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Why did the residents start to leave the TOP in the Far East and did they start trying to find out EastRussia

This week it became known that the project in the territory of priority development (TOP) "Khabarovsk" has refused one of the investors - the retailer GC "Nevada". This is with reference to the representative of the regional government reported "Interfax". EastRussia found out that this is not the first case of early termination of the agreement on activities in the TOP: in June, the territory of Nadezhdinskaya in Primorye left the foreign investor SATO LLC, which planned to open a line for the production of men's thermal underwear. The reason for the outcome of investors in the unavailability of sites - the construction of networks is delayed to them, although the managing corporation and the regional authorities promise to complete the infrastructure by the end of 2018. In the Nevada itself, however, it is assured that the project is not abandoned, but simply decided to change the site to more equipped engineering communications.

The first of the
Special project TORA and Free Port
Two outputs per two TOP

The first case in the Khabarovsk Krai of termination of the agreement on the implementation of the project in the territory of advanced development (TOP) became known at the briefing of the first deputy chairman of the Khabarovsk government Yuri Chaika, dedicated to the preparation of the region for the third Eastern Economic Forum. "Nevada withdrew the project. Today I met with representatives of the company literally - they did not mentally withdraw it, just physically, so as not to violate the agreement, they have so far removed it, "the official told Interfax." The companies are needed to start the network project implementation, and they are on the site of the TOP "Khabarovsk" in Rakitny will appear only to 2018 year, and then - trunk, he clarified.
In the Khabarovsk TOR, 20 resident companies are now officially official with the amount of announced investments of 31,2 billion rubles.

Group of companies "Nevada" belongs to Khabarovsk businessman Yuri Egorov. The retailer owns the largest in the Far East network of hypermarkets under the brand "Samburu" mini markets "One-two" small production facilities - for example, for baking bread products. It was the last "Nevada" was going to transfer to the TOP, investing in a new production and logistics complex with an area of ​​about 70 thousand square meters. meters, including storage space.

Last year, Nevada filed an application for the status of resident LLC Nevada-Khabarovsk, registered in February 2016 in Ilyinka, a suburb of Khabarovsk, near the site in Rakitnoye. 10 August 2016 year of the company was issued a certificate of the resident of the TOP with the activities of "food production; production of beverages; warehousing and auxiliary transport activities ", which should have been in effect until 24 June 2085. But on August 7, as follows from the register of residents of the top published by the managing company JSC "Corporation for Development of the Far East" (KRDV), the agreement was terminated prematurely.

Agreements with residents - documents fixing mutual obligations of the state represented by the management company and the investor, on their basis companies are issued with a certificate of obtaining the status of a resident. These are confidential documents, as they contain certain parameters of projects that represent commercial secrets. The amount of investment in the project "Nevada" was not publicly disclosed, but, according to EastRussia, it was about 1,6 billion rubles. In the "Nevada" confirmed the assessment of the first stage of the complex in 1,5 billion rubles., The whole object - in 10 billion rubles. (the expected deadlines for the delivery of all the queues of the complex - to 2025 year).

From the register of TOR residents it also follows that this is not the first case of termination of agreements. 23 June, 2017, the agreement on the activities in the TOP "Nadezhdinskaya" (Primorye) was terminated by SATO LLC, an investor with foreign capital, who received resident status in February 2016. The company was going to produce men's thermal underwear and underwear and was going to invest 45 million rubles into import-substituting production. The partners of the resident were to be Chinese Lung Sun Sewing & Electric Mashine Co. - manufacturer of equipment. The resident did not have any funds to equip the line: according to EastRussia, the company claimed the need to attract about 40 million rubles. on credit, and equipment planned to be leased.

Greenfield without networks

TOP Nadezhdinskaya, as well as the Rakitnoye site TOR Khabarovsk is a classic greenfield: a clean field to which power, water, sewerage and gas must be supplied, and to Nadezhdinskaya, a road. Work should be carried out at the expense of budgets of various levels. In the case of "Rakitin" this is 1258 million rubles. from the budget of the Russian Federation and 1374 million rubles. - from the budget of the Khabarovsk Territory. In the case of "Nadezhdinskaya" - 1986,1 million rubles from the country's budget and the same amount - from the budgets of the Primorsky Territory, the budget of the Nadezhdinsky municipal district and extra-budgetary sources.

Initially, it was assumed that the infrastructure for the TOP Khabarovsk and Nadezhdinskaya, established in 2015, will be built before the end of 2017. But to meet these deadlines, according to the monitoring of construction, is unlikely to succeed.

In "Nadezhdinskaya", for example, to build water treatment plant at 250 thousand cubic meters per day, the first step -. Power at 30 thousand cubic meters.. The total cost of the object is 857,5 million rubles. Construction began in March 2017 year, the backlog in terms of - 91 day. In this case, the main water pipeline (151,3 million rubles) and sewerage (253,3 million rubles) began to build last summer, the degree of readiness of the facilities - 53% and 40%, respectively, the probability of failure of terms is estimated as "low". The water infrastructure is built by KSUE Primorsky Vodokanal.

With the objects of energy infrastructure for which KRFV and FGC UES are responsible, on the contrary, everything is complicated: at 273 days the construction of a substation at 220 kV "Prompark" costing 800,3 million rubles is behind, on 61 day - a trunk transmission line worth 1,7 billion rubles. "A long procedure for coordinating the 220 kV transmission line with land users. The lack of coordination of the passage from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to FSUE Zapadnoye, "the explanation of the backlog says.

On the site "Rakitnoe" a similar situation. The first phase of water supply facilities is estimated at 109,4 million rubles, water disposal - 335,3 million rubles, for facilities the regional government is responsible. Lagging by systems from the schedule - 51 day. The explanation is that the demand from residents in the year 2017 objects missing, territory planning project was approved too long, and the edges of the government - a long time chose the "forms of implementation and action artist". Another reason is "a long-term coordination of TK for the development of the PPT for the location of the facility by the administration of Khabarovsk." Design and construction of a substation at 220 kV "Vostok" worth 866,4 million rubles. is executed on 2% and lags behind schedule on 203 day.

Plans of residents - not dogma

On 25 August, the status of residents of the TOP in the Far East had 158 resident companies with the volume of investments under agreements slightly more than 494,5 billion rubles. On consideration was 338 applications for 1,652 trillion rubles. Until the end of 2017, the authorities promise, 85 enterprises will be introduced into the TOP.

The East-Arabia explained to East-Arabia that according to the agreement signed in August 2016 with Nevada-Khabarovsk LLC, the parties pledged to agree and sign a project implementation schedule, no later than 60 calendar days from the date of signing, which is an integral part of this agreement. However, the document was not received by the KRVD. But 10 January 2017, the company sent a letter to the management company "On the termination of the agreement No. 1 / R-69 from 09.08.2016 between JSC" KRDV "and LLC" Nevada-Khabarovsk ". "Among the reasons are: failure to make investments, including capital investments, in the amount and within the timeframes provided for in paragraph X.NUMX agreement, as well as failure to provide project documentation and engineering survey results within the timeframe established by the agreement." According to paragraph And 3.3.4 ., the results of engineering surveys resident had to give up to December 4.4 30 years and up to April 2016 30 years - the project documentation "- told in KRDV.

Yuri Chaika says that "the exit of a resident is a process envisaged by law: somebody did not find money, someone failed the crisis." "This is business. Someone moves the deadlines to later ones, concluding additional agreements with the KRDV. Here, the plans of the resident have changed - on the other hand, we hope that the infrastructure will change in the other direction as well. " According to him, by the time of 2018, the main infrastructure for the site in Rakitnoye will be completed. "We expect to announce by the end of this year a tender for construction and installation works on water supply, by the end of next summer - to complete the construction. Intrasite networks and sewage treatment facilities need to be started to be designed, but they definitely need to be made for a resident. We, for our part, have provided for the procedure for subsidizing the regional budget - on it the resident himself conducts the project for state expertise, builds, and then receives reimbursement of costs. It turns out and faster. Normal industrial parks are working according to this principle: networks for specific projects, "he says.

The KRRF confirmed that the construction of infrastructure facilities in the Khabarovsk TOP will begin according to the schedule - in the fourth quarter of this year. "To date, all pre-site networks have been designed, the completion date and commissioning of facilities - the end of the next year, 2018," the corporation said.

Lyubov Polishchuk, a representative of the Nevada Group, explained to EastRussia that the Rakitnoye site was evaluated by internal forces in terms of the speed of the project and the readiness of the infrastructure. "According to internal estimates, the Avangard is the most attractive site for the project. So we go there, "she said. Industrial park "Avangard", we recall, is another of the sites of the Khabarovsk TOR, but with the already supplied infrastructure: there is electricity, water, gas and about 10 hectares of free space for investment projects. "This is in the stage of agreement. This is a rational decision, it does not mean that we stop the implementation of the project. We do not leave, "Lyubov Polishchuk assured.

The intention of the project to go to another investment site, to the industrial park "Avangard", with reference to the chapter "Nevada" Yuri Yegorov EastRussia confirmed in the KRDV. Mr. Yegorov describes the situation as normal, working: "We are familiar with the schedule. The decision to terminate the management agreement, we accepted it, and it has nothing to do with the construction of infrastructure facilities on the site of Rakitnoye TOR Khabarovsk. From the status of the resident of the territory of advanced development the company does not refuse.

However, in the "Vanguard" to comment on the situation refused.

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