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"Feed the eyes of beauty"

Why the writer and artist Lora Beloivan believes that everyone should have their own sea

Her book "Suitcase romance", nominated for the Dovlatov Prize, Alexander Genis called the only one that would like Dovlatov himself. Her pictures - or "pikchi", as the author calls them, are willingly bought in private collections around the world. Lora Beloyivan could prosper in any country. And about ten years ago she almost succumbed to the suitcase mood. I almost gathered to move from Vladivostok to Moscow. But one day, she and her husband went for a walk along the embankment - and saw a small dying seal. Picked up, settled in his own bathroom. They called Chuvyrloi. We tried to cure, but could not save. And after that they decided to move. But not to the capital, but to the village. We bought a house and opened in it a rehabilitation center for marine mammals. So Laura Beloivan became a resident of the village of Tavrichanka, familiar to her readers called South Russian Ovcharovo. Details - in the interview for the project "Unsuccessful".

"Feed the eyes of beauty"
Photo: Courtesy of Laura Beloivan
- I, even when we lived in Vladivostok, did not really want to leave. It was just not clear what to do next. And when I stopped to perceive work as a fact of employment somewhere, the question of departure was removed. And it is not worth for me for many years. Although I can not call myself a zealous patriot of Russia. If the Far East belonged to some other jurisdiction, I would love it anyway. Everything is good here. Everything is fine. Just the spirit freezes.
- And from what is this "everything is fine"?
- When you try to explain the components of buzz, you can never find the right words, wording. It's like love. You can not say for what. You can - in spite of. The White Sea is also very cool. Dynamics, atmosphere. The classy Kola peninsula is from Murmansk and further north. Such a domestic Arctic - like the Arctic, and then the Gulf Stream, which softens everything. If in the empire - then in the province by the sea. Any place near the sea. The Far North is also wonderful, but there everything is more extreme.
And at us from the most extreme - remoteness of territory. To walk around Lisbon, we need to take into account the cost of tickets not from Moscow to Portugal, but from Vladivostok to Moscow and back. And only a quarter of the total cost of the trip will cost the way from Moscow to Lisbon. In my opinion, our capitals have only advantages: proximity to places where you can fly for the weekend. At us so it is impossible. And I need to go somewhere twice a year somewhere - a blood update happens.
"But from the Far East to the countries of Southeast Asia it's easy to give ..."
- Try to get to the same Japan. Visa costs more than Schengen. And the tickets are expensive. At least 200 dollars in one direction will cost a flight to South Korea. And to Japan - two times more expensive. In Southeast Asia it's cheaper to fly from Moscow than from the Far East. And why? Charters fly from capitals, and from us - regular flights. And they are always more expensive.
But I visited all of Southeast Asia, when I worked in the shipping company. Also has understood: these sweets not of my favorite assortment. My holiday option is Europe. I really want to visit many places in Russia. In Irkutsk, for example, I want to fly the third year. And I can not - it's too expensive. The issue of airfare very separates the country ... But I'm ready to fly ten hours only to the hub, from which I can then fly to Europe, so here it is most of the time and come back here. Now we went to the store, drove along the coast - it took us an hour. And simply fed the eyes of beauty.
Vladivostok - he's all that. This city is my love. You go - and suddenly the sea jumps into your eyes. Almost in every neighborhood there is a view from the windows to the water. But it's not only that. As it seems to me, the sea in general should be its own. He did not just come, took a walk and left, and the remaining months of the year then live the land life. This is only an excuse for anguish: a date - and then a long separation, quite nightmarish. The sea must be its own. And the Sea of ​​Japan is the best. You can not even swim, do not swim, but just know that at any time you can do it. Just breathe this air. At any moment, come and sing on the waves.
For me, there is no question of leaving the Far East. The question is whether to leave the country altogether. If, God forbid, it is necessary to leave, it will be a great personal catastrophe. For me it will be the loss of this here this place where I live. And I'll sit here till the last.
- Is the rehabilitation center for seals opened by you - the main anchor?
"A sealer is a matter of life." And we have absolutely no one to pass it on. If we leave, this banner from the weakened hands no one will pick up. The animals will perish. Yes, and I would not want to transfer - it still needs to grow. Any business needs to become an adult. As parents can not leave a child in 10 years - he can not live on his own and serve himself - and any business requires a certain number of years.
- Does the sealer work the whole year or only a few months in a year?
- The first animals come to us in late February - early March. Release is usually in July. This year we bought a new large plot, on the part of which we will live, and in the second half there will be a seal center. Already this year we will begin to build. I was lucky to find a plot of the right size. By the way, they bought it from one of the aunts who decided to leave the Far East. She is a pensioner, like most of those who move to Krasnodar.
- And on the Kuban, mostly retired people leave?
- I do not know people who would have gone to Krasnodar at the working age. There they leave either before the pension, or already on pension. A lot of former warriors, for example. And people of working age choose nevertheless mainly Moscow, Peter.
The auntie from whom we bought the plot is 70 years old. Goes to Krasnodar, because it is its historical homeland. There are generally a lot of Kuban in the second generation. In the first, too, they came once with their parents. There are some roots in the Kuban. In the Far East, there are no indigenous people at all. In Stolypin's times, it was settled by Ukrainians, who came from the southern Russian steppes. From Tavria the same. No wonder that our village is called Tavrichanka. And there are a lot of such names by which it is easy to read who is from the Crimea, who is from the Kuban. Therefore, leaving. Yes, they earned something for life here, sold it - and back. In a climate where grapes grow larger than ours.
It is understandable. The climate is still so to us. The most gracious time is literally two months a year, September and October. When the air is clear, ringing ... And in summer it's very hot, stuffy, wet. Especially this year. And very cold winters. In winter, the graceful current of Curacio turns away from us, and the minus 30 is the norm. And with cold, very strong winds, it's just a freezing atmosphere. And most of all in Vladivostok it is felt, since the Golden Horn does not freeze, and from it it blows so cold ...
- It turns out that many left from the Far East, as from the rest of Russia, are climatic emigrants?
- Perhaps, I will agree. Here is my husband - if I had tights Manu, - I could consider myself a climatic emigrant. He would probably be happy in some kind of Australia. Where the weather does not change year round. And our climate is a circumstance with which it is difficult to reconcile. Always - then fighting with typhoons, then something else. In winter, too, snow covers up so that it is impossible to fly away.
But it's simple - talk about potential departure. And it is worth thinking about specifics, as it turns out that there is no place to go. I have some friends left for Spain, others for Portugal. Neither there nor ideal. It seems to be nothing in Ireland. But the Irish normal you will never become. Although they say that we are like ...
- And the monetary side of the issue is limited by choice?
- To get permanent residence, money is needed everywhere. But it's not about them. If we are talking about global things - leaving the country or not, then there is another important point. We live here and have a bitter, but very valuable right - to laugh at all the nonsense that is happening around us. Leaving the country, people still, from my point of view, this moral right is losing. Why are we always irritated by emigrants who speak evil of Russia? They are malicious, being already there, long ago or recently. It seems to me that as soon as they cross the border, they immediately lose this right. And I would not want to lose it.
- I believe that many potential emigrants are stopped by the loss of the language environment ...
- I do not agree. The language problem was relevant until the nineties. Especially for the humanities, for whom language is a shovel, a means of production. English can be learned arbitrarily well, but you will never become a bilingual in adulthood. Therefore, it was necessary to continue to be friends with my tongue somehow. And in the two thousandth already everything has changed, and now thanks to the Internet and social networks there is a language diffusion. And all this forum communication is the same spoken language, so the risk of root loss, in general, no. Of course, if a person is not the last dunduk, which is outside of technology.
"Since we're talking about technology." What would you advise the representatives of the generation who grew up with them? Leave or stay?
- Nothing. Everyone must decide for himself. If you stay, then lay all the eggs in different baskets. Do not concentrate your intellectual property in any one specialization, but gain skills and knowledge in several industries. So at least one, it is not known what, will shoot in a few years, and you will be able to upgrade what you have put.
It is always very difficult to advise. Here to my godson now 25 years. For thirty years we have been friends with his parents, we live in the same village. He is an IT person, he was educated in Russia, now moved to Canada. And it's better for him. This is unacceptable for me, but for others this option is quite welcome.
- Why didn't your godson go from the Far East to Moscow?
- I don’t understand where the question itself came from: “Why don’t you leave the Far East for Moscow?” This is strange. There are very few countries in the world where such a question is in some provinces. In Texas, for example, you can ask: “Why do not you leave Texas?” Because the mentality of the Texan and the New Yorker are very different. And there you can ask a question - why are you not leaving for New York? But not to everyone in Texas, but to some boy with musical inclinations. You can ask him. I wanted to give one more example - and I can't. The question of moving to the capital is relevant only for Russia, because traditionally everything — brains, money, and driving equipment — was concentrated there. At two points.
"It's hard to deny that the rest is a province." 
- And Vladivostok is absolutely not provincial. He was not originally a province. Because the province is also a tradition. A province does not become overnight and does not stop overnight. It is still some old stories. Where does Vladivostok be a province from, if naval sailors came here and established a fort here. Then came the merchants and engineers and brought their wives. And merchants came Dutch, Portuguese, German - whatever you like. They founded trading houses here and began to hold balls. Do you understand? There simply was no provinciality that could be inherited. And if you compare the distance from Moscow to Beijing or Tokyo, and the same distance from Vladivostok ...
- Yes, we have already said that we have all of Asia at our side ...
- And these are capitals, world ones. Therefore, there is no provincial spirit here. By the way, there is another interesting point. When our Vladivostok people leave for Moscow to further upgrade their careers, they very quickly become heads. And this is not one, not two, not ten cases. Permanent story. And in Peter, so they just immediately move to other positions.
- What do you think, why?
- There is a lot of driving in Vladivostok, and people, in the main, are very energetic. And with Moscow in recent times, too, not all is well. Many people who know how to do something, go abroad. The place for new people is being vacated. And ours occupy it.
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