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Every fourth receives support

Address support of Primorye people - in the priorities of the social policy of the region

Every fourth receives support
Director of the Department of Labor and Social Development of Primorsky Krai
Lilia Lavrentyeva told EastRussia about social priorities in the work of the Primorsky Territory Administration.

- According to the monitoring of the Russian labor market in late October in the 48 regions recorded a decline in unemployment. Primorsky Krai is the leader in this indicator along with Krasnodar Krai, Rostov and Tambov regions, Buryatia, Chukotka Autonomous District. More than a third of all working vacancies in the FEFD offer It is seaside employers. Lilia Feodorovna, comment on the situation on the labor market in the region. In Primorye there is no shortage with jobs?

- Indeed, in recent years the situation on the labor market in the province has been stable. There is a stable positive dynamics in terms of key indicators. At 1 December, the number of unemployed citizens registered with employment services was 13558. Reduction in comparison with the same period last year - for 1209 people.

There was also a decrease in the overall unemployment rate. According to Primorskstat, today in the region the workforce at the age of 15-72 years is not much more than a million people (54,2% of the total population of the region). 94% of this number are employed in the economy. 62,6 thousand of Primorye people are actively looking for work. In accordance with the methodology of the International Labor Organization, they are classified as unemployed, the unemployment rate for the ILO declined by 0,7 percentage points in comparison with the same period of the previous year, and amounted to 6,0%.

In occasion of deficiency of workplaces. Undoubtedly, for objective reasons, there is an imbalance of supply and demand in the labor market in municipalities. It is about the indicators of tension. If in large cities there are, on average, three vacancies per one unemployed, then in a number of municipalities, up to four people can apply for one job. Thus, a low level of unemployment is observed in virtually all major cities of Primorye. But the highest is preserved in the municipal areas: Olginsky, Dalnerechensky, Anuchinsky, Yakovlevsky.

Over the past three years, it has been possible to stabilize the situation in single-industry towns. There are nine settlements in Primorye. Deterioration of the basic indicators of the labor market has not yet been noted. According to the results of monthly monitoring in comparison with last year, there was a slight decrease in the level of registered unemployment in Arsenyev, Svetlogorye, Spassk-Dalniy, Vostok and Yaroslavsky villages.

- Lilia Fyodorovna, what can an unemployed person apply for today who applied to the employment center?
- Today, in the base of the employment service of Primorye, there are about 35 thousand of various vacancies. This is 2,7 times the number of registered unemployed. 75% of the places offered by employers suggest the presence of a working specialty.

The greatest demand for workers is stated in the sphere of construction, manufacturing, agriculture and trade. There is a high demand for specialists with medical and pedagogical education.

Specialists of employment centers are actively cooperating with employers. There are various options to support citizens who, for whatever reason, cannot be employed: this is participation in temporary or public works, retraining in demanded specialties. These and other forms of employment help people in the period while searching for a permanent job.

- A few words about the actual tasks of the regional employment service for the next year.
- Among the most important priorities are increasing the flexibility of the labor market, promoting employment of socially vulnerable categories of the population, reducing illegal employment, improving the quality of the workforce and its mobility. Since the beginning of 2016, the regional program to increase labor mobility has been gaining momentum. It is planned to attract highly qualified specialists for the implementation of the major investment project "Shipbuilding Complex" Zvezda ", other projects ready to work in Primorye.

- Primorye are more than 50-ti Measures of social support. Who are their recipients?
- Indeed, according to our information, every fourth inhabitant of Primorye receives any monthly allowance or social payment. In total, there are 53 types of state support, for which this year already sent over 9.3 billion rubles. Among the recipients are not only beneficiaries. There are payments to rural state employees, pensioners and working citizens with low incomes, families with children.

For example, payments and subsidies that help to compensate for the monthly costs of housing and communal services are received by more than 322 thousand of Primorye residents. From the beginning of the year, the regional budget expenditures for these purposes amounted to more than 3 billion rubles.

This year in Primorye there was a payment, allowing to cut expenses of some categories of citizens for major repairs. Since January, compensation is granted to disabled people of I and II groups, disabled children and citizens with disabled children, since May - rural educators, since July - non-working pensioners older than 70 and 80 years of ownership or living in a family that includes only non-working pensioners.

- Can you tell us more about these compensations? On this subject, the pensioners had many questions.
- Since July 1, non-working pensioners older than 70 have begun to compensate for the costs of major repairs of apartment buildings. Those who are 70 years old receive an 50-percentage compensation for capital repairs. Primors, who have celebrated their 80 anniversary, are compensated for the payment in 100 percent.

I note: it is about the elderly people older than 70 years, who do not have preferential status. Retired beneficiaries (veterans of labor, participants, invalids of the Second World War, etc.) already receive this measure of social support under federal or regional legislation from 1 October 2014. Those who are more than 80 years old are paid the difference between compensation calculated in accordance with the new law and what the person already receives as a federal or regional benefit recipient.

How compensation is calculated and what is needed to obtain them - you can check with the specialists of the territorial departments of the department. But you need to remember that you need information about the actual payment of the contribution for capital repairs. It's about compensating for the costs incurred. Accordingly, the owner must first make a contribution for capital repairs, and then receive a payment. The absence of debt on this line is a prerequisite.

Now there are practically no questions with this compensation.

- And what is the fate of the "gubernatorial" payment? Will the pensioners receive it next year?
- For these purposes, 2017 million rubles are planned in the budget of 573. According to 1 a thousand rubles will be received by all pensioners living in the region, including those who have gone on deserved rest through the power structures. This measure of social support can be brought to the house together with a pension, or sent to bank accounts. At the same time, no application from pensioners is required.

As for the security officials, the declarative character is necessary for updating the data on the recipient. Military retirees - people are still quite young and mobile. It happens that they change their place of residence and forget to inform the territorial departments of social protection. The exception is made by those who receive any measures of social support from the regional budget - subsidies, veterans and others. For such citizens, experts have all the necessary data for accrual.

- Information has been received that in 2017 in Primorsky Krai the payment of a regional surcharge for pensioners with low incomes renews.
- Indeed, such an additional payment can be calculated by people whose incomes, taking into account all social payments, are lower than the subsistence minimum of the pensioner. According to preliminary estimates, the number of recipients may exceed 75 thousand people.
The size of the payment is calculated individually and makes the difference between the subsistence minimum of the pensioner and the actual material support of the person. In accordance with the Law of Primorye Territory of 2 November 2016, the subsistence minimum for 2017 year is set in the amount of 8967 rubles.

The material security of a pensioner, other than a pension, includes other social payments. For example, for beneficiaries this is monthly cash payments, measures of social support for housing and utilities

I would like to note that this measure of social support is not only for older people with low pensions. They are invalids of childhood, and those who have lost their health, not having had time to earn the necessary experience for a higher pension. According to past experience, about a third of recipients are children who receive a survivor's pension.

- Of course, it is important to support financially the meager budget of a pensioner. But there are still problems with health, coming with age, infirmity ...
- Experts of the Primorsky Center for Social Services of the Population are ready to help such citizens This is more than 900 social workers in all cities and villages of Primorye. Under their daily care are almost 8 of thousands of elderly and disabled people. For many older people, social workers are truly close friends. They regularly purchase products, necessary industrial goods for their wards, deliver medicines, prepare food, help with cleaning, assist in paying utility bills, in paperwork, in receiving benefits and allowances.

But the most important thing, in my opinion, is psychological support, simple human participation, heart-to-heart talks. I think that these are the most valuable moments of such a relationship. Comprehensive care allows single Primorye residents to live in the walls of their home, and not in the institution.

- Lilia Fedorovna, earlier you mentioned the state support of families with children. How does it work in the province?
- In Primorye, 16 demographic payments are in effect. This list includes monthly child benefits for low-income families, payments for the third (subsequent) child, regional maternity capital, childcare benefits up to 1,5 years and at birth, and social support measures for large families. Some of them receive low-income families, and some do not depend on the income of parents.

The most financially capacious of those paid at the expense of the regional budget funds are two payments, which appeared in 2013 year. One of them is the regional maternity capital, a one-time payment to the families in which the third (subsequent) child was born. For three years, the "cost" of the certificate has increased three times: from 100 thousand rubles in 2013 to 150 thousand rubles in 2015 year. In 2016, the payment is indexed to 155 250 rubles.

Most parents use a measure of social support to improve living conditions. The means of regional payment are sent for the repair of housing, construction, purchase and reconstruction of residential premises, payments for loans, including mortgage loans.

Also, payments can be used to pay for educational or medical services. Since January 2016, federal legislation has allowed spending maternity capital for families with children with disabilities. In February, Primorsky Krai supported this initiative and extended it to a regional payment.

This year, 2,2 thousand families used the funds of matkapital for a total of 301,2 million rubles.

The size of another regional demographic payment - the monthly allowance for the third (or subsequent) child this year has grown to 13,6 thousand rubles.

Families with a lower income per capita in the Primorsky Territory have the right to benefit. Large parents receive this measure of social support until the child reaches three years of age.

Today, its recipients are more than 10 thousand families. Let me remind you that from this year the measure of social support extends to families who adopted children up to three years.

- What other children's payments and benefits are paid from the budget of the region?
- Since August, a quarterly cash payment has been introduced to purchase test strips for glucometers for families with children suffering from diabetes (there are almost 370 in Primorye). The payment amount is 3 375 rubles. In the regional budget for the current year for these purposes 4,7 million rubles are provided.

The traditional form of material support is benefits for low-income families. This year, the amount of the allowance paid monthly amounted to slightly more than 300 rubles per child. Around 900 rubles for a child get single mothers. For children whose parents are wanted for non-payment of alimony and for children whose daddies are serving military service, they are paid almost for 463 rubles.

A special line of expenses of the regional budget is social assistance to large families who have an average per capita income below the subsistence minimum. Today, 12 thousands of such families are registered in the social security agencies. About 2 thousands of families receive compensation for the costs of utilities, as well as the purchase and delivery of fuel. Parents will be reimbursed for the purchase of medicines for children, school transportation, visits to museums, parks, exhibitions.
Part of the payments finances the federal budget. These include payments to women who did not work until the delivery, wives of servicemen serving in military service.

In conclusion, I want to inform you that in 2016 year 3,2 billion rubles have been planned to support families raising children. In 2015, 2,5 billion rubles were spent for these purposes. The increasing costs of demographic payments speak only of one thing: in Primorye the number of large families is growing. Guaranteed state support is a good incentive for parents who decide to give birth to another child.

- The consequences of the typhoon "Lionrok", which passed over the region in the early days of September, are still "bellowing" in the northern regions of the region. Nature once again tests us for strength. These tests - Another exam for officials responsible behind Vital functions of municipalities the edges.
- The task set by the Governor of the Territory Vladimir Miklushevsky already in the first hours of the disaster was to do everything possible to restore the destroyed infrastructure in the shortest possible time, to support people in the disaster zone. You remember what a colossal job was done.
Cash payments to victims began to pay in the first weeks after the flood. The work was organized to collect humanitarian aid: warm clothing, food, essentials ...

From the affected residents, more than 76,5 thousand applications for payment were accepted. Of these, 47,3 thousand applications for payments from the federal budget and 29,2 thousand applications for payments from the budget of Primorsky Krai.

Almost 1,3 billion rubles from the regional and federal budget funds were allocated for financial assistance. Almost 52 thousands of citizens have already received it. Now families who have lost their houses during the flood, and more than 430, are given social security certificates to buy an apartment or to build or rebuild a house.

Work in this direction is still underway. The specialists of the department will make every effort to ensure that all the benefits laid by the law, the necessary help, people who suffered from the disaster, received in full.

For your information:
Operative information On payments material and financial assistance from the federal and regional budgets As of 7 December 2016 year:

In the territory of the region, 26985 families suffered, in which 43037 people live. It was flooded 11839 houses, they 15900 households, and 22475 land.

Citizens accepted 76546 applications for the provision of payments from the federal and regional budgets, including: 47298 applications for payments from the federal budget, 29248 applications for payments from the budget of Primorsky Krai. Received 38375 applications from citizens to inspect homes and land. The survey was conducted in full.

At present, payments are basically completed.

In total, 1276,38 million rubles from the federal and regional budgets for 51902 citizens for 75618 payments were allocated to payments to citizens affected by the emergency.

I. 402,16 million rubles were allocated from the regional budget for

22603 citizens on 29212 payments, including:
7336 payments on 25 thousand rubles in the amount of 183,4 million rubles - for the restoration of a damaged apartment building, apartment, located on the first floor of an apartment building;

19259 of payments on 10 thousand rubles to the sum of 192,59 million rubles in connection with the loss of harvest on the local land plot;

963 payment of 10 thousand rubles to the amount of 9,63 million rubles due to the loss of crop yields on the land plot granted and (or) acquired for the conduct of personal subsidiary farming;

1654 payments on 10 thousand rubles to the amount of 16,48 million rubles in connection with the loss of the crop on the garden, garden plots, as well as on the dacha land plot provided to a citizen without the right to build a residential building with the right to register residence therein.

II. From the reserve fund of the Government of the Russian Federation 874,12 million rubles were sent to 40007 citizens for 46406 payments, including:

39652 payments on 10 thousand rubles in the amount of 396,52 million rubles - to receive one-time financial assistance;
3954 payments for 50 thousand rubles in the amount of 197,7 million rubles - to receive financial assistance in connection with the partial loss of their essential property;

2800 payments of 100 thousand rubles in the amount of 280,0 million rubles - to receive financial assistance in connection with the complete loss of their essential assets.

According to preliminary estimates, 432 households (327 homes) may be declared unfit for habitation. Commission decisions were made to declare household ownership unsuitable for 421. Received 324 application for payment. Decorated 324 certificate. We chose the 124 family housing, of which: 24 of the contract for registration, 62 - on registration, 24 - on check and payment, 14 - paid.

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Lavrent'eva Lilia Fedorovna - Director of the Department of Labor and Social Development of Primorsky Krai. In 1985, she graduated from the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service with a degree in economics and enterprise management. She worked as director of the department of social protection of the population of Primorsky Krai. Member of the Board of the Primorsky Regional Branch of the All-Russian Public Charitable Foundation "Russian Children's Fund".

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