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On the path of "green technologies"

Polymetal enterprises are finding new opportunities for introducing environmental technologies.

Autonomous lighting systems are being installed at the Amur Hydrometallurgical Combine of the gold mining company Polymetal. Last year, 10 such installations were already installed on the territory of the plant, the plan for 2021 is another 26. "Green" energy sources are intended to illuminate the territory of the enterprise. The work is planned to be completed by the end of September this year.

On the path of "green technologies"
Photo: JSC Polymetal

Each installation will be equipped with an LED luminaire with a wind turbine and a solar panel. Thanks to their use, the plant consumes less electricity.

- Employees of the energy service of AGMK have long thought about how to provide lighting of the plant's territory using “green technologies”. One of the employees of the planning and technical department suggested trying autonomous supports that generate electricity from the sun and wind at the same time. The project was launched last year. The first experience has shown that the installations work efficiently, are easy to install and in further operation. This year, it was decided to increase the number of autonomous supports to 26. Perhaps, in the future, we will bring certain areas to full generation from solar panels, ”said Daniil Hirvonen, head of the AGMK electrical laboratory.

In 2020, 10 autonomous solar-wind stations were installed at the Amursk MMC
Photo: JSC Polymetal

The supports themselves are supplied on a turnkey basis by a company from Khabarovsk. In the opinion of the AMMC ecologists, such installations are a real find.

- One of the main directions of the company's environmental policy is the development of green technologies. And it's not just about autonomous lighting systems. For example, a closed water circulation system using a reverse osmosis unit has been introduced at AGMK. That is, the water that is used in production, after filtration, is again fed into the technological process. In addition, the plant independently covers its needs for thermal energy, using the heat of the autoclave to heat the premises of the plant, - said Andrey Panishev, head of the environmental protection department of the Amursk MMC.

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Alternative energy sources are used at all Polymetal enterprises in the Khabarovsk Territory.

In 2018, the company successfully implemented the largest project in Russia for the autonomous use of a solar power plant at the Svetloye field in the Okhotsk District of the Khabarovsk Territory. The capacity of the system was 1 MW, it was intended to provide the factory with electricity. And in the port of Unchi, a 100 kW wind generator was installed. Generating green electricity has significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

On "Resources Albazino", which is an important part of the Amur hub and is located in the area of. Polina Osipenko, with the help of 27 autonomous systems with solar panels, the territory of the warehouse on the site is illuminated.

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