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Right Stuff

Right Stuff

Maria Khristoforova, General Director of Cityim Media Group LLC:

- Now the autumn conscription into the army continues. If we analyze the statistics of recent years and general trends, then the army - both legislation and attitudes towards it - has changed dramatically. The guys who have served, as in the Soviet years, have great opportunities for study and career growth.

It is very pleasant that the Yakut children are set as an example by draftees from other regions. Take at least a training center for training junior specialists in the navy. It was formed in 1938 year, this date coincides with the date of Primorsky Region formation. Many graduates-cadets during the Great Patriotic War participated in the battle near Moscow, many received high titles - Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Russia. Today, graduates of the center are serving in all fleets - the Black Sea, the Caspian Flotilla, the Pacific. Some became prominent politicians.

The deputy commander of the unit for work with personnel, second rank captain Konstantin Barabash said that 1050 people from all regions of Russia are training at the same time, but mostly from Primorsky Krai and the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). Usually, approximately 150 people get from Yakutia to the Center, but this year many times more - about 350-400 people. In his opinion, it seems that the Yakut guys for the army are already prepared in the civilian world and subsequently serve an order of magnitude higher than others.

This year, the Ministry of Defense of the country tasked to pay special attention to the special physical training of servicemen. The center notes that many recruits have zero physical training due to computers, sitting at homework. But the Yakut guys give odds to others.

"It is felt that in the republic - not only in Yakutsk, but in almost every village, sports complexes are working. Yakut guys are helped and passion for the national sport - mas-wrestling - pulling the stick. The essence is this: rivals sit opposite each other, resting their feet on a board placed on the edge and take up a stick with both hands, but with different grip. The winner is the athlete who tore a stick from the hands of an opponent or pulled him to his side. Loss is also considered to be touching the dividing board with your hands, "Konstantin Barabash shared.

The head of the physical training department of the center even introduced into practice the championship in mas-wrestling. Freestyle wrestling (also a popular sport in Yakutia) is not in the center, but they practice army hand-to-hand fighting.

It turns out that in the center there was even a whole division of children from Yakutia, which during the year was considered the best in all indicators. Now they serve on ships of the Pacific Fleet. If earlier, some years ago 5, troubled servicemen came from Yakutia, today the commanders of the Yakut recruits “line up”, noticing the glitter and desire to serve in their eyes.

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