not leave our state.

The second topic is IT technology. We share experiences, talk about innovations that have occurred in this direction in the bank and how they can be applied in the economy as a whole.

And the third is our banking products, all of our developments. They were presented at the bank’s office in FEFU. These are projects related to the financing of public-private partnerships, projects to improve the environment of Smart City and various financial decisions in this area.

Also on the sidelines of the forum, very large agreements were signed with key players in the fishing industry, logistics, engineering and many other areas that are represented in the Far East. Moreover, I note that a significant number of signatures are no longer agreements of intent, but final agreements.         

- Sberbank is a partner of the regions of the Far East - it acts both as a creditor and as an assistant in the implementation of social projects. Which of the joint projects in Primorye do you consider the most successful?

- I would divide them into two keys: the first is social projects, the second is business projects.

A major socially significant event was our traditional “Green Marathon”. In 2019, he gathered a record number of participants - more than 1 people. Eight charity funds worked at the Green Marathon ’site, and more than 500 thousand rubles were collected. All funds were used to treat children and help those who were in trouble.

Also, throughout the whole year, the team of the Primorsky branch of Sberbank PJSC actively participated in environmental projects. We initiated and independently carried out about ten environmental actions - this is cleaning the streets, squares, beaches, planting trees, collecting batteries.

We traditionally continue to participate in educational processes, and cooperate with universities and schools. 40 lessons of financial literacy were held for schoolchildren and students.

Sberbank business projects are changing the face of Primorye. It is worth paying attention to how the Far Eastern capital grows sky-high: skyscrapers are being erected, whole microdistricts are being built. With the use of credit funds, the largest in the Far East Kalina Mall trade and exhibition complex was built in Vladivostok. In the region, the fishing industry, ship repair and shipbuilding industries are developing. Thanks to Sberbank credit lines, Primorye enterprises can realize strategic goals for the region and the country.

- One of the problems of the Far East is the lack of a banking network in remote areas. Often in villages there are no ATMs. How does Sberbank solve this issue in the Primorsky Territory?

- We understand that for many residents of the region financial accessibility is, among other things, the opportunity to personally come to the bank’s office, consult with specialists, and withdraw cash through an ATM. The expansion of the physical presence of banks in the region is of great importance. And although Sberbank is actively developing digital services that allow many operations to be performed remotely, we respond to requests from residents of small and remote settlements, opening offices there. Literally in November, Sberbank opened two offices in the villages of the Khasansky district. In total, in 2019, four branches were opened in the villages of Primorye - in Uglekamensk, Rettihovka, Posyet and Zarubino.

The bank also expands the capabilities of rural offices. In four branches today you can not only make payments, but also open a loan or insurance product. These innovations appeared in the offices of the villages of Yaroslavsky, Gorny Klyuchi, Transfiguration and the village of Yakovlevka. If the proposals resonate with customers, we will extend the experience to the entire network of the region.

Also in remote and sparsely populated areass we introduce the ability to withdraw cash when making a purchase at the box office at retail outlets. Today it is available in 24 settlements of the region. And every month there are more and more such places on the map of Primorye, and by the end of the year this service will be available in 30 villages. This service allows residents to have free access to cash even where there are no ATMs nearby.

- Now at different levels it is declared that the population is borrowed. Do you see this in the example of Sberbank clients in the Primorsky Territory? What, in your opinion, will help to resolve this issue?

- I do not agree with you regarding the borrowing of Primorye, in particular, Sberbank clients. Our bank carefully examines the solvency of borrowers before issuing a loan so that the loan becomes an assistant in the implementation of desires, rather than an encumbrance.

And I also note that the number of deposits of the population is also increasing in our bank. The share of Sberbank in the market of attracted funds of customers in Primorye increased in 2019, and now amounts to 44,9% of the total amount of deposit funds in the market. In quantitative terms, this means that the total portfolio of liabilities increased by almost seven billion rubles, and the number of new open accounts (including card accounts) increased by 80 thousand in the nine months of 2019, which indicates good solvency and moderate borrowing of the population.

Yes, and you need to understand that credit is an opportunity to purchase housing or expand a business. And, therefore, we can say that this financial instrument helps to improve the living conditions and welfare of Primorye residents.

- The government provides the Far East with various benefits, including mortgages. How do you feel about such support measures and are you ready to provide loans, mortgages at a small percentage?

- One of the goals of Sberbank is to increase the affordability of housing. In 2019, we significantly reduced rates, for participants in salary projects, the initial payment was also reduced, now it is 10%. And, of course, we are implementing all mortgage lending programs with state support: mortgages for families with children, military mortgages. Now Sberbank has joined the Far Eastern Mortgage program for young families with a rate of 2%. You can consult on the program in the branches of Sberbank, from December 30, you can submit an application in all channels. The program will be in demand among clients in the Far Eastern Federal District. We expect that Sberbank will issue mortgage loans in the amount of over 200 billion rubles during the term of the Far Eastern Mortgage program.

- Now much attention is paid to small and medium-sized businesses. How does Sberbank work in this direction?

- I would like to talk about the implementation of the program of the Ministry of Economic Development - lending to entrepreneurs at a reduced rate of 8,5%. The program is gaining momentum. This year, the total amount of loans issued to small, medium and large businesses under this program amounted to about seven billion rubles (of which 1,2 billion rubles were issued to small business customers, 5,8 billion rubles to medium and large business customers). The number of loans is more than 100. And these are not just numbers - this is modernization in the province, the improvement of urban infrastructure, the construction of commercial and residential real estate, the development of high-quality medical services (an additional clinic has been opened, namely two operating units in the areas of surgery, orthopedics, plastic , urology), expansion of the enterprise for the production of honey.

- Do you expect any offers, projects from Sberbank in the near future to the Primorye, Primorye business?

- One of the latest projects implemented in the region is acquiring in Vladivostok’s public transport. In October 2019, Sberbank equipped all of Vladivostok's public transport (trams, trolleybuses, buses and a funicular), and this is more than 700 units, with cashless payment terminals.

Today, residents and guests of the Far Eastern capital make more than 43 thousand transactions with bank cards in public transport every day, and this figure is growing rapidly. Next year, the administration of the Primorsky Territory and Sberbank plan to expand the program to introduce cashless payments in public transport in other cities in the region.

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