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The train started: in the Amur region has earned a car-wheel shop

VKM Bureya LLC will close the deficit with the production and repair of wheels throughout the Far Eastern Railway

The train started: in the Amur region has earned a car-wheel shop
Photo: Provided by VKM Bureya LLC

Production unfolded at the Bureya depot at the very beginning of summer. Residents of the nearest villages, Bureya, Novobureysky and others, came to work in it, for whom the specialists of the manufacturers of machine tools conducted training. In total, 74 jobs have been created here, which is a real salvation for the Bureysky district with its unemployment rate two times higher than in the Amur Region. A large number of highly qualified personnel is not required, basically, ordinary workers are needed here. In “VKM Bureya”, the masters put the wheel pairs in order with the change of solid-rolled wheels and the repair of axle boxes, and make the turning of the rolling surface. Also, the new wheelset rolls off the assembly line. New wheels, in everyday life - "pancakes", the company buys in steel mills.

VKM Bureya2.JPG

Photo: workshop LLC "VKM Bureya"

- In recent years, there has been a shortage of wheelsets on the country's market, and the situation on the Far Eastern Railway is especially acute. Demand exceeds supply, customers have to import wheelsets for repairing their cars at the depot of the Amur Region from Ussuriisk and even from the central zone of Russia, which leads to an extension of the repair time and its rise in price. There is no doubt that VKM Bureya's products will be in demand. I will say more, we already have customers - for example, SUEK and GDS - and we are provided with work for a long time. In our workshop, wheelsets are formed for both passenger and freight cars, but we focus on the latter. The essence of the repair itself is that we press new wheels onto the old suitable axle, - said Nikolay Trudolyubov, General Director of VKM Bureya.

VKM Bureya8.jpg

Photo: Nikolay Trudolyubov, General Director of VKM Bureya LLC

VKM Bureya is a workshop of advanced development. In order for the enterprise to become a resident and be able to use preferential treatment for business, 15 May 2019 of the Tor Priamurskaya had to go beyond its usual boundaries. Prior to that, it was located in Blagoveshchensk and Ivanovo districts. For the new enterprise, privileges are available in terms of income and property tax, benefits on contributions to compulsory medical, pension and social insurance in case of temporary disability and in connection with maternity.

- Expansion of borders for an investment project is a common practice. When an investor comes to us with an effective project, we, together with the Ministry of the East of Russia, make a decision on the feasibility of its implementation within the framework of the PDA. Then we prepare amendments to the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation. It is a flexible system, ”explained the Minister of Economic Development and External Relations of the Amur Region, Lyudmila Starkova.

Similar wheel workshops are located in Belogorsk, Svobodny, Tynda and Ussuriysk, but there is a nuance: they all work for the company of the owners of the cars, the rest of the orders are based on the residual principle.

VKM Bureya5.JPG

Photo: workshop LLC "VKM Bureya"

- VKM "Bureya" is a resident of TOR, this is our feature, explained the head of the company. - Compared with the rest of VKM, we can conduct a more flexible pricing policy with customers. We are open to work with all owners of rolling stock. Another advantage is our geographical location, we can take in the repair elements of the undercarriage of cars after unloading in the ports of Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories, - said Nikolai Trudolyubov.

Now in the Bureysky depot complete the installation of the latest automated equipment. The company acquired the Russian wheel-and-rolling and rolling-rolling machines, a defectoscope and a hydraulic press in the amount of 22 million rubles. The total investment will exceed 110 mln. Rub. The difficulties that VKM faces today are a shortage of raw materials, new wheels, therefore Bureya plans to purchase them with a reserve for two months in advance. The workshop assumes to reach its full capacity at the end of 2020 of the year, then it will give the 4380 railroad wheelsets per year. In the following years, “Bureya”, as they expect in the manual, will smoothly pick up the course and begin to “re-shoe” the Far Eastern trains twice as often into high-quality and safe wheel sets.

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