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Portable metropolitan life

People's analytics: what do the residents of the Far East think?

From the night of December 10 "theme of the day" in the Far East - a possible change of the capital. The President of Russia supported the initiative to transfer the administrative center of the Far Eastern Federal District to Vladivostok, although he has not yet signed the corresponding decree, which gives the news a subjunctive and populist raid. "The idea of ​​transferring the capital of the Far Eastern Federal District to Vladivostok has many factors in favor, but there are other points of view, a position must be formed on the ground," said presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov. #EastRussia has collected opinions and memes for you from the pages of social networks, from the kitchens and publics of two "opposing" cities. We give specifically without geotitrov: guess where the speakers are from, independently. Spelling and punctuation of the original posts saved.

Portable metropolitan life
Photo: Daniil Shimko

Mikhail Kurbanov: The “capital” of the Far East just started to move, and in Khabarovsk it has already become warmer!

Olga Barkova"Today we have learned good news for Vladivostok! He became the capital of the Far East! Congratulations to all the residents! These are new opportunities for development and raising the standard of living! Let's improve the quality of goods and services to match our beautiful capital - Vladivostok! "

Sergey Mamaev"Twist of fate or with light steam-xnumx. He fell asleep in the capital, and woke up in an ordinary provincial town. I didn't seem to drink. "

Svetlana Kosova: "Let's not become the capital, maybe our prices will stop suffering from rabies?"

Vitaly Yazvenko: "Vlad is good, we launched a technopark here, selected residents, the launch of our business accelerator and close work with projects soon. In general, it was always unclear to me what gives the status of the capital? Is there more money for the city? "

Masha Netrebenko: “Primoryans happily write that they woke up in the“ capital ”. Khabarovsk pouted and contemptuously wish Primorye to choke. And I am sitting in a crowded, stormy den, neutral as Switzerland, and I enjoy watching all of this, as a resident of two capitals in the past.

In this situation with the division of the capital status - the quintessence of everything that is happening in our country, the grain of the Russian world order. In the current social, political and economic situation in the Far East, reassigning the status of the capital (exactly the same as calling airports) and taking this seriously also is the same as hanging Kuinji's originals in an apartment-den of drunks after a fire in the hope that after that something will change.

Well, imagine you come to your home, and there, the smoked ceiling and the walls were slapped, under the layer of dust and sod you can not see the floorboards, the smoke was turned off, you turned off the light and water for non-payment, you are dead in the closet, here is "Dnepr Morning" on the wall I will hang and live! "

Alexander IRoshenko: "Having woken up, I made the usual honorable circle on news feeds, I realized that in the Far East there is now a new capital. Which name is Vladivostok. In my life this will not change anything. I suppose that in the life of most of you is also ... Administrative capital in my Fatherland - the contour is very conditional. There is one capital - Moscow. All the others go to the century. "

Friend Verkeenko: "We fell asleep in the village and woke up in the capital !!! Hurray."

Guest bone in the throat: "So do not push the city in traffic from traffic jams, so a few hundred idlers will come! And everyone has a car. And everyone has relatives. Also with cars. Mistresses again. With cars. Give everyone an apartment, give parking, flashing lights Provide ... We don’t need someone else's shit - ours has a hundred years to spare. "

Lena Vertyankina: "Khabarovsk is the capital OFF. Aloha, provincials! If you had a chance, the classic said, to be born in an empire ... - then you know. The province is almost ours, it remains to be transferred to the sea. It will be justly so. like me, nothing has changed, but since yesterday I have felt strangely destitute and, at the same time, pacified. "

Andrey Kalachinsky: “Putin agreed to the transfer of the capital to Vladivostok. This is what I read in the news. And it hovered in perplexity. Here, it began! Sovereign, like Peter the Great, great! From Moscow to Vladivostok? Then everything goes: the Mariinsky stage (the sovereign loves ballet and Gergiev), the new exhibition museum-concert complex (the sovereign loves to roam the storerooms of the Russian Museum), talks with Abe, and a change of course from tricky China to even more cunning Japan ... I already Putin’s mausoleum was seen in Vladivostok when the eye got out a lost word - FEFD. How? Are we just the capital of FEFD? Not the whole country?

Now we are the capital of all Transbaikalia, the Amur region with the Ussuri region, Kamchatka, Chukotka, Magadan region, Yakutshchina and the Islands of the Small and Big Kuril ridge! And this is despite the fact that Vladivostok was nyl-nyl, but never received the status of the capital of Primorye from regional deputies. And now we have an envoy with his retinue, Almond with clerks, and even "ten thousand couriers"! Where to put them?

In any case, they need to be placed compactly and somewhere so that they do not interfere with us and we do not interfere under their feet. Why do many countries build capitals in the open field like Astana and Washington? Yes, because in historical cities the government is forced to ride each other many miles from end to end. I was struck by Washington: the square, and around the ministry and museums, and at the head of the building is the Capitol. Presidential White House - a little apart, but close. Ministers walk to each other along the alleys. And now we do not need our eternal whining: "Why do we need it? What is the use? Again it will be worse." We are free people, we brought up typhoons, we will not crush us with bureaucracy! "

Nicodemus Zavidonov: "Khabarovsk, of course, is more impressive than Vladik. Wider, smoother, sewage does not flow through all the streets. Mass of railways, mass of traffic connections. Of course, the frosts are not frail, but there are terrible winds here.
And in Vladik there is one sewer pipe on 100 for the whole city and one railway deep into the country - that's all! In the sea you can not swim - poisoned by impurities.

Dmitry Panov: "The transfer, even formal, of the capital of the region is impossible without the transfer of the headquarters of the army, Rosgvardiya, the Interior Ministry and other security officials. And this will never happen - not even tens of billions of them are updated and improved. nonsense. No, of course, I understand, a mad dog a thousand miles is not a detour, but why admit it so clearly ?! ”

Dmitry Zemskov: "Life hacking All-Russian: If you want any positive changes to start in your city / region / region / subject of the federation, vote in the next elections AGAINST United Russia! And then you and the fish are cheaper, glonass and ice cream and women for children flowers ... and the capital will be transferred to you, in short, every whim! "

Susana Kim: “They really don’t understand how much it will cost the budget? I consider it a crime in such a difficult period to be engaged in transferring the capital, naming airports, etc. They have their own fights, and the people are reaping the benefits.

Daniil Shimko: "After approval of the transfer of the capital of the FEFD from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok, France was forced to impose a state of emergency"


Alena Aleshina"For the residents of Khabarovsk, the definition of "the capital of the Far East" was even somewhere offensive. Because neither the barracks on the 60 anniversary of October Revolution, nor the flats without toilets on Muravyev-Amursky, nor the beautiful toilets of general use on the Cossack Mountain give out the capital in this beautiful city ... And what is the wind rose! Journalists talk to people about the capital of the Far East, because the word "Khabarovsk" is often not pronounced in one sentence) But, as the beautiful ex-head of Topolevo in the Khabarovsk district said: "For every tricky ass there will always be a bolt." And now the "capital of the Far East" is moving to Vladivostok. I can see straight away: they removed the sapphire stars, collected the paving stones, scraped and washed them, and took them to the port city on the Pacific coast ”.

And, finally, an opinion on the transfer of the capital from our colleagues:

“Before the Duma of Vladivostok, the deputies of Vladivostok offered to be the capital of the Far East, officially recognize Vladivostok as the capital of Primorye.т - PThe status of Vladivostok as the administrative center of the Primorsky Territory is not legally fixed by law. "

“Nothing will change in the life of two cities from moving a certain number of officials from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok, and transferring the military district headquarters and other large structures to Primorye is hardly possible,” notes TV channel "Gubarniya ".

"And in the election of 2023, the candidate from United Russia will return the capital? Well, the transfer did not kill anyone, everyone is alive and continues to work," summarizes Inform portal

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