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Under the sign of road works

EastRussia continues to monitor the implementation of major infrastructure projects in the Far East

Under the sign of road works
The federal center heard Magadan
In the next three years, the Magadan region will receive significant funds from the federal center for the construction and reconstruction of highways. The financing will be implemented within the framework of the socio-economic development program of the Far East and the Baikal region. Appropriate arrangements to increase funding for the construction and reconstruction of the Kolyma roads were achieved "following the results of two meetings between Governor Kolyma Vladimir Pechenogo and Deputy Minister of Transport Oleg Belozerov and the head of the Federal Road Agency Roman Starovoit," Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Magadan Region Igor Ozimok told reporters.
According to the outlined plan, the main work will be carried out in several directions. The interregional road Kolyma - Omsukchan - Omolon - Anadyr will connect the Magadan region and Chukotka. The cost of its construction for the period 2015–2018. will amount to about three billion rubles. Construction and repair works are planned to begin in the second half of 2010 on the Kolyma federal road under the program “Development of the Russian transport system for 2020–2015”.
One of the most important tasks in the construction of roads in the Magadan Region is covering the gravel sections of the route with asphalt. Dust is a frequent cause of accidents, sometimes fatal. About 20 people died last year alone. With a total length of the Kolyma roads of 834 km, 670 of them are dirt roads. Thanks to the allocated funds, this year not 55,9 km will be covered with asphalt, as planned, but 66,9 km, which will be 10% of the total length of the gravel surface.
It also provides for the construction of two bridges over the Kheta River and Razdelny stream. At the same time, the construction of the Herba - Omsukchan highway will be financed. The acceleration of the construction of the Palatka-Kulu-Neksikan road is of particular importance, since “it is of a strategic nature for the territory and will give an additional impetus to the development of the Yano-Kolyma gold ore province. It is there that the flagships of the region's gold mining industry are located. This is the mine. Matrosov, Pavlik deposit, promising Rodionovskoe and Igumenovskoe deposits. In addition, Tent - Kulu - Neksikan is a duplicate road of the Kolyma federal highway, - said Deputy Prime Minister Igor Ozimok. He noted that financing of these works is not only a powerful stimulus for the development of the regional road system, but also a sharp increase in its investment attractiveness. The three-year construction plan provides an opportunity to eliminate many of the "pain points" of the industry.
Only until the end of this year, the Magadan region will receive additional from the federal budget 800 million rubles. for the construction of road facilities in the region.
Some of these funds are envisaged for the construction of 26 kilometers of the Herba-Omsukchan road, the bridge over the River Emon on the Tatar-Kulu-Nexikan road.
The Minister of Roads, Transport and Communications of the Magadan Region Natalia Sycheva explains that in June 2015 a complex flood situation arose in the Tenkinsky and Omsukchan districts. Closure of traffic on the roads of Gerba - Omsukchan and Palatka - Kulu - Nexikan arose due to a sharp rise in water in rivers and streams, due to precipitation and seasonal melting of snow in the decay.
“In the shortest possible time, contractors took measures to transfer road equipment to problem areas, work was carried out to regulate stream channels, driveways were restored on eroded areas, backfilling and leveling of the roadbed were performed locally,” said Natalya Sycheva. - Under the existing contracts for the provision of road maintenance services, contractors continue to carry out work to bring road sections into the normative transport and operational state and carry out work on the repair of artificial structures of a planned preventive nature.
In 2014, 1,6 billion rubles were spent from the consolidated budgets to modernize the road network of the Magadan Region. Bridges over the Arman River on the Magadan-Balagannoye-Talon and Palatka-Kulu-Neksikan highways were put into operation.
"The president set the task to double the pace of road construction in the country. This is absolutely the right decision, especially for remote and remote regions, which includes Kolyma, "- said the governor of the region Vladimir Pecheny, discussing the outcome of meetings in Moscow.
"Today in the Magadan Region there are technologies and special road machinery that allow to significantly increase the pace of road construction and repair works," the regional governor said.
Vladimir Pechenyi summed up that in 2015, a bridge crossing over the Arman on the highway Magadan - Balagannoye - Talon. He also noted that additional funds will go to the construction of some sections of the Gerba - Omsukchan road, a bridge over the river. Emon on the Palatka - Kulu - Neksikan highway and the construction of a new federal highway that will connect the Magadan Region with the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. This road is important not only for the Magadan region, but also for Chukotka, as it will connect Chukotka with a permanent road network with the road network of Russia. At present, aviation is the only year-round mode of transport providing communication between Chukotka and other regions. In addition, in the opinion of local authorities, the construction of the road will give an impetus to the economic development of the region due to the involvement of large mineral deposits in Western Chukotka. In particular, it is planned that the Kolyma - Omsukchan - Omolon - Anadyr route will pass in close proximity to the giant Peschanka copper deposit with predicted reserves of 27 million tons of copper and 1600 tons of gold.
“The scale of the construction of this road is immense - it will be necessary to lay the canvas in the conditions of permafrost off-road. The project will take at least 30 years. Now experts are installing supports for the bridge, which will pass the section of the route. The soil is fed with difficulty because of the giant boulders, only a meter can be drilled per day. At the same time, it is important for builders to preserve the soil structure formed in the permafrost and prevent melting, ”said Alexey Golovan, General Director of the construction company Stroydor.
"Very large volumes of wetlands in this area, especially in floodplains. Therefore, an insulating material was used to maintain the temperature regime of the embankments. Also, to avoid drawdowns, the entire road is strengthened by geogrids, "he said.
In order for the road infrastructure to be more reliable, a large-scale reconstruction of existing roads is necessary, and this requires considerable financial resources. Today, part of the funds are directed to sites and facilities that are in critical or already close to this state.

New Technologies - Five Layer Option 
Sergey Krivoshein, head of the branch of PKU Uprdor "Kolyma", told how work is going on on the 3,5 km section of the road on the Karamken Pass. This section was not chosen for reconstruction by chance, since it is a mountain pass, snow-covered, and in order to ensure safe and uninterrupted passage it needed a number of measures.
- The project documentation provides for the cutting of the roadbed to reduce longitudinal slopes, which will facilitate the lifting of trucks. In addition, an additional strip is provided for trucks. On sites with a gravel type of covering, a new pavement will be built, the rest will be reinforced with the existing capital type of the coating. As part of the overhaul, measures will also be taken for drainage, repair of culverts, including the complete replacement of their structural elements.
Reliability and quality are provided by a complex pavement design. For the Karamken Pass, six structural types were considered, of which the most optimal was chosen - a five-layered one, the total thickness of which is about 52 centimeters.
- In this area, the use of an innovative crushed stone-mastic paving mix continues, which last year was applied on the road section in the area of ​​the Tent. I am sure that this coating will improve the transport-performance characteristics, such as resistance to fire, improve grip of the wheels with a coating and will reveal a number of advantages when operating in harsh climates, - Sergey Krivoshein shared.
Road works at the facility are carried out by the Stroydor company, which, as soon as the weather conditions allowed, began work on the site. By mid-June, this stage was completed by one hundred percent. According to the general director of the contractor Aleksey Golovan, the foundation layers are now being backfilled, then asphalting will begin according to the plan. In parallel, the necessary inert materials are procured. A crushing complex has been installed and is operating in the allotted quarry, and an asphalt concrete plant is fully ready for launch. The object will be ready for commissioning earlier than the deadlines specified in the contract - in August. According to the state contract, the completion date of the object is September 2015. “The cost of the works based on the results of the auction was about 234 million rubles, which is almost two times lower than its declared cost,” said Alexey Golovan. 
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