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Polymetal makes bets on youth

Young engineers, geologists and miners of Polymetal in search of non-standard solutions

The scientific-production conference, which took place this year at three sites, was completed: geologists gathered in Yekaterinburg, dressers gathered in Khabarovsk, and miners gathered in Magadan.

Polymetal makes bets on youth

“In general, the level of work of young specialists is growing steadily, there are more deep engineering projects, where we see not only a review of the literature, but also a thorough study of the practical application of the issues under study,” Vitaly Nesis, General Director of Polymetal, assessed NPK-2018. “From the point of view of the subject matter, there are more and more speeches on the topic of safety and environmental protection, which can only be welcomed”.

Vitaliy Nesis noted the correctness of the idea of ​​dividing the regional sites of the NPK by profile: “Thanks to this, there is more intensive communication between young specialists themselves, because they have much more common themes. A commission of specialized specialists is working more actively, who sometimes ask sharp, uncomfortable questions for the participants, which gives young specialists a deeper immersion in the topic. "

At all three sites, young specialists from the enterprises of Polymetal of the Khabarovsk Territory defended their projects well and received seven awards in various nominations.


Among the projects of the geological direction, the work of Andrei Motorin, the geologist of Albazino Resources, was recognized as the best.

“I expected criticism from the jury, because my method breaks stereotypes and does not agree everywhere. I’ve been working on it for two years, I haven’t shown it widely before, although I willingly shared my experience. I am proud that my method is used in other enterprises of the company - this is the best reward for me, ”said Andrei Motorin.

Andrei Motorin already has several successful projects implemented in production. At NPK, a young specialist prepared a work that is dedicated to improving the block modeling method (ore bodies). The development allows to improve the quality and efficiency of mineral resource assessment, and, up to ten times faster than the usual way. Andrei Motorin, a geologist, became the winner of a research and production conference held in Yekaterinburg.

EastRussia help. Since 2011, 245 young metallurgists have participated in the conference. 77 of them underwent additional training, 47 were included in the personnel reserve. The best projects will be presented at the Mining Forum in St. Petersburg. For seven years of holding scientific and industrial conferences, more than 40 projects have been introduced into production.


Alexey Kirillov, the chief specialist of the production and technical department of Amursky MMC, was the first at the Khabarovsk site.

Komsomolchanin developed the technology of slag processing, which will allow to extract even more precious metal. Now the percentage of gold extraction at AGMK is record for Russia - 96,4%, thanks to a unique technology of autoclave oxidation.

“It's never too late to learn,” notes Alexei Kirillov. - I already take part in the scientific and production conference of the company for the second time. It so happened that this year, I also played the role of a mentor. For me, this is a new experience. ”

“We are professionally becoming stronger from year to year. This is evident in the level of work of participants. This year, the conference has become more interesting, because the division of sites has appeared, - said jury member Valery Shakhov, the main beneficiary of the Khabarovsk branch of Polymetal UK. “The reports have practical application, some require a detailed assessment, because they are capital-intensive enough.”

Seven victories

In Yekaterinburg, in addition to the championship, the title of the “Best Mentor” was awarded to Sergey Khokhlov, the Chief Geologist of Albazino Resources. At the Khabarovsk site, the work of mentor Mikhail Obedin, the head of the Svetloe heap leaching factory, was commemorated.

“We share our experience with the young, and they give non-standard ideas, so it turns out to find a solution. It's nice to feel like a part of a big project, ”Mikhail Obedin explains the work of a mentor. - Themes that choose to work, especially worried. It seems nothing complicated, just turn the handle differently, and the effect for the enterprise will be great. ”

The Amur Hydrometallurgical Plant left the audience award - it was taken by Haykaz Babayan, the translator of the production and technical department of the AGMK. In his work, he showed how to optimize and expand the corporate “Knowledge Base”, this is a kind of “piggy bank” of rationalization technical ideas.

Anatoly Krivonogov, the master of AGMK was recognized as the best in the nomination “Protection at 360”, that is, comprehensive project protection with detailed study of environmental, labor and industrial safety issues.

“We have made a stake in our work on safety and ecology,” says Anatoly Krivonogov. - I consult with experts on labor protection "AGMK", studied literature. We plan to introduce the technology on the existing site. And we hope 100% to minimize production risks. ”

The third place on NPK in Khabarovsk was taken by the specialist of the personnel department of “Albazino Resources” Ilya Vasyutin. He worked on a report on the topic “Motivation of staff, effective management of compensation and benefits.”

The conference participants, whose ideas will be introduced, were presented by the jury with figurines - apples. As you know, the breakthroughs of Newton, Michurin and Steve Jobs began with them. Participants from the Khabarovsk Territory harvested seven apples.

“The main goal of NPK is to give young specialists the opportunity to feel in demand and get a real chance to move up the career ladder,” said Vitaly Nesis, General Director of Polymetal, at a conference in Magadan. - It is very important to demonstrate to the team as a whole that this is possible. It is also an opportunity for the company itself to identify talented and motivated employees. We are constantly rotating personnel, opening up vacancies for the management team. The winners are included in the personnel reserve and, having undergone special training, go to the promotion. "

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