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“Stop monitoring the situation with coronavirus hourly”

Psychotherapist told how to survive stress during a pandemic

The world is now struggling with an epidemic, all media are reporting about coronavirus, and sometimes there is so much information that it really does not work to isolate itself. Even people with a stable nervous system respond to reports with some concern. But epidemics have happened before, and will still be, and stress and panic are dangerous for the human body.

“Stop monitoring the situation with coronavirus hourly”

Let's figure out what is most dangerous right now. First of all, it is a long stress. Panic, anxiety and fear, as well as symptoms from the autonomic nervous system (feeling of lack of air, palpitations, headache, abdominal pain), which have no somatic cause, cause hypoxia of the brain. In turn, hypoxia is a consequence of muscle tension, narrowing of blood vessels, increase or decrease in blood pressure from normal numbers. Our blood vessels and nerves respond to changes in adrenaline, norepinephrine, and vasopressin levels, and stress influences the production of these hormones. Vasopressin, for example, increases vascular tone by increasing blood pressure, while adrenaline and norepinephrine constrict blood vessels. Long-term stress is simply dangerous for the human body.

A panic attack is an attack that is accompanied by severe anxiety, excruciating, sometimes inexplicable feelings of fear, increased blood pressure, dizziness, numbness and tremor of the extremities, decreased or increased body temperature, sweating, shortness of breath. If you find yourself with any of these symptoms, this does not mean that you have a coronavirus. I urge everyone to remain calm! Panic attacks are treated medically and non-medically, although their causes almost never lie on the surface. To stop a panic attack, it is important to restore blood flow by any means: massage of the collar zone, any exercises where the upper body is involved. Also needed fresh air, sleep, sports.

Long-term stress reduces immunity, and then the body becomes vulnerable, prone to infections. Stop monitoring the situation hourly, monitor mortality, and count the number of new cases. Do not read the news, do not watch TV, do not discuss these events with loved ones. You cannot influence the situation in any way. But the prescriptions of doctors need to be followed - stay at home, wear masks, wear gloves, wash your hands more often, ventilate the premises, daily and thoroughly carry out wet cleaning.

It is important to understand that more than once difficult situations, stresses and trials will occur in life, so make every effort to tune in to a better outcome. We are nervous because we can’t control the epidemic in any way, and this is scary. Think that the epidemic will end soon, make plans for the future, take care of your personality, relationships with loved ones.

It is very useful to switch and find a pleasant and interesting activity. This can be dancing, sports, hobbies, reading, self-education, needlework. Now there are educational courses online, yoga and dance classes, virtual karaoke, and many other interesting things. Dream of the good, and drive the thoughts of the bad away from you. Be healthy and take care!

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