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By Rosvodresursham scallop

Chinese investors complained about problems with aquaculture

Today in Khabarovsk, Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev and Khabarovsk Territory Governor Vyacheslav Shport held several working meetings with potential Chinese investors. The event in the format of "investor's day" is taking place in the Far East for the first time. What assistance was asked from the authorities by investors from China, studied IA EastRussia.

By Rosvodresursham scallop

Working meetings with companies that intend to invest in the Russian Far East, were held today in Khabarovsk in a closed format. "There are a lot of projects. With some investors we met before. Now the stages of implementation are being discussed, the issues that need to be addressed, "Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev said during the break between the talks.

Thus, the president of Wen Lian Aquacultural Co. (Dalian) Qiu Laichzhong presented a project in the field of aquaculture in Primorye to the Deputy Prime Minister. The company previously announced its intention to invest up to 15 billion rubles. to the marine biotechnopark project on Russky Island, announcing the cultivation of trepang and scallop fry. The corresponding framework agreement with the authorities of Primorye was signed at the first Eastern Economic Forum in 2015. Wen Lian Aquacultural Co. has been growing mariculture in China for over 30 years. Another project - the creation of a hotel and residential complex "House in the Sea" - was presented by the head of Sheen Creation Holdings Liang Weiqian. “I would like such a project to work out,” said Yuri Trutnev. 

“The quality of the work of our respected officials sometimes simply frankly prevents the development of the Far East. Today we had a meaningful conversation with Rosvodresources. You can imagine, they distribute the sites as follows: bids are collected, an auction takes place within 30 minutes, and there is a small step. During this time, there is simply no result. The auction is declared invalid. And put it off for a year. What's this? Corruption, wrecking? I found it difficult to answer, ”said Yury Trutnev.

The Vice Prime Minister suggested that the department decide on how it will "continue to do this" until the end of the working day, and if the scheme for allocating the water areas does not change, Vadim Nikanorov, the head of Rosvodresurs, said "to insist on immediate removal from work". "This is a disgrace, I have not faced this for many years, so that they mocked investors," Yury Trutnev said.

Another project - the creation of a hotel and residential complex "House in the Sea" - was presented to the vice-premier by the head of Sheen Creation Holdings Liang Weiqian. “I would like such a project to work out,” said Yuri Trutnev. 

Two new projects were presented by Sirius Holding Group, the initiator of the resonant project for the construction of the Amur Refinery. The company was represented by the head of its board of directors, the president of the company "Sirius" Tao Zhan. It is, according to EastRussia, the construction of logistics centers and the Erkovetskaya TPP in the Amur Region. Yury Trutnev also said that Transneft "basically justified that the existing capacity of a pipe for transporting oil to the Amur refinery is not enough": "We held a whole cascade of meetings, they convinced us. We tried to understand, and today they justified their justification. "

However, the construction of a branch pipe from the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline to the Rosneft Komsomolsk Refinery frees throughput capacities in the amount of about 6 mln tons per year of another raw materials delivery channel - the railway. “Russian Railways is interested in attracting a new carrier to cover lost revenues. Calculations are being made, the railway workers are offering a reduced rate, our investor wants an even more favorable rate. We do not plan to intervene in the process, let them conduct negotiations with the Russian Railways themselves, then we will see, ”said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Vyacheslav Shport and Yuri Trutnev also met with representatives of the Chengtong company - the investor proposes to build a pulp mill in Amursk (Khabarovsk Territory). In Chengtong includes six enterprises, the main products of which are cellulose, packaging, stationery and special paper, with an annual turnover of more than 2,8 million tons. Chengtong is negotiating with the Russian RFP Group to build a Russian-Chinese pulp mill from December 2016, the cost of the project is more than $ 1 billion dollars. "In the near future, a group of specialists from the investor will come who carefully examines the conditions that we offer them. There are, for example, questions about forest management. If everything goes, as we suppose, the project will start in 2017 year ", - said Vyacheslav Shport. 

In May, an investor can sign "preliminary documents on the implementation of the project," said Yury Trutnev. "When we discussed the construction of the plant, we said that we are interested in processing forest products on the territory of the Russian Federation. The decisions that were made to stimulate this are not all effective. The economy has changed - the ruble / dollar rate. And our duties on the "roundwood" have ceased to be protective. I instructed to return to the level of duties and, perhaps, to propose to the government to increase them, "the deputy prime minister added. 

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