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The first winter games "Children of Asia" are waiting on Sakhalin

Why young athletes from Vietnam to Yakutia will gather on the island in winter, EastRussia understood

The first winter games "Children of Asia" are waiting on Sakhalin
Photo: Evgenia Stepanova
Last week, Vladivostok presented the main sporting event for the Russian Far East in the coming year. Very soon, on December 22, in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the region that is the founder of the Children of Asia sports games, the fire of the first winter competitions will be lit. From there, he will travel to the capital of Sakhalin, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, where international competitions will be hosted on February 8-17, 2019.

The Games “Children of Asia”, in which 16 athletes participate in years and younger, have already been held in 20 years, but the winter sports competitions will be held for the first time. 29 teams from 21 countries have already appeared on them. Eight teams will represent Russia. As explained by the President of the International Committee of the Games "Children of Asia" Dmitry Glushko, this is historical justice. “Children of Asia”, “born” in Yakutia, gained recognition of the International Olympic Committee, which secured our country the right to put on play the teams of those territories that initially participated in them - the Far Eastern, Ural, Siberian Federal Districts, the Republics of Bashkortostan, Yakutia, Tatarstan , the city of Moscow, and this time - the host game of the Sakhalin region. Among the foreign delegations, in addition to the traditionally developing winter sports of Japan, South Korea, Kazakhstan, are representatives of Indonesia, Jordan, Vietnam, Cambodia and others.

“In these exotic countries where there has never been snow, winter sports are also developing, especially ice sports — speed skating, figure skating, short track,” says Sergey Khatylykov, deputy general director of the Directorate for the first winter International Games “Children of Asia” .
The Organizing Committee is also waiting for applications from Armenia, China, Syria and even Kuwait. In total, it is expected that about a thousand and a half people will arrive in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, including almost a thousand athletes, the rest - team members, doctors, administrators. The final list is determined by 31 December 2018 of the year.

The Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Policy of the Sakhalin Region, Yegor Umnov, emphasizes that Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk was not chosen by chance for the games.

“The Sakhalin region pays great attention to the development of mass physical culture, professional sports, as evidenced by the number of people involved in sports in our region. According to this indicator, we are in the first place in the FEFD, the seventh in Russia. This was achieved thanks to the dynamic development of sports infrastructure in recent years. The facilities where the Children of Asia will be held are ready and able to accept competitions at the highest level, ”he said.

Games will be held on the territory of several sports facilities. Among them, the sports and tourist complex "Mountain Air", where 16 ski slopes are laid, five of which are certified for international competitions, the Kristall and Arena City sports complexes equipped with ice arenas, and the ski-biathlon complex complex, and the springboard K-70.

“The entire sports infrastructure was created, it wasn’t necessary to invest in construction, now we are working with industry sports federations on nuances,” said Yegor Umnov, specifying that the process of preparing hotels is underway, equipment is being supplied, including the judges. By the way, the judging panel will be international - both from Russia and from Asian countries.

You can watch the games not only on the stadium, but also on television and on the Internet - on the games website and on federal channels, including on “Match-TV”, where they will show the “diaries” of games.

Residents of the Sakhalin region, participants and guests of the competition in the days of games will be able to send postcards with symbols of games to anywhere in the world. Sakhalin Region, together with Pochta Rossi, produced several thousand postcards of 23 species. Among them are both the works of professional artists with the “Children of Asia” logos, and postcards with drawings of young Sakhalin and Kursk people. Their work was selected during a popular vote.

“A lot of work,” continues Yegor Umnov, “is in the process of forming a volunteer corps. About a thousand volunteers will be involved in organizing events. Now we finish the set. About 200 people - guests from other regions of the Russian Federation, including the Primorsky Territory, the rest - residents of the Sakhalin region.

In total, 91 sets of medals in eight sports and 26 disciplines will be played at the games. Experts name the favorites of the competition with caution. Russia, the Republic of Korea, Kazakhstan, and Japan are traditionally strong in winter sports. However, other teams cannot be discounted.

- What did we see in summer sports competitions? That a large number of guys are champions of Asia, the world in their ages, weights, disciplines. In addition, unpredictable situations often occur. When children, for example, from Sri Lanka, participating in athletics competitions, ran barefoot and won their distances. And in the last summer games, the team from Vladivostok, which represented the federal district in football and was among the favorites, in the very first game “fell under the Japanese” and lost with a crushing score. This was not expected in any way. So making predictions is very difficult, says Dmitry Glushko.

- The Sakhalin region has the task to win. Taking into account the fact that we are setting up two teams, we will fight for a high team place. Now the formed pool of athletes is undergoing enhanced training camps. The Sakhalin region is represented in all disciplines, except for the short track, due to the fact that this sport is not cultivated here. But after the games, when we have the necessary equipment, an interest will appear, - Egor Umnov tells about the plans of the hosts of the competition.

The design of the medals has not been disclosed until the official presentation. The organizers promise that the images on them will be sent to the culture of the indigenous peoples of the Sakhalin region. Visualized images related to the history of Sakhalin are also used in the opening ceremony.

- One of the most important tasks of the organizers is to keep the intrigue to the end. Therefore, I can say that the director's group, local, Sakhalin, works, creates, it needs to show the Sakhalin region so that everyone remembers it, regardless of whether the guests know Russian or not, Dmitry Glushko summarizes.
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