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Transshipment lead under the roof

"Terminal Astafieva" starts the construction of the first stage of the closed unloading area

As part of the fulfillment of the instructions of the President of Russia on the transition to closed coal transshipment in 2020, the Spanish company Gaptek will build a closed shed over the railway unloading area at Astafyev’s Terminal.

Transshipment lead under the roof

In Spain, Terminal Astafieva OJSC signed a contract with the Spanish company Gaptek for the erection of a hinged structure. The construction of the shed will in fact complete the first stage of the transition of the enterprise to the closed transshipment of coal in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation. Commissioning of this facility will completely close the industrial unloading area of ​​the Terminal Astafyev’s residential area.

The design is an aluminum ceiling with a total area of ​​almost 13 thousand square meters. meters, placed at an altitude of 28 meters. The outer coating of corrugated steel sheet from the top and sides will reliably isolate the environment from the effects of coal dust. The entire structure consists of 12 supports and is formed from a light tubular aluminum profile. The choice of aluminum as the base metal for the coating is due to the fact that it gives the structure lightness, despite its large size, withstands severe climatic loads, is resistant to corrosion and is more durable than steel.

“A team of engineers from Gaptek will test technical solutions on the ground together with the specialists of Terminal Astafyev.” We understand how important it is to ensure that the deadlines for the transition to the closed transshipment of coal in the city of Nakhodka, specified in the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation, are met. To do this, we asked the contractors, so that they laid in their technical solutions the maximum possible efficiency of production and installation of mounted structures. In order to speed up and facilitate the assembly of floors, the components will come in a partially assembled form, ”said the general director of Astafyev’s Terminal, Ruslan Kondratov.

The Spanish company Gaptek works in 15 countries of the world and specializes in erecting buildings and roofs from large-sized metal structures using the most advanced design and construction methods.

“Mechanical strength and stability, structural safety, durability are the main aspects that were taken into account when making constructive decisions of this project. The wind direction and temperature conditions in the city of Nakhodka were taken into account, and the maximum snow load was calculated, ”said Thomas Feliu, director of Gaptek.

The company also added that the design is certified according to all European and Russian standards of technical and environmental safety.

Ранее «Терминал Астафьева» в рамках выполнения поручения президента РФ о переходе к закрытой перевалке угля первым в Находке приступил к проектированию комплекса по закрытой перевалке угля. Для поиска оптимального решения по проектированию комплекса закрытого складирования и перегрузке угля компания привлекла в проект ведущих мировых специалистов. Результатом этого стало подписание на Петербургском экономическом форуме меморандума о сотрудничестве «Терминала Астафьева» с мировыми лидерами в области строительства подобных сооружений. Так, поставщиком оборудования выступит немецкая компания Schade – крупнейший в мире производитель автоматизированного перегрузочного оборудования для терминалов сыпучих грузов. А инженерные решения для реализации проекта предоставила одна из старейши�� и крупнейших корпораций Японии – Marubeni.

Currently, along with the Telestak ship-loading machines already in operation, the port is installing a closed-type conveyor line with a capacity of 1 500 tons per hour. The line was produced in South Korea by the individual order of “Terminal Astafyev” and has already arrived at the enterprise. 19 mobile and stationary dust suppression guns of various capacities (four of them have the largest radius of coverage in the Far East - 150 meters), which cover the entire territory of the enterprise with a water curtain, operate along the perimeter of the port. In the round-the-clock mode, environmental and production safety is controlled by an automated control center that coordinates the work of all the enterprise systems. Also, the construction of a dust-proof screen with a height from 21 to 25 meters, which is the highest indicator among all stevedores of Nakhodka, also comes to the end.

The laying of the foundation for the construction of the structure according to the plan of the Spanish company Gaptek should begin in November 2019 of the year.

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