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"Peter" in Kamchatka

"Peter" in Kamchatka

“Peter” (as Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (PPK) is called here) for five years, that I was not here, changed a little. It became more decent, more beautiful, the city became less shabby. Many 4-5-storey houses were covered with Astana-like veneer - for warmth, for beauty, but not to be intimidated (well, I didn’t know if internal communications were replaced with internal communications). There were many new shopping centers and shops, there is Euroset (10,000 km from Europe), Svyaznoy, and tourist equipment stores (they say, there is Alpindustria), and its Biblioglobus (a little truth), supermarkets with food and many stalls.

PPK - not a hungry land, and the assortment of "countries + products" in an ordinary Petropavlovsk stall envied, perhaps, all the stalls of the Earth. For neither in Paris, nor in Moscow, nor in Hong Kong, nor in Luanda, is it possible to find so many countries in one small stall where the products are brought from. The analogue can be, of course, the Moscow Globe Gourmet or a large supermarket! And here, in one stall ... fit 22 country-producer. In another stall, apples alone had 13 species, pears - 6 species, all at different prices and from different countries. In the third place, illiquid was sold - frozen or decayed fruit at 30-50 rubles per kilo. As for the large markets (covered) and supermarkets, there is even more assortment there - what is not only imported to Kamchatka from around the world! Any household items, any food, the range is wider than in other cities of the Russian Federation of a similar population (in the PPK - 200 thousand of people). Plus there is still a lot of local fish ...

So, Petropavlovsk is now well supplied with food and pleasure, there is here and the local press, and books of local production (expensive); but there are no good atlas maps of Kamchatka and guidebooks on it now - no. Book stores are there, but there are no maps or guides in them. 95% - books of central Moscow publishing houses and stationery, and what local cards there are - plans of Yelizovo (300 p) printed in Khabarovsk, PPK itself, its environs (kilometers) and all of Kamchatka (1 cm = 10 km). New detailed maps are not visible.

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