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Park or gone

Why should an official "hectare" in the center of Vanino

Vanino (Khabarovsk Territory) is agitated by the story with the release of a “Far Eastern hectare” within the boundaries of the settlement to an employee of the local administration Igor Kaplun. The latter says that he will build a children's park on a wasteland between the two houses, but so far, it seems, neither the village deputies nor the local media believe him. EastRussia figured out how to get a “free hectare” in the center of the village, how much it can cost and what it will be used for.

Park or gone
Photo: Dmitry Shcherbakov
They say that this story began this way. One resident of the house along Chekhov Street in Vanino decided to offer the management company to move the site with garbage containers from the house far away to the wasteland. This piece of land between the houses with numbers 7 and 9 is free for a long time. Once there was going to build a residential facility "subsidiary" of SUEK - operator of the coal terminal of JSC "Daltransugol". But the plans remained plans, and the site - wasteland. However, the applicant received a rejection from the management company, which surprised him very much: it turned out that the land has recently had a user.

Everything would probably have ended with this, if the applicant had not been an activist of the All-Russian People's Front, ex-head of the Vanino Council of Deputies, Yuri Svetlichny. And the recipient of the plot is Igor Kaplun, an employee of the village administration. It turned out that Mr. Kaplun is a chief specialist in the department of construction, municipal services and improvement of the local administration, and he received the land for free use - under the "Far Eastern hectare" program. Headlines like “an official grabbed a 'Far Eastern hectare' right in the center of Vanino” just came up and appeared in the local media. Is everything so clear? EastRussia tried to figure it out.

Chekhov Street - an ordinary street, however, a somewhat unusual configuration: in one place, she lays a loop, then meeting herself with herself. On top of the "loop" is the house 9, from the bottom - the house 7. Between them - empty. To the south - the residential quarter and the port of Vanino. This, of course, is not the very center of Vanino. But not too far from Primorsky Boulevard, set high-rise buildings and ending with the area of ​​the World, on which the building of the district administration rises.

Yuri Svetlichny meets us on the main local landmark - the store "The Ant". Immediately after him - a large courtyard and the notorious disputed "hectare".

“I have been living here for a long time,” he says. “This site was planned for the transfer of Daltransuglu for the construction of a residential house. It is very profitable: communications are suitable here, the center of the village, and there is virtually no need for coordination of any network connection services. But the “Far Eastern hectare” probably does not imply that we have land that has some kind of commercial attractiveness, one that can be sold to some merchant and earn revenues for the budget, suddenly give up on this program. After all, "hectare" is aimed at the development of territories not within the boundaries of settlements.

To ask the authorities why the administration issued a "Far Eastern hectare" between two residential houses, residents asked him, Yury Svetlichny explains. According to him, people are outraged by the fact that the site includes local areas. "Residents, having learned that the boundaries of their home territory, which includes playgrounds, places for garbage cans, will be cut down to the entrances, definitely against. In each house there are six entrances, the person 400-500 will be infringed, as they consider, in their rights. We applied to the management company, which serves two houses, so that we are provided with documents, on the basis of which land is given. It's too early to say whether it happened or not, "he said.

Generally empty land in both Vanino and neighboring Soviet Harbor is much, like empty building skeletons. The heyday of the working village fell to the end of 1980-x, when its population reached a peak of 21,5 thousand people, and since then it has been steadily decreasing every year. At the beginning of 2016, Rosstat gave a figure of 15,5 thousand permanently living in Vanino. Why should he and the dying people fight for the vacant land?

On a plot of land between two houses, Yuri Svetlichny explains, it was proposed to build a children's park. There were, according to him, potential investors - not only Daltransugol, but also Sakhatrans and Dalnevostochny Vanino Port. “The head of the Daltransugol company, Vladimir Shapovalov, as far as I know, dealt with this issue, and if the administration approached him, he would have met halfway,” Yury Svetlichny is sure.

Meanwhile, the history has already received a serious resonance in Vanino. The popular local portal "Our Harbor" and the newspaper "Voskhod-Vanino", whose editor-in-chief Alexei Martynov is a village deputy, have written about it many times. This attracted the attention of other deputies of the settlement. The journalists found out that the site was provided to Igor Kaplun for 13 December 2016, and the statement, as his colleagues in the Vanin administration assures, was received in the usual way - through the Federal Information System Надальнийвосток.рф. They have got a question: How did an official manage to take land in the center of Vanino, which they previously wanted to reserve for housing construction, and whether he used the official position at the same time.

While Yuri Svetlichny tells how it all began, a man appears next to him, ready to show everyone the red "crust" of an employee of the administration of Vanino. It turns out that this is the user of "hectare" - Igor Kaplun. The conversation between Yuri Svetlichny and the journalists, he said, he saw from the window of his house and decided to go down to tell the truth.

- 25 years ago, I laid down a dwelling house in which I live. And all these years I look at this wasteland. When the law on the "Far Eastern hectare" appeared, I wanted to improve this place for children here, "he points out to the site in front of the" Ant "store," but it was "shaded". When I held the cursor (on the plot between the houses 7 and 9.-EastRussia), it was empty. None of the authorities did not deal with them, he stood abandoned! I thought, why not make a park for children? I have a draft project, which was done at the Department of Architecture and Landscape Design of the Pacific State University, "he says and shows pictures on the phone: it looks really nice.

Igor Kaplun, according to him, "painted" his site in FIS, not "infringing" the neighboring territories of neighbors. The fact that he works in the administration of the village, does not matter - the main thing is that he is a "resident, like everyone else." The plot area is 70 at 100 meters. "I have not climbed to the borders of the adjacent territories. It was registered in the multifunctional center. He submitted documents to the land department. And I legally have a five-year contract. All signed, decorated. It was impossible - to me what claims? I wanted, for example, to take another plot: in front of the administration windows, where it was also possible. Now the diocese will be built there. And would that - the diocese followed me? "- the recipient of the" Far Eastern hectare "is indignant.

“I want to build here a children's park for Vanino children. And 80 percent says: at last there was at least someone who would do something for our children! But they are incorrectly presented with information, ”he assures. According to Mr. Kaplun, he has “many sponsors who will help” with the construction of the facility. He also intends, he assures, to attract credit funds and spend his pension. “I have a lot of friends who will help me to make children a blessing,” he says. In his head, a civil engineer, according to him, already has the germs of calculations, and he will make an estimate “in two hours.”

Now there is really nothing on the site - just counterbalances from the tower crane. Igor Kaplun explains that with the onset of the warm season, in June, he will begin dismantling the existing foundations, make a vertical layout of the site, bring in the soil, break the territory under the tracks and "dry streams," and protect it with a fence. At the sites for children will be at least trampolines, he says.

On the question of where the money will come from, ONF representatives Igor Kaplun answers: "This is my personal business!". But with the media, he is more talkative. "The costs will be: to protect the site and plant 200-300 tree bush. On landscape design - is it much necessary? My son said that he lives in Novosibirsk, that he will be helped by his friend, we will buy trampolines. The trampoline costs approximately 180-200 thousand rubles. Chain carousel at 12 places costs 150 thousand rubles. Set to start the site. Further more. I have an acquaintance who is engaged in ice cream. Ready to put a point with ice cream. There are familiar businessmen who say: Igor, we can put a summer cafe. Or - we feel sorry for that here 20 KamAZ of fertile land to bring in order to level everything here? Or - I will not give you an excavator for three or four hours? A lot of these "- he lists.

According to the public cadastral map, the area between the 7 and 9 houses on Chekhov Street with the cadastral number ending in 7907 was registered on December 8 of the year 2016. Its user, according to local media, is Igor Kaplun. Wasteland area - 7254 square. m, cadastral value is not determined. Interestingly, literally after a few meters, a plot with a number ending in 23 was registered on 7909 in December last year. Its area - 1334 square. m, the type of permitted use - business. The cadastral value of this site is determined at a rate of just over 1,38 million rubles. It turns out that if Igor Kaplun takes up the business received for the use of land, it will cost at least 7 million rubles.

"If it is today for the construction of a children's park - we will only welcome. But at the expense of what means does it contain? How long will the construction take? If it is enclosed by a fence, and the entrance will be paid, not all residents of Vanino will be able to lead their children there. If the project were occupied by a large enterprise, and the entrance would be accessible to all residents of the village, this is another matter, "says Yuri Svetlichny.

"If these lawsuits have gone, the prosecutor's office is now making a request, I may not do anything at all. I am with good intentions. If they do not interfere with me, I will try to do it. If something is violated, it will be taken away - and again here 25 years will be nothing. If they so strain me, I will quit, I will register an IP - and I will be an individual entrepreneur ", - Igor Kaplun is excited.

How this story ends is not very clear.

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