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Pioneers. New economic policy in the Khabarovsk Territory

The 24 investment projects from the Khabarovsk Territory presented at the Eastern Economic Forum reflect the entire range of industrial, resource and intellectual potential of the region, as well as instruments of state support for economic development. Many of these tools are new, and the Khabarovsk Territory is a pioneer in their development. Governor of the Territory Vyacheslav Shport told about this in an interview with EastRussia on the eve of the EEF.

Pioneers. New economic policy in the Khabarovsk Territory
- Vyacheslav Ivanovich, TASED is a new economic policy of our state. What are the first successes?

- Yes, we are the first to go through this path and fill ourselves with bumps. But I'm sure we will pass it. We see a priority in the creation and development of highly intelligent industrial production within the TASED, and this is what we stake on. We can say that the first TASED in Russia, this new, reliable and profitable format of work for business, has already begun to function. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done in the future, and the work is very difficult.

Undoubtedly, the priority of our work now is the formation of the first territories of advanced social and economic development (PSEDA) in our country - Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk. They were approved by decrees of the Government of the Russian Federation in June of this year. We, together with the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East, the plenipotentiary representative in the Far Eastern Federal District, have already done a great deal of work - the regulatory framework has been fully formed, both at the federal and regional levels, and mechanisms of interaction between all levels of government have been built. The procedure and sources of financing for the construction, reconstruction and operation of infrastructure facilities have been determined, and a management system for these territories has been built. The first agreements have already been signed with "anchor" investors - in particular, with GK Energia, which will implement a project to create a machining production for the aviation industry in TASED "Komsomolsk".

- What is on the priority list now?

- At the moment, the main thing is not to waste time. We must as quickly as possible create all the necessary conditions for investors, future residents of TASED, so that they accelerate the implementation of their projects. Now on the agenda is the development of projects for the layouts of PSEDA sites, design documentation for engineering and road infrastructure, social and cultural facilities, the final formation of the management system - all these works need to be carried out during 2015, in order to start directly the construction of infrastructure facilities at the expense of the regional and federal budgets, and so that investors can already start building their production facilities.
I would like to note that in addition to the complex creation of engineering and road infrastructure for the PSEDA, without which residents will not be able to start work, it is equally important to solve another problem - to ensure the attraction and consolidation of labor resources, to create stable social ties of the population with the place of work and residence. In other words, we place an important emphasis on the development of social infrastructure around the PSEDA sites. This is especially true for Komsomolsk. The city has a very rich industrial potential, but the social infrastructure, unfortunately, is “lame”. We have already agreed with the Ministry for the Development of the Far East a list of social, cultural and domestic facilities that will be built in the city. It is planned to reconstruct general education school and preschool institutions, including the construction of a specialized engineering school, the purpose of which will be to develop an interest in engineering professions in children from school. It is also planned to build a multi-storey residential complex in the Parus microdistrict, next to one of the sites of the Komsomolsk PSEDA, a sports palace and a children's hospital complex.

- That is, we will see construction work at the PSEDA sites next year?

- Yes. 32 out of 6 potential residents of TASED are already ready to start construction. And in the industrial park "Avangard", this is one of the three sites of the PSEDA "Khabarovsk", work is already underway. The Japanese company JGCCorporation is building greenhouses where vegetables and herbs will be grown using the latest technologies. By the way, the range of investment projects planned for implementation in PSEDA Khabarovsk is very wide - from agriculture to the construction of a metallurgical plant ... The area allows, and there is still room for new investors.
And attracting new investors is one of our most important tasks. At the same time, we invite not only big business. In the decrees of the government of the Russian Federation, which approved the creation of PSEDA, 53 types of activities are provided for their residents - from veterinary medicine and fish farming to the production of cars and films, they will not be able to engage, perhaps, only in banking and mining. The minimum investment threshold for entry is set at 500 thousand rubles.
This is quite a lifting bar, even for small companies, especially given the serious preferences for TASED residents. We expect that small businesses will also enter TASEDs. It is clear that the best advertisement for new investors will not be any of our words, but the facts of successful work of enterprises in PSEDA. And we try to do everything to ensure that there are as many of these facts as possible, and they could be presented as early as possible.

- Do you plan to apply for the creation of new PSEDA in the region?

- Of course, we plan to further develop a network of such territories, in particular, to create a TOSED in the area of ​​the ports of Vanino and Sovetskaya Gavan. Sovetskaya Gavan already has a port special economic zone, approved by a decree of the government of the Russian Federation in 2009, with a set of significant preferences for residents. Although, "works", of course, is loudly said. While it exists more on paper, since trying to establish its functioning, at one time we faced a lot of problems, both infrastructural and related to the lack of development of the management system for such special territories. all problems, find ways to solve them. We in no way abandon the PSEZ, on the contrary, we are now working to expand the zone to the Vaninsky district. The interest of investors in PSEZ remains, and we still hope that it will actually work. The Vanino-Sovgavan node has a huge development potential that has not yet been revealed. It would be important for us that there is also a port special economic zone specializing in stevedoring services, fish processing, and PSEDA (which, by the way, has already been recognized as promising by the government subcommittee). We believe that PSEZ TASED mechanisms can be logically linked so that they complement each other.
We also plan to extend the PSEDA regime to the Russian part of Bolshoy Ussuriisky Island near Khabarovsk. It is planned to create here, together with our Chinese partners, an international tourist and recreational territory with the establishment of a special visa regime. The project is undoubtedly unique, but also large-scale, requiring significant costs for the construction of hydraulic structures, taking into account the levels of large-scale flooding in 2013.
In addition, we are working to create a PSEDA at other sites, in particular, in the Chegdomyn village of the Verkhnebureinsky District, as part of the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin on the development of single-industry towns.

- But the PSEDA regime cannot be extended to the entire region ...

- Of course, in addition to the development of TASEDs, we use all available mechanisms of state support for economic development. This is, for example, such a tool as support for priority investment projects. Following the results of the competitive selection of the Government of the Russian Federation, two projects have been selected from the region, which will receive federal funding for infrastructure support.
These are the projects of Sakhatrans LLC for the construction of a coal terminal in the port of Vanino and Urgalugol OJSC, which plans to build an enrichment plant at the Urgal coal field in the Verkhnebureinsky District and increase production volumes. The total support will amount to about 4,8 billion rubles, which is planned to be invested in the construction of roads, the installation of power lines and utilities. State subsidies will help attract about 42 billion in private investment and create more than 3 new jobs. We continue to work on preparing new applications from the region to participate in the selection. For example, we are already implementing a large project to revive the tin ore industry (by the way, the Khabarovsk Territory is the only region of the country where this metal is mined) in the Verkhnebureinsky and Solnechny regions. He may well count on priority status. There are other contenders in various industries - rural farming to wood processing and mining - in different stages of readiness.

If we talk about the future, then, for example, the development of a project for the production of pulp in the Tuguro-Chumikansky region, unique for Russia, is at the final stage. It is planned to start construction next year, and the start of production is scheduled for 2019. This is a project of our Khabarovsk investors. And, for example, a company from the United States is going to implement, again, a unique project - the development of the country's largest gold-copper deposit, Malmyzh, in the Nanai region.
In addition, the region has already implemented the mechanism of "regional investment projects". And the first investor has already received tax benefits at the regional level. This is Polymetal's project for the development of the Svetloye gold deposit in the Okhotsk region. In addition, we are developing industrial parks on the territory of the region, a regional technopark is being built in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, designed to support small industrial enterprises ... We entered the federal program "Increasing the mobility of labor resources" 2015-2017 years. Its implementation will help to attract additionally to the region about a thousand specialists from other regions of the country necessary for the implementation of investment projects. We will help investors, including at the expense of the regional budget, to "transport" the personnel they need here. That is, I repeat, we are trying to use all the mechanisms of state support available to us for existing and new projects in all areas - from industry to tourism. We expect that the current budgetary investments and tax incentives will give a return in the future - in the form of economic growth, creation of new jobs, and filling the budget.

- Do you not often use the term “unique” in relation to projects?

- Believe me, they are really unique. The Khabarovsk Territory itself is a unique subject of the federation. There is hardly any other region where enormous natural resources, beautiful nature and high intellectual and industrial potential are so combined. Our task is to use all this for the benefit of our citizens, our region and our country. We understand that the economic prospects of any region today depend on the quality of cooperation with investors. And we try to create the most comfortable conditions for investors - be it small or large business, domestic or foreign. And we invite investors to see for themselves. I assure them that they will receive maximum support from all levels of government in the Khabarovsk Territory.


TOSER "Khabarovsk"
The total number of potential residents - 27 companies
The total amount of announced investments is 33 billion rubles.
The number of jobs created - 4800
State support for the creation of infrastructure - 2,3 billion rubles.
Consists of three sites:
Rakitnoe - 520,1 ha
Industrial park "Avangard" - 51,7 hectares
Airport - 15,5 hectares with subsequent expansion to 108 hectares

TOSER "Komsomolsk"
The total number of potential residents - 5 companies
The total amount of announced investments is 12 billion rubles.
The number of jobs created - 1114 people
State support for the creation of infrastructure - 1,232 billion rubles.
Consists of three sites:
- Parus site - area 59,4 hectares
- "Amurlitmash" site - area 62,2 hectares
- Amursk site - area 97,3 ha
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