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Under tension

"Far Eastern Energy Management Company" (JSC "DVEUK") put into operation the largest power transmission line in the Far East of the country

Under tension

The length of the 220 kV power grid project "Chernyshevsky - Mirny - Lensk - Peleduy" with a tap to pump station No. 14 is 1,5 thousand km, the cost is over 36 billion rubles.

6 September Yakutsk Regional Dispatching Department of OJSC "Yakutskenergo" were placed under the operational voltage substation 220 / 110 / 10 kV "Peleduy" (126 MBA) and a power line 220 kV "Lena - Peleduy" (434 km) inside the West power district Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). High-voltage power line employs cascade Vilyuyskye Svetlinskaya HPP and HPP (total capacity 1 GW) for powering the southwest Yakutia and the north of the Irkutsk region, including objects of ESPO (pumping stations №№ 12,13,14). Thus, a point has been put in the implementation of the large-scale investment project of JSC "DVEUK" LNP 220 kV "Chernyshevsky - Mirny - Lensk - Peleduy" with a tap to the NPS № 14.

The project was implemented by order of the Ministry of Energy of Russia within the framework of the relevant federal target program and was implemented in several stages. The construction has already become a historical one not only because it is the largest electric grid project in the Far East (the length of power transmission lines is 1,5 thousand km), but also because of the short construction times. The project was launched in 2010 year. Construction and installation work lasted 36 months (from July 2011 to June 2014), in which up to 1,6 thousand people participated simultaneously. During the construction period, along the rivers and winter roads, 158299 tons of materials and equipment were delivered.

The ceremony inclusion LEP was attended by First Deputy Chairman of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Gennady Vadyuhin, First Deputy Director General for Investment and Development JSC "DVEUK" Dmitry Seljutin, First Deputy General Director - Chief Engineer of OAO "Yakutskenergo" Sergei Gavrilov, CEO Director of the energy company "TOK-Story" LLC Sergey Orekhov, general director of the design institute of CJSC "EnergoStroyProject" Maxim Potapenko and other participants the builder Twa.

First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) G.Vadyukhin noted that "the project solves a whole range of tasks. This is a significant contribution to ensuring the reliability of the republic's energy system. And now, irrespective of the nature of the severe climatic conditions, emergent emergency situations, we can provide reliable energy supply of the vital facilities of the republic along this line. "

"Of course, this is the connection of new consumers - industrial consumers, residential buildings, and, of course, the provision or loading of those excess capacities that we have in western Yakutia, which is also very important for increasing the efficiency of the entire energy system of the republic," he said. .

Dmitriy Selyutin, First Deputy Director General for Investments and Development of JSC "DVEUK", shared that when the idea of ​​the project arose, it was not talking about any tight deadlines - very few people believed in the principle possibility of implementing the project.

"Today we are summarizing some results in the implementation of this project. I must say that everything is just beginning, as in the plans of the government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and in the plans of the Far Eastern Energy Management Company, and in the plans of federal executive bodies, primarily the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, the continuation of our investment activity in Territory of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), "he said.

According to D. Selyutin, “a project for integrating the western energy district of Yakutia with the unified energy system of Siberia is“ just about to be issued ”.”

"The other day we receive a positive opinion of the state expertise for the construction of the line" Peleduy - Chertovo trough - Dry Log - Mamakan ". We come to the north of the Irkutsk region. We, thanks to today's project, implement the old dream of power engineers, and the population of Eastern Siberia, to eliminate the power shortage in Mamsko-Chui and Bodaibo districts of the Irkutsk region, which have been among the regions with high risks of disrupting energy supply for many years, The First Deputy General Director for Investments and Development of JSC "DVEUK" shared his plans.

"We are giving life to the largest gold mining project in the Far East in the Baikal region. This is the Dry Log deposit, whose liquidity will rise sharply after the electric power of the Vilyui cascade arrives there. We can say that this project "Chernyshevsky - Mirny - Lensk - Peleduy" provided not only the ESPO, but it is also the base - the main segment for providing external power supply to the Eastern gas program for Chayanda, for Talakan. And I think that Vladimir Putin's visit to this Yakut land and the visit of the Gazprom management will not even end, but an exclamation mark after the word "to be" on the Chayandino-Talakan energy ring project, "Selyutin said.

Director General of Energy Construction Company LLC "CURRENT Story" S.Orehov expressed the opinion that "the building was included in the history of modern Russia is enormous, deadlines of implementation, and most importantly - in a powerful impetus it provides for the development of this unique untapped riches of the Russian region ".

"We are proud that we are involved in this project, and we very much hope that the potential of energy builders will be in demand in new Siberian and Far Eastern construction projects," he stressed.

During the event, the ceremony of awarding construction participants was held. Representatives of the authorities of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) presented departmental awards and noted the personal contribution of everyone who participated in the implementation of the project aimed at the sustainable functioning of the republican energy system.

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