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One and a half ruble for the life of Adisa

Two-month-old Adise from Ulan-Ude is collecting 160 million rubles for the most expensive medicine in the world. In just a week, mainly residents of Buryatia transferred almost 17 million rubles.

Only one injection worth 160 million rubles can save the two-month-old Addis from Ulan-Ude. You can collect such an amount if every resident of Russia over 15 years old transfers only one and a half rubles to her account.

One and a half ruble for the life of Adisa
Photo: personal archive of the Garmaev family
Little Adisa's day is not much different from that of their peers. The morning begins with a mother's smile and a hearty breakfast. Then games with mom and dad, then sleep and food again. The usual cycle for a baby who is 2 months old today. But Adisa's life can end at any second.


Now Adisa and her parents have been separated. The baby was transported to a clinical hospital, she is being watched by doctors and constantly looked after by her grandmother. "Spinal muscular atrophy of the first type" - the diagnosis sounded like a sentence. This is a genetic disease that destroys the body - muscle fibers gradually stop working. Half of children with this diagnosis do not live to be two years old.

 “The child's neurons die off and the legs and arms stop moving. Over time, without treatment and therapy, the child stops breathing and swallowing. Because muscles fail, ”says Darima Garmaeva, Adisa's mother.

 Adisa's atrophy is already showing itself - the baby is sluggish and inactive for a two-month-old baby, and so far cannot hold her head.


Only one injection of ZOLGENSMA can save the girl. This medicine is in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive in the world. And now on the entire planet, only it is capable of rebuilding the affected gene. Just one injection will cure Adisa, however, the price for a child's life for a married couple is too high - 160 million rubles.

“But the problem is that if something fails now, for example, legs, the drug for 160 million will not help at all. More precisely, the legs will not move, "Arsalan Garmaev, Adisa's dad, told us.

That is, the drug will only help those organs and muscles that have not yet undergone atrophy. Therefore, every second is important for Adisa. You can buy some more time with the help of another SPINRAZA. It also costs 8 million rubles, unbearable for a young family, but the purchase of this medicine was taken over by the Ministry of Health of Buryatia.


"Why? Why did it happen?" - this question does not go out of the minds of Adisa's parents. Darima and Arsalan are 22 years old. They have known each other since school. They started dating in 2014, got married 5 years later and were in seventh heaven when they saw the cherished two stripes. And they were on the verge of hopeless despair on the day that Adisa was diagnosed. The world has collapsed. But when Darima and Arsalan found out that there was - albeit an inconceivably expensive - chance of salvation, they threw all their strength into the battle for the life of their own child. The appeal of Adisa's parents shook Buryatia: in just a week, they managed to go a tenth of the way - more than 17 million rubles came to the special account of Addisa and to the cards of the parents.

 “We will defeat this disease, we do not give up. Children tell me: "Mom, don't cry." It doesn’t work, ”says Evgenia Garmaeva, Adisa’s grandmother, sobbing,“ sometimes you think why she has such an illness? You think I'm ready to give my life to save my granddaughter. And sorry for our children. They are quite young with us, but they no longer have tears. They all wept "

Darima and Arsalan threw a cry on social networks, he was picked up by big publics and local media. The very next day, the phones did not stop talking about money transfers. The sums came in very different. Sometimes it seems that people are sending the latter - there is a transfer of 19 rubles and 37 kopecks, but every penny, every ruble is a step towards saving Adisa.


Adisa is the main newsmaker of Buryatia. There is, perhaps, not a single blogger who would not post an ad about fundraising to save the crumbs. Each media in the region considered it their duty to tell about Adis and the chance for healing. One of these videos has already gained more than half a million views in three days.
Under each post about Adisa, famous personalities in the country are noted - Yegor Creed, Maxim Galkin, Olga Buzova or Oksana Samoilova. But thousands of messages to bloggers with millions of people have gone nowhere. But suddenly the story of Adisa was shared by Adil Zhalelov better known as Scryptonite. No one clearly expected that it was a rapper from Kazakhstan, who reads mainly about sex, drugs and alcohol, who would repost Addisa's story.

Showman and stylist Sergei Zverev, who decided a month earlier to run for State Duma deputy from Buryatia, plans to tell about Adis of her illness and how to save her. There was information that he plans to shoot the release of the program "Live" about the family and is negotiating with the managers of Andrei Malakhov. Adisa's parents have already contacted the editorial offices of federal channels on their own, but they were redirected to charitable foundations.

“While we are trying to appeal to the people, the population of all of Russia, that we have such a difficulty and we need to go through it. We need to win this disease so that my daughter can live and walk. My dream is now that my daughter has made a step ”- Arsalan shares his most cherished desire. Now it is not only his dream, but also of almost all residents of Buryatia.
The history of one disease rallied the whole republic, now it is the turn of the country. Adisa must live.

Mob. Bank: 89503863174
Sberbank card number: 2202201346432905 Darima Andreevna G.
Account in the Savings Bank of Adisa: 40817810709167640548 Adisa Arsalanovna G
Sberbank Pope Adisa 4173 9800 2831 5014
Mob.b 89516399101 Arsalan Yurievich G

Sberbank grandfather of Adisa
8 (902) 532-46-96
Andrey Anatolyevich V

VTB: 4893470460105726
Mob. VTB Bank: 89503863174 Darima Andreevna G
Gazprombank: 4249170443427962 Darima Andreevna G
Currency account: 40817840109162100705 Darima Andreevna G
PayPal: Darima Garmaeva
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