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Petr Pogodaev: "I'm not like Tsoi!"

As a Yakutian musician got into the film of Cyril Serebrennikov about the group "Cinema"

The name of the musician from Yakutia, Pyotr Pogodaev, became known after the release of the movie "Summer". The tape, which tells of the beginning of the creative path of Viktor Tsoi and the group "Cinema", was directed by Cyril Serebrennikov. In the film, the legend of Russian rock is spoken by the voice of Denis Klyaver, and all the songs were performed by Pyotr Pogodaev. As a musician was on the shooting of the movie "Summer", found out EastRussia.

Petr Pogodaev: "I'm not like Tsoi!"

- Peter, you became aware of you after the movie "Summer" was released. Tell us, how did you end up on the set?

- Some of my records are on YouTube. One of them was found by the assistant director, then they contacted me.

- Which one?

- "Star". They liked my manner of doing, and I was invited to a meeting. Honestly, I did not believe it at first, I thought it was a lie. But people from the director's team insistently called and wrote to me, and then I decided to go.

- Do you live in Yakutsk? You were invited to Moscow, the way is not close?

- Yes, I live in Yakutsk. Although he was born not in the capital, but 700 kilometers from Yakutsk.

- Doubt completely lost?

- Yes. First, the travel to Moscow was paid, and secondly, the assistant was interested in my parameters: height, weight, eye color. I thought that I would not lose anything, and they also made the impression of serious people. So he went.

- How was the meeting?

- I was invited to a cafe. They brought a guitar, asked to sing a few songs. I sang... Cyril said: "You will work with us." By the way, I hadn’t heard about Kirill Semenovich before, I’m not interested in Russian actors, so I was intrigued and, of course, agreed.

EastRussia Help. Petru Pogodaev 28 years. He was born in the village of Topolinoye in the Tomponsky district of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the family of hereditary reindeer herders. One of the first students of the mountain-geological technical school of Khandyga settlement, he studied at the bulldozer. In 2012, a concert "The Last Hero" took place in the village house of culture, where Peter Pogodaev sang songs of the "Kino" group. He is married to his son Viktor - two and a half years.

- It turns out that you originally wanted to withdraw as Victor. And why not take the lead role?

- I myself did not want to. I do not look like Tsoi. Voice, perhaps, but outwardly we are completely different. The first song I heard was "A Star Called The Sun". I was 14 then. My uncle played the guitar and listened to Tsoi on cassettes. The creativity of the Kino group impressed me greatly, I learned to play the guitar, and began to dream of singing like Viktor Tsoi.

- The film "Summer" tells about the beginning of the creative path of Victor Tsoi, about the relationship with Mike Naumenko and his wife Natalia. Reviews about the movie were contradictory: someone called the picture a lie, but someone, on the contrary, highly appreciated the director's idea. What do you think about the film?

- The film was definitely good. It cannot be bad, this is a movie about Tsoi. And the film was not originally conceived as a documentary film, it is entirely the director's idea. Plus, interesting people gathered at the site - young actors. Communication with them is also a creative pleasant process, when you learn something new or you can share your knowledge. In my opinion, it is interesting and priceless.

- After you gave your consent to participate in the shooting, did you immediately go to Petersburg?

- No. All my work was divided into three stages. I traveled from Yakutsk to Moscow, and only then to Petersburg. First I got acquainted with the director and the creative group. Then I came back to Moscow to record in the studio. They released eight songs for the actor who played the main role - Theo Yu, so that he could study. And a month later I came to Petersburg - filmed and recorded on the street, in the premises, in a word, plunged into "live work".

- Peter, and which of the songs of the "Kino" group is your favorite?

- Of course, the "Change". This song is out of time, it was 20 years old, and now. It's a song about freedom. In music, in life. Everyone understands it in their own way.

- Now the work of the group "Kino" is experiencing a second birth. There are videos on the Internet, many sing songs Tsoi. By the way, very similar. What do you think of it?

- Yes, I saw. I'm positive. If a musician makes his way in this way, it's fine. I myself am so. Choi is popular not only in Russia, but also abroad. On the set, many young actors did not hear Victor's early songs, for example, from the "45 album". And they are no less interesting than the "Blood Group", for example.

"Peter, do you write your own songs?"

- Of course. It's been eight years. But all my work is like Tsoi's songs. Now I'm looking for my style. Although I rarely sing my songs at concerts.

- You have a song "Janitor". Is she autobiographical?

- Yes. I really like hard work. He was born in a remote village, where physical labor is the norm. My father is from hereditary reindeer herders. And our last name is Even.

- So you are?

- I'm Even. I was named after grandfather. My father has reindeer all his life, and my mother worked as a veterinarian. I have been used to the taiga since childhood. My homeland is a deer pasture. I plan to go there next month for the next year. I'm going to reindeer, ride horses.

- To shoot in the film, which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival, is undoubtedly a huge success. Especially for a guy from distant Yakutia. How do you assess your work in the movie "Summer"?

- I think, if I had been called before, I would get sick with a "star fever". And now, no, this is an incentive for me to grow further. Of course, my family was very happy for me. I want to record my album. At home to give a concert. I also want to discuss the film with Kirill Semyonovich.

- Kirill Serebrennikov is under house arrest on the case of "The Seventh Studio". What do you think of it?

- Strange affair. They are looking for some kind of financial fraud, and they can not find it. I think if he was a thief, what he is accused of, it would somehow manifest itself. He is certainly a talented director.

- What kind of music do you listen to?

- Any. I am a music lover. I can listen to both rap and chanson, and electronic music, and rock. "Butyrka", "The King and the Jester", "Linkin Park". Music is a hobby, although it takes a huge place in life. Without music, it would be boring. 


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