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We planned a deficit, we have a surplus

Chairman of the Control and Accounts Chamber of the Primorsky Territory Dmitry Vinogradov - in an interview with EastRussia

We planned a deficit, we have a surplus
The recent audit report of the draft budget of Primorye for 2017-2019 years, which was voiced by the chairman of the control and accounting chamber of the region, Dmitry Vinogradov, caused controversial responses in the region. Nevertheless, the publication of objective figures and indicators is likely to prompt officials and deputies to consider the formally approved First reading the main financial document of the region more biased and thoughtful. Especially since it's not bad the dynamics of the budget revenues allows for rather variable construction of the budget policy of the Primorsky Territory.

- Dmitry Alexandrovich, what are the results of the year on budget execution? What is the dynamics in comparison with the previous period?
- 2016 year has not yet been completed. At present, the Control and Accounts Chamber has carried out an analysis of the implementation of the regional budget for 9 months. The dynamics is as follows: revenues increased compared to the same period of the previous year; Expenses, on the contrary, are executed below.

In numerical terms, for January-September revenues increased by 1,9 billion rubles and amounted to 61,7 billion rubles, thereby ensuring the implementation of the annual plan for 75%. More than 80% (51 billion rubles) of revenues are tax and non-tax revenues, according to them there is an increase of 6,7 billion rubles. Against this background, the volume of received federal funds, on the contrary, decreased by 4,9 billion rubles, and amounted to 10,7 billion rubles.

As for the expenditure side, for 9 months the budget was executed at 61,4%, amounting to 56 billion rubles. Comparing the corresponding performance of the previous year, the budgetary appropriations are lower by 2,4%. As a result, the region has a surplus of 5,7 billion rubles. In the same period of 2015, we also observed a surplus, but a smaller one - at the level of 3 billion rubles.

- Why did such a surplus arise? And what is it fraught with?
- The expenditure part of the budget is alarming: in the fourth quarter it is necessary to master 38,6% of budget allocations. The uneven distribution of money is largely the result of low executive discipline in the implementation of part of the program activities in the development of education, health, culture, the transport complex, the road sector.

Thus, the expenses for capital repair of the central city hospital in Dalnerechensk were planned (but not planned for 2016 year - 33 million rubles); For the construction of an outpatient clinic in the urban settlement of Svetloe Terneysky district (plan - 10 million rubles). During 9 months, subsidies from the regional budget were not sent to the budgets of municipal entities of Primorsky Krai for the purchase of school buses (the plan is 20 million rubles, 11 municipalities); On capital repairs of buildings of municipal educational institutions (the plan is 29 million rubles, 9 municipalities).

Low execution was noted for expenses for reconstruction of the regional oncological dispensary - 15,6 million rubles under the plan 233 million rubles (6,8%); At the overhaul of the Regional Children's Clinical Hospital №1 in Vladivostok - 1,6 million rubles under the plan 20 million rubles (8,1%).

- How does Primorye compare with other regions of the Far East? Do you have the appropriate numbers?
- At the time of the preparation of the opinion, the Chamber of Control and Accounts did not have information on the execution of budgets and draft budgets of other subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District. However, during the preparation of the conclusion on the budget performance report of the territorial compulsory health insurance fund of the Primorsky Territory for 2015, interesting data passed through us, which made it possible to draw conclusions about quite a good dynamic in this area. So, for the 2015 year in Primorye, there was a decrease in mortality from circulatory system diseases, maternal mortality (in 2,4 times), infant mortality. However, despite this, the indicator still remains above the average for the Russian Federation and the Far Eastern District. In addition, there is an increase in mortality from neoplasms (including malignant) and from tuberculosis.

- Have there been any traces «Corruption component "in this or that state spending this year?
- No, there were no such things detected by the Control and Accounting Chamber. However, in three checks, facts of misuse of budget funds were discovered.

One such violation was committed by the administration of the Primorye Regional Philharmonic. The organization purchased audio equipment in excess of the amount of subsidies granted, and also purchased a promotional "running line" for the street, which it did not have the right to purchase in accordance with the rules for granting subsidies. As a result, the amount of non-earmarked expenditures identified by the Control and Accounting Chamber is 216,84 thousand rubles.

Non-earmarked use of budget funds was also identified in the framework of the activities of the regional state autonomous institution "Center for Sports Training - School of Higher Sports Excellence" (in the amount of 781,86 thousand rubles). A more substantial amount of violations was recorded in the framework of spending funds allocated to the subprogramme “Resettlement of citizens from emergency housing in Primorsky Krai for 2013-2020 years” of the Primorsky Krai state program “Providing affordable housing and quality services to housing and communal services for the population of Primorsky Krai”. The facts of the misuse of funds of the Fund and the regional budget for the total amount of 6146,34 thousand rubles in Dalnegorsk, Dalnerechensky GO, Nadezhda rural settlement of Primorsky Krai are established.

- How does the Primorsky Territory's CSR assess the region's economic growth? Are the new economic mechanisms that appeared in the region-the territory of advanced development, the Free Port-already reflected in your summaries?
- In general, the situation in the economy of the region in 2014-2016 years is characterized by low rates of economic growth. The analysis of indicators of the forecast of social and economic development of Primorsky Krai indicates the existing deviations between the forecasted and actually achieved values ​​of macroeconomic indicators. Unfortunately, this shows a low degree of reliability of the available forecast.

As for the territories of advanced development in Primorsky Krai, so far the Control and Accounting Chamber observes only the costs of their creation. For example, at 2015 and 2016 years in the Primorsky Territory budget, funds are provided for the creation of a water and sewerage system in the TOR "Nadezhdinskaya" and the "Mikhailovskiy" TOR. Last year, Primorsky Vodokanal received a subsidy for design and survey work (38 million for both TORs) .This year the execution of the planned budget is significantly delayed: for 9 months, according to TOR "Nadezhdinskaya" budget assignments in the amount of 8 million rubles were fulfilled, that Is only 5,4% of the planned volume (150 million rubles). And according to the TOP "Mikhailovsky" regional financing in the current year for water and sewage did not even open (with the existing plan of 33 million rubles).

In addition to the plumbing, the regional budget is also responsible for the development of planning for the linear objects of the engineering infrastructure of the TOR, and for the territory planning projects for the placement of the linear infrastructure of the TOR. These two positions also failed to achieve a clear and timely execution. In one of the cases, according to the town-planning department of the Primorsky Territory, the contractor LLC G-Dynamics, which poorly completed the planning project of linear objects, summed up the project, as a result of which the project was returned twice for revision.

- The Chamber of Control and Accounts opposed the provision of budget funds for the construction of hotels in Vladivostok in 2017.
- True, the Control and Accounts Chamber of the Primorsky Territory considers it inappropriate to further capital investments at the expense of the regional budget in the authorized capital of Our Home - Primorye JSC. The construction of these facilities is carried out in violation of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation: summary estimates and object estimates for multifunctional hotel complexes have not been developed, hence it is impossible to establish the real need for financial support for the work related to the design and construction of these facilities.

- The budget of the region for 2017-2019 years is adopted in pen reading. How viable is it?
- We consider the draft budget viable for the following reasons: Firstly, it was drafted taking into account the slowdown of economic processes. However, the bulk of the costs are provided at the level of 2016 of the year. Secondly, compared to the level of 2016 of the year, by own income (tax and non-tax revenues) for 2017, the increase is represented by 1,0 billion rubles. It should be understood that the regional budget is planned with a deficit of 2017 for the year in the amount of 7,2 billion rubles, and this means that not all expenses will be executed in full.
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