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An EastRussia correspondent, using the example of Polymetal, studied social investment approaches in the Khabarovsk Territory

Social investments are not only money, but also technologies for interacting with communities in the territories of doing business. An EastRussia correspondent, studying the social projects of Polymetal in the Khabarovsk Territory, found out how this works.

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Photo: the press service of "Polymetal"

“We have a whole event this year!”

The school village named after Polina Osipenko 290 students. Collaboration with the company in the region has been going on for 12 years, as soon as the Albazino Resources company, managed by it, has begun the development of the Albazinsky gold ore deposit. For almost ten years, Polymetal has been helping a local school. This year, about four million rubles have been allocated to replace windows: 155 modern double-glazed windows with a ventilation system, "children's" locks. The goal is to achieve a comfortable temperature in the premises that meets sanitary standards, and simply allows you not to wrap yourself in warm clothes in classrooms.

“The school drastically repaired the drainage system, because our basement was heavily flooded. But we are attracting funds not only for solving acute domestic problems, we are also oriented towards development: with the help of Polymetal, we purchased equipment for elementary grades for practical work on the subject “The World around us”, laboratory equipment for a chemistry classroom, ”said the director of the village secondary school named after Polina Osipenko Veronika Guzenko. - By the way, in April next year we will celebrate the 80 anniversary of the school. Musical equipment, which was also given by the company, "will answer" for the holiday atmosphere. "

The area of ​​Polina Osipenko is one of the four municipalities where Polymetal enterprises are located. In total, this year on the territory of the district, 25 social projects were implemented. In the Okhotsk region, where the enterprise of the Svetloye LLC company is developing the field of the same name, 35 of various initiatives have been implemented. And a substantial part of them concerned the support of educational institutions.

“Polymetal helps us every year, both on request and on its own initiative. This year, work worth three million rubles was funded. This is a very large sum for us, ”says and. about. Director of School No. 1 named after Bogatyrev in Okhotsk Tatyana Mikhailova.

What is important in these projects?

“They are organized on the principle of feedback from representatives of local authorities, and most importantly - of local residents themselves. Even at the stage of selecting an object for financing, Polymetal necessarily finds out its relevance for the population, studies the opinion of people, ”emphasizes Valentin Martynenko, head of the Khabarovsk branch of Polymetal UK JSC.

At the annual reporting meetings, Polymetal representatives conduct a survey of meeting participants. Based on the survey, the main directions for social investments are formed. “Education of children and youth”, “Infrastructure and improvement of settlements”, “Repair and equipping of social facilities” are the most relevant of them.

“You know, the company even holds contests of social projects among school students, thus encouraging their initiative. Last year, the girl who presented the landscaping and landscaping project was given a laptop, ”said Tatyana Mikhailova.

She adds that the hunters are extremely interested in continuing this partnership. Moreover, the teacher emphasizes, people see that the company is sincerely interested in such cooperation. A colleague from the village named after Polina Osipenko is in solidarity with her.

“We have a whole event this year! Ninth-grader Yulia Krishtop was invited to participate in the full-time round of the All-Russian Research Olympiad "Step into Science". Polymetal paid for the trip of the girl and her teacher Tatyana Tyugun to Moscow. And there her work is. Polina Osipenko "took first place! We believe in our children, but recognition of this level is of particular importance, shows that we are moving in the right direction. Julia not only won the first place, but was also awarded for the best defense. And the teacher was awarded a medal Ushinsky for working with gifted children, ”Veronika Guzenko does not hide her pride.

City of strategic importance

Polymetal's social investments in the Amur region this year exceed 180 million rubles. This is 70 of various scale projects and social events. A significant part falls on Amursk with a population of 39 thousand people, where the company this year began to implement the project of the second autoclave line of the Amur hydrometallurgical plant. 90% of AMMC employees are residents of the city. After the launch of the new AGMK line, the number of Amur residents employed at the plant will almost double. From 2021 to 2023, there are plans to create 400 new jobs there.

“Unlike Albazino Resources and Svetly, whose production facilities are concentrated in uninhabited and inaccessible territories, there is no shift in Amursk. For Polymetal, it is very important that Amursk develops, and for its residents, and therefore for our employees, a comfortable and modern urban environment is created, ”commented Valentin Martynenko.

In Amursk, the company has several areas of social investment. Polymetal allocates money and helps to develop the material and technical base of schools, kindergartens, and create conditions for education. At the beginning of the school year, the Polymetal city teachers were presented with a program to attract and retain young teachers and encourage the best teachers and schools.

The second area is healthcare. Recently, the company donated a new ambulance to the district hospital. And now she is completing a large-scale project for the repair of antenatal clinics. As a solution to the problem of the shortage of narrow medical specialists with the direct participation of Polymetal, a medical landing was organized from the Territorial Consultative and Diagnostic Center of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Thus, the problem is solved with the lack of a cardiologist, endocrinologist, rheumatologist, orthopedist and others, as well as the availability of a number of diagnostic tests - ultrasound of the heart, ultrasound of blood vessels, hormone and marker tests that are not covered by the compulsory medical insurance rate. If earlier, to get an appointment with these specialists, the residents of Amursk had to go to Komsomolsk-on-Amur, now (with the exception of urgent cases), doctors receive patients for free in Amursk, in the building of the clinic.

Another vector of social investment is sports. This year in Amursk, for the tenth time, they held the Polymetal futsal cup. The tournament is traditionally hosted by the Children and Youth Sports School. Last year, the company repaired a universal sports hall there, and this year it prepared working documentation for the overhaul of the entire building of a sports school, including a swimming pool and communications. Investing in urban infrastructure is the fourth direction. In the summer, a rollerdrome was opened in the city park, the area of ​​the bus station was repaired.

Development Cooperation

The Molodist cinema, which was significantly updated this year, is already a subject of pride for the residents of Amursk. This is almost the only leisure center of the city where you can go in the evening or on the weekend with the whole family. Inside it was made more modern, including the “stuffing” in the form of armchairs and equipment, and the outside is sheathed with fiber cement panels to protect the building from premature destruction. For the implementation of the project, funds were raised at once from several sources: five million rubles in the form of a grant were provided by the Cinema Fund, 11,8 million was provided by Polymetal, and the cinema itself and the city hall, which invested in landscaping, invested in this project.

In Okhotsk, the arrangement of the park on the site where the emergency houses were recently located is another example of such cooperation. The idea to organize a park zone in front of the residential neighborhood flying in the air was picked up by the students of the Palace of Creativity. In February 2018, a group of volunteer children presented a small project that they developed independently. Everyone liked the idea. In parallel, negotiating with Polymetal, the administration began to demolish the buildings, carried out zoning of the site.

Very quickly, on the site of abandoned buildings, a real national construction began to boil, which included residents of Okhotsk, various organizations. Someone helped with technology, someone with working hands. Polymetal purchased and delivered building materials. Now the paths are arranged in the square, a stage, a gazebo, lighting, a fence are installed.

The reconstruction of the kindergarten and school in the Negidal village of Vladimirovka, Polina Osipenko district, which ended this year, is also from a number of projects with several participants. About 300 people live in Vladimirovka, mainly Negidals, the indigenous peoples of the Far North and the Far East. The village has a primary school and kindergarten, which are attended by 40 children. Both institutions are located in a Soviet-era building.

“The building is adapted for social institutions, but we have long looked at what can be improved, and decided to start small - with what we can do on our own,” said the head of the district, Sergey Kuzmin, in an interview with reporters.

The district administration made a reconstruction project, placed a well, put a pump, connected the building to water supply. Last year, the regional Ministry of Education allocated funds for the purchase of modular toilets. And this year, a new boiler room was installed in the building and the heating system was changed, windows were replaced, floors and ceilings were leveled, the premises were insulated from the inside and sheathed with siding outside.

“We don’t recognize the building now, and the attitude of people has immediately changed: children go to school and kindergarten with great desire,” comments the head of the Polina Osipenko district. - Modernization cost about 5,2 million rubles. The funds were provided by Polymetal. ”

Money for a social startup

Polymetal experts in the field of social policy are attentive to any initiatives related to the development of territories. Each proposed project will be considered. If not finalized, they will tell you how and what needs to be done.

“We are trying to support projects that are designed for the future. It happens that there is not enough money for exactly the first step. I can cite as an example last year’s project of the Kasatka water sports club in Amursk. Having received 110 thousand rubles from us, the initiators wrote a more detailed project and won a presidential grant ten times more, ”says Anastasia Mazilkina, deputy head of the department of public relations and state bodies for social affairs of the Khabarovsk branch of Polymetal UK JSC. - A similar story with the children's center "Naturalist". Having received assistance in the amount of 30 thousand rubles at the contest of socially useful projects, the enthusiasts went to Vladivostok and got another 500 thousand there. As a result, their Smart Greenhouse project has grown to an impressive scale. Moreover, the emergence of new sources of financing does not mean at all that the company sends our social partners into free swimming. Naturalist, where this year Polymetal financed the purchase of equipment for a new chemical and environmental laboratory for 1,6 million rubles, carried out more than one environmental and volunteer joint event with our employees, remains an important partner of the company in Amursk. We are always ready to support activists charged with the result and rejoice in their achievements. ”

At the school of the village named after Polina Osipenko, with which this material began, they did not limit themselves to replacing windows, but decided to go further. And this year we achieved the assignment of the status of a center for the education of digital and humanitarian profiles “Growth Point”. Federal funding made it possible to provide the school with equipment that many even dream of in Khabarovsk: drones are used in the educational process, there is a computer class with virtual reality glasses. So, along with comfort, advanced educational technologies came to school.

The company forms a portfolio of proposals in the field of social development of territories throughout the year.

“We expect that by the end of the year, the amount of investments for social support in the Khabarovsk Territory will amount to about 300 million rubles,” emphasizes Valentin Martynenko. “The company is developing and contributing to the territory in order to“ share development ”.”

This approach has been recognized not only among beneficiaries. In September, Polymetal became one of the 18 leading companies in the field of sustainable development in the metallurgical and mining industries, according to the results of the assessment performed to form the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, while remaining the only Russian company in the entire index.

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