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Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - house for active

For what the inhabitants of the land of volcanoes love their capital

Reflecting on how to write about Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and understanding that an objective assessment is necessary, I remembered the words of Igor's main character in the film "In Love at Will": "Why get caught? Not a bitch, no hitch, no bump, no cavity ... ". Indeed, if we talk about Petropavlovsk from the point of view of the basic criteria by which cities are judged on the quality of life, then there are many problems with education, medicine, public transport, and the cost of housing and communal services and food ... But With a cold objectivity, this is discussed by the extras. I will tell you about my native city, loving it with all my heart.

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - house for active
City of beautiful opportunities

Petropavlovsk is a very beautiful city, but architecture has nothing to do with it.

It is located in a picturesque place on the shore of Avacha Bay, surrounded by giants-volcanoes. If I need to get from one end of the city to the other, I'll rather choose the road through Seroglazka and Petrovskaya hill, because I catch every moment to enjoy an unforgettable view of the bay: the ships stand in the roadstead waiting for the team to go fishing, the water surface sparkles in Rays of the sun, in the air sea birds soar ... Wherever you are in the city, everywhere you can see the home volcanoes - Koryaksky, Avachinsky and Vilyuchinsky. Magnificent handsome Viluchinsky towers on the other side of the bay, and I imagine that there, between his barrancos, climbers are climbing up at the moment in search of adrenaline and adventure.

Indeed, lovers of sports and healthy lifestyles in Petropavlovsk have where to go for a walk. Sports schools are already 13: football, volleyball, gymnastics, hockey, chess ... just do not count! And especially we are proud of our schools for mountain and cross-country skiing and snowboarding. Within the boundaries of our city there are five (!) Slopes where athletes train. Of course, there are many lovers of mountain skis and snowboard in Kamchatka, and for them Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is a real paradise! One Red Sopka of what it costs: comfortable slopes and stunning views! All of Avachinskaya Bay is on the palm of your hand - here is the city of Vilyuchinsk, here is the "gateway" to the Pacific Ocean. The route is not far from the center, it does not take long to get there, and I know the guys who even ran off to Red Hills even at lunch time - to go for a ride.

In 2009, a luxurious biathlon complex was built in Petropavlovsk, in some places abroad there are such conditions for winter and, most importantly, summer training! And it is available not only for athletes, but also for citizens who simply ride or walk, move at their pleasure, with their families, with friends.

Pleases with the assortment of services and the open in 2011 sports and recreation complex "Star": here and yoga, and bodybuilding, and saikl, and the mass of circles for children.
It should be noted that prestigious sailing and yachting are developing in Petropavlovsk, regattas are being organized, expeditions are being equipped.

Near Petropavlovsk on the Pacific coast there are surf schools. The most desperate conquer the waves in the winter, in 20-degree frost! Knowledgeable people say that our waves are one of the best for this sport.

And here there is "Arbat"

At full speed in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is the construction of new areas. On the street Toporkov today flats high-rise buildings and cottages with elite housing, developing infrastructure; The north-east flourishes with life: apartment buildings, a new school, playgrounds, pedestrian and bicycle paths, supermarkets - all designed and built for people and for the sake of people who live and work for the benefit of a small homeland.

A new maritime station, a marriage palace, a regional children's library were built, a new puppet theater and a regional hospital were being built, repair work was being carried out in historic places, such as Nikolskaya Sopka, where in 1854, during the Crimean War, the inhabitants of our city retook Petropavlovsk from the English and French, monuments are being restored, houses of culture and squares are being renovated.

New tiles are laid out on pedestrian areas in the center of the city, bathing is being demolished; The city administration organizes various cultural events: city promenades with concerts, master classes. There are new holidays, for example, over the past four years it is the "Kamchatka Arbat" and the Sea Day. Theatergoers attend performances in the restored Kamchatsky Drama Theater, which is famous for its troupe, fans of concerts can see and hear live by famous artists who have become frequent guests of Kamchatka in recent years ...

In Petropavlovsk there are several museums, local history, art, and the only one in Russia "Vulcanarium" was recently opened.

In our city there are a lot of opportunities to relax, take your mind off the busy everyday life, enjoy socializing with nature: if you want - a boat trip, if you want - on kayaks or Sapah roll, if you want - on a bicycle ...

What about tanning on the Pacific coast? On a sunny day - please! 30 minutes away by car - and you're on the beach! Black volcanic sand, fresh wind, incredible beauty of sunrises and sunsets, and in the summer carpets of flowers and berries - this is a picture of our Khalaktyrsky beach, which, by the way, has become one of the ten most unusual beaches in Russia. Tourism is becoming more and more popular among locals - people go hiking, climb volcanoes, and in winter travel by dog ​​sledding snowmobiles. And in the summer we celebrate the Day of the volcano - we participate in the mass ascent of the Avachinsky volcano (2 741 m height) and dance in a disco at the foot of Kozelsky.

We also have access to one of the rarest entertainment and part-time health treatments - bathing in hot springs. Well, where else in Russia a citizen in twenty minutes will be in the resort area with pools, hotels and even a water park? This is about the Paratunsky resort area, so beloved by all the inhabitants of Kamchatka and its guests.

Not for life under a plaid

A person is so arranged that he criticizes more often than he praises, destroys more than he builds, because this is easier. Instead of explaining to the child on the street that the piece of candy should be thrown into the garbage can, and the owner of the dog, that we need to remove a handful for his pet, we pass by ... But the stone is sharpening the water. You will explain today, tomorrow - another, and the day after tomorrow, you will see, and a piece of paper and a pile will be thrown into the garbage can.

I agree, we do not have good stores. But the problem with the lack of goods is easily solved on the Internet: he came and chose what he should.

Yes, there are still areas in Petropavlovsk where you can shoot scenes of post-war devastation, as they say, without make-up. Abandoned old buildings with gaping holes instead of windows, grayness and dirt, a broken road ... These are the ZhBF, Ryabikovka areas ... But tell me, in which city are there no such areas?

The lack of pedestrian and walking areas, playgrounds, and shops in the yard negatively affects the health of the citizens in these and some other areas of the city, and we want our parents and pensioners to be healthy and happy, to walk, communicate, and travel.

One of my friends constantly complains about the snow blizzards in the winter, the rains in the summer. Once, on a fine winter day, I dropped the announcement about the opening of the dog sled race and invited her in a joint messenger group with her. She again sadly replied that it was better at home, under a plaid, they say, I hate snow. I immediately imagined how she, coming home from work, gets to the stove, prepares dinner - and under a plaid, to the TV. And so every day ... every week, every year ... All my life. Can you imagine a person hates snow - and lives in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky? Under the plaid ...

Space for dreams

Often I remember my life in Tokyo and my first impressions, then I wrote to my mother: "You imagine, for Japanese women of my age the biggest problem is to pick up the color of nail polish in the tone of the mobile phone case!". In the yard was 2000 year, Russia barely got up on its feet after 90.

"Mom, here you can do what only your heart desires!" One way from Tokyo 20 minutes - and you're on the golf course! In the other direction 2 hours on shinkansene - and you're skiing in the mountains! It's an hour before Enoshima - and you're worn on the board by the waves! Do you want - for a concert, you want - in an Internet cafe! .. »

I wish my city the same opportunities for its residents. Let it develop, flourish.

I dream of early breakfasts in cafes and restaurants, new city buses, high-speed trains, cruise liners and tourist ferries, refined parks and squares and most importantly - about healthy and happy residents.
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